MoonBox Sandbox zombie game MOD APK 0.509 for android

MoonBox is a sandbox zombie game created and distributed by MoonBear Entertainment. The game was published on Steam on September 10, 2021, and has immediately acquired popularity among players who appreciate the thrill of post-apocalyptic survival. This review will provide a comprehensive examination of the game, its features, and what sets it apart from other zombie games on the market.
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Artem Karpenko
Mar 5, 2023
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Package Name MoonBox Sandbox zombie game
Developer Artem Karpenko
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Version 0.513
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Requirements 6.0
Last Update Dec 04, 2023
Date Update Mar 5, 2023
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Average Rating 3.5/5
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Downloads 11,129
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MoonBox MOD APK (Unlocked All Items) – is a sandbox zombie game created and distributed by MoonBear Entertainment. The game was published on Steam on September 10, 2021, and has immediately acquired popularity among players who appreciate the thrill of post-apocalyptic survival. This review will provide a comprehensive examination of the game, its features, and what sets it apart from other zombie games on the market.

MoonBox Sandbox zombie game MOD APK

The Story

MoonBox is a game that combines shooter and hack-and-slash elements to make it feel like a big battle. The game allows the user to handle any troop in first person, letting them toss grenades, fire rockets, and set mines to defend their chosen side. Players may even design their own tower defence and zombie teams and watch them combat in the game.

MoonBox is notable for being a sandbox kind of game. This indicates that the game lacks a predetermined plot or goal. Instead, users are free to explore the game environment and create their own situations. Because of this leeway, the game may be played over and over again, with each playtime offering new opportunities to try out new plans and tactics.

In addition to its sandbox gameplay, MoonBox also has tower defence mechanics. The player may construct towers to protect their troops from zombie attacks if they accidentally spawn too many zombies. Players are forced to take a more tactical approach to the game, weighing the strengths of their offensive and defensive options.

The game’s mechanics and 3D visuals are other prominent elements. There are explosions, epic flights, particles, and devastation in MoonBox, making it seem very real. The game’s mechanics and visuals have been meticulously crafted to heighten the realism and tension of the conflicts.

MoonBox is also notable for being a tactical game. In order to win the war for the moon mission, the player must try out several strategies. Since the player must continually adjust to the shifting battlefield, this takes a high degree of strategic thought and preparation.

In conclusion, MoonBox has both zombies and aliens as antagonists. In order to stay alive, the player must use rockets to blast zombies. Players must continuously be on the watch for the next wave of opponents, which increases the thrill and intensity of the game.

To sum up, MoonBox is a fantastic game that combines aspects of shooters, slashers, tower defence games, and tactics games in an original way. Those who like open-world games will find its sandbox gameplay and limitless replayability quite appealing. The game’s mechanics and visuals are both impressive because of the care with which they were developed. Lastly, lovers of shooters and slashers should check out the game for its hard gameplay and fascinating combat.


The gameplay of MoonBox revolves around surviving in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. While fighting off swarms of zombies, players must hunt for supplies, make tools, and construct a shelter. The open-world concept of the game enables players to explore various places and uncover new resources, while the day/night cycle impacts the behaviour of the zombies.

Gamers start the game with low resources and must rapidly locate shelter and food to survive. The game’s crafting system lets players manufacture weapons, tools, and other objects using materials like wood, metal, and fabric. Crafting is a crucial component of the game since it enables players to develop more potent weapons and fortifications with which to fend off the ever-increasing zombie hordes.

The game’s fighting is fierce and gratifying. The weapons available to players include melee weapons such as knives and axes, as well as guns and explosives. The physics component of the game adds to the realism of fighting, with zombies responding to attacks and falling realistically. Gamers must maintain their stamina throughout the fight since depletion might result in death.

Base construction is also an essential component of the game. Gamers may establish a safe haven where they can store resources and relax, as well as construct barriers against zombie assaults. The base construction mechanisms are well implemented, enabling players to customise buildings and defences by utilising the resources they have accumulated.

MoonBox Sandbox zombie game MOD APK

MoonBox’s sandbox mode is one of its most notable characteristics. In this mode, users may construct their own situations and tailor the game to their satisfaction. Gamers may change the zombie spawn rate, the weather, and other elements to create a unique gaming experience. The sandbox mode increases the replayability of the game by enabling users to develop and share their own unique challenges.

MoonBox also has a multiplayer option, enabling players to band together to survive. The multiplayer option adds a new level of strategy to the game, as players may collaborate to harvest resources and construct a stronger stronghold. The game’s complexity is also changed for multiplayer, making it more demanding for larger groups of players.

Overall, MoonBox’s gameplay is entertaining and hard. The game’s survival mechanisms, crafting system, combat, and base construction all contribute to a unified and engaging gaming experience. The game’s sandbox mode and multiplayer mode contribute to its replayability, while its amazing visuals and sound design contribute to the creation of a realistic and immersive post-apocalyptic environment.

Graphics and Sound

MoonBox’s visuals and sound design are equally remarkable, contributing to its immersive nature. The game’s world is very detailed and has many different places to explore, such as forests, deserts, and cities.

The realistic texturing and lighting effects in the game create a convincing post-apocalyptic setting. The game’s day and night cycle is also well implemented, with dynamic lighting that varies depending on the time of day. The weather effects in the game, such as rain and fog, also contribute to its mood.

The character models and animations are very well designed, with realistic movement and motions. The physics component of the game contributes to its realism by causing objects to respond realistically to user actions. For instance, when a player strikes a zombie with a melee weapon, the undead falls and responds realistically according to the direction and power of the blow.

MoonBox Sandbox zombie game MOD APK

The game’s sound design is also very good, with a variety of sound effects that add to the mood of the game.Sounds in the background, like the wind blowing or birds singing, help the game feel more real.The sound effects for fighting and other activities are also well-made. For example, weapons and explosions make sounds that are true to life.

The game’s soundtrack is also well-done, featuring a range of tunes that contribute to the ambiance of the game. The soundtrack varies depending on the circumstance, with powerful and dramatic music playing during fighting and more tranquil music playing during exploration and resource collection.

Overall, MoonBox’s graphics and sound design are great, which adds to how immersive the game is.The realistic graphics, well-designed character models, and amazing physics engine of the game make it feel like a real post-apocalyptic world. The music also helps set the mood of the game.The attention to detail in MoonBox’s graphics and sound design makes it a fun and interesting game to play.


Fighting is a big part of what happens in MoonBox, and it’s a thrilling and rewarding part of the game.Players can fight hordes of zombies with a variety of weapons, such as melee weapons like knives and axes, guns, and explosives.

Melee fighting is basic yet effective. A player may launch a basic assault and a secondary attack, which can be charged up for a more powerful blow. Gamers may also block assaults by holding down a button; however, blocking depletes stamina, so players must be cautious not to exhaust themselves. With a realistic physics engine that makes impacts feel forceful, melee combat feels substantial and fulfilling.

There are also guns and explosives that can be used, which are different from fighting with your hands.Players have to keep track of their ammo and reload times for guns like pistols and assault rifles.Gamers may also use explosives, such as grenades and mines, to eliminate many zombies at once. The use of weapons and explosives adds a strategic aspect to battle, as players must select when to use their limited ammo and which weapon to employ against various zombie varieties.

MoonBox Sandbox zombie game MOD APK

The use of traps is one of the distinctive characteristics of MoonBox’s warfare. Gamers may set up traps, such as spiked pits and tripwire traps, to eliminate zombies without confronting them directly. Traps demand resources to construct and provide a strategic aspect to the game, as players must determine when and where to install them.

The physics engine of the game contributes to the realism of fighting. Zombies fall and respond realistically to strikes, falling and reacting depending on the direction and power of the blow. This enhances the enjoyment of fighting since players can see the effects of their assaults on zombies.

Combat in MoonBox is often fierce and gratifying. The inclusion of physical combat, guns, explosives, and traps in the game adds variation to the action, while the physics engine makes fighting seem hefty and meaningful. The inclusion of strategic aspects, such as limited ammo and the usage of traps, adds complexity to the battle system.

Crafting and Base Building

The main parts of MoonBox’s gameplay are crafting and building bases. This lets players collect materials and build homes in a post-apocalyptic world.

MoonBox has a powerful crafting system that lets you make a wide range of goods and resources.By scavenging the environment of the game, players may get materials such as wood, metal, and fabric. These materials may then be utilised to construct a number of goods, such as weapons, tools, and clothes. Crafting also involves the usage of crafting stations, which the player may construct.

Building a base is also an important part of the game because it lets players build structures to protect themselves from zombies and other dangers.Players can build walls, floors, and roofs, as well as traps, turrets, and crafting stations, among other things.The building system in the game is simple and easy to use. It is based on a grid, which lets players quickly snap buildings together.

Gamers may also fortify their bases by installing defences like barbed wire, spikes, and electrified fences. In multiplayer mode, these defences help secure the player’s base against zombies and other players. Upgrading the player’s base also demands resources and crafting stations, which add a degree of complexity to the game.

The employment of drones is a distinctive component of MoonBox’s crafting and base-building. Gamers may create and employ drones to acquire resources, survey locations, and even attack adversaries. Players must employ drones with caution since they need fuel to function and may be destroyed if they sustain too much damage.

MoonBox’s crafting and base-building features are comprehensive and well-designed. The broad range of products and buildings that may be constructed, along with the game’s straightforward construction engine, gives players a great deal of creative flexibility. The usage of drones adds a novel aspect to the game, while the necessity for resources and crafting stations adds a degree of strategy to the action. Crafting and base construction are key components of MoonBox’s gameplay, and they contribute to the post-apocalyptic world’s depth and immersion.


  1. A post-apocalyptic world that is immersive and engaging: MoonBox’s post-apocalyptic world is well-designed and immersive, with a focus on elements such as environment design, zombie behaviour, and survival mechanisms.
  2. Action that is both intense and satisfying: The game’s combat system is heavy and satisfying, with a variety of weapons and strategic elements that keep things interesting.
  3. MoonBox’s crafting and base-building mechanisms give players a great deal of creative flexibility and strategic complexity, enabling them to tailor their gaming experience.
  4. Innovative features like drones and traps: Using drones and traps in the game gives it a unique feel and gives players more ways to plan their moves.
  5. MoonBox has a mode where players can work together to stay alive in the game’s universe. This mode is called “multiplayer mode.”


  1. MoonBox has a lot of ideas and systems to learn, which can be hard for people who are just starting out.
  2. Even though the game’s fighting and crafting systems are solid, the action may get boring over time, especially for people whose main goal is to stay alive.
  3. Collecting and keeping track of resources can be boring, especially for people who like games with more action.
  4. Although the zombies in the game react realistically, there is a limited range of adversary types, which might make fighting seem monotonous over time.
  5. Performance Problems: Several people have had problems with how the game works, such as it being slow or crashing.


MoonBox is an interesting and well-made post-apocalyptic survival game with a lot of unique features and fun gameplay. Nonetheless, some players may find the game’s high learning curve, repetitive gameplay, and resource management tiresome. Also, the limited diversity of opponent types and significant performance difficulties may detract from the overall experience for some gamers.


What's new

Version 0.513

- Added: Big neutral unit
- Added: Igniting missile
- New rule: Meteor drop time
- New rule: New unit spawn time
- New setting: First-person rotation speed
- Neutral unit mines stones for mutation
- Meteors create new stones when dropped
- Fixes bugs

Applied Patches

All units sold for real money in the game are unlocked.