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Lead your Monster Legends into arena battles in this fighting game. Breed, feed, and train Legendary and Epic monsters – even the brand new Mythics! Build your fighting force and face the ultimate challenge: real-time battles against other Monster Masters.
July 22, 2020
4.1 and up
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Create and train monsters from all rarities and elements With Monster Legends! Create your fighting force and take on your most significant challenge battles with other Monster Masters! Explore the world that is Monster Legends and the story of its characters. Begin by creating an urban area to house your monsters. Fill it with habitats and even breed new species! After that, you can collect monsters and select your strategy in exciting combat.

It’s a fabulous monster vs monster game. The monsters look fantastic, and there’s a range of games you can play that will challenge you. I’m not happy with how small the islands appear compared to the dimensions of their habitats. The space it could use is wasted due to being uneven at the edges instead of even. It is necessary to pay more each time for smaller and less spacious islands.


The Monster Legends may seem difficult initially, but you will soon be playing events, levelling up monsters, completing challenges, adventures, dungeons and more. It is possible to earn powerful monsters, aside from needing patience. However, the Monster Legends  is fantastic, with lots of monsters and always something to complete and upgrade. Some of my suggestions include gathering all the coins from habitats simultaneously (along with food items from farms) and getting recommendations for upgrades available.

There are always new events and something new to look forward to. Once you have reached the next level and have completed the adventure mode, it becomes difficult to find food, and the amount you pay to prepare food is insane.

Certain things have made me have fun in this game 1. Food farms are not worth anything. However, in the beginning, game, you have to obtain food from the map and dungeons instead of the gold and space wasted on farms 2.

Features Monster Legends

Monster Legends  is a fantastic game featuring a variety of cool design ideas for monsters and simple controls. I’ve played the Monster Legends since 2015, and it has remained the same, but it also has many new features. Mythics aren’t that difficult to acquire. However, you must do the work (or you may be lucky and get free chests). Overall, I’ll continue to play the game for the foreseeable future.

I highly recommend it. It’s a bit difficult to start, but once you are accustomed to the mechanics and get more advanced, it becomes much more exciting and enjoyable. The only thing I’d change is to make the multiplayer attack skill tied to monster power or some other factor. Because in some instances, in two bronze games, I encounter players who have around 100 mythic levels. This is among the most fun games I’ve played over the last few years.

Monster Legends is an excellent game that I play every day. It features many monsters and many things to conquer, and its multiplayer mode is also available, where you can fight with other players. There are even dungeons to take on certain things, such as food or gold, and it can utilize food to upgrade your monsters. Honestly, it’s a fantastic game. Remember that you have to purchase towers to increase the monsters you have, and you cannot play with the buildings until you upgrade the observatory.

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What's new

Introducing the Cosmic Era and lots of new content in the game! Look out for:

- A new generation of Mythic monsters has arrived: Collect the monsters of the Cosmic Generation and use Stardust to make them stronger!
- The new Cap Breakout allows you to level up your Cosmic monsters over the limit of their rank!
- Discover the new Infinite Gauntlet: Fight and go as far as you can to obtain Stardust and other juicy rewards.
- Embark on the new Multiplayer Mode with a brand new reward system.


Version Size Requirements Date
14.2.3 112M 4.1 and up 22/07/2020
10.0.0 112M 4.1 and up 22/07/2020
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