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This My Time At Portia Apk is phenomenal !!!!! I can’t stop playing this game and have already played over 210 hours! Unfortunately, my device is very low-end, and this makes it seem slow. Devs, could you please adjust the graphics. I suggest an in-game option to have lower pictures on low-end devices.

It is a long game and will take me over 100 hours to complete. The price is excellent. It was on my PC, but I had to play it while commuting. It is amazing. My Time At Portia Apk is a perfect game for those who enjoy open worlds like Stardew Valley. The default settings were too restrictive for me. Because it’s a multitasking device, I suggest reducing the time between calls. It was 5 for me because it works well on my phone.

However, there were two issues that I found. The first is that when I visit the dangerous ruins and have a date for the next day, it alerts me that my date has ended unexpectedly. I double-checked that the date was actually for the next day and not the day before. Second, Emily is my sweetheart, and I noticed that her icon for location does not appear on the map. The game states that the icon will display once you are friends with a character.

This My Time At Portia Apk was outstanding on both consoles and PC. I was so happy to learn that the game is now available on mobile! This game is my favorite. This game never entertains me, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a challenging game like My Time at Portia.

My Time At Portia Apk Is A top hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile!

It reminds me of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, but better. Many interact with NPC. It’s a refreshing way to play mini-games and have fun mining. It’s easy to play as It has a fascinating storyline. This game is well worth the effort.

The My Time At Portia Apk has a great storyline and smooth gameplay. Graphics are not bad either. The story is more prominent in this My Time At Portia Apk, where you will get missions one after the other. However, it allows players to explore the world and interact with NPCs. Similar to other simulation games. This game is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys simulation games. This game is not for everyone, as it tends to calm and relax. It is not the game for you if you prefer action RPGs.

This game was great on PC, and they have a mobile version. It has a mixture of building, fishing, farming, and hack and slash. It’s a beautiful story and graphics. It would be difficult/impossible to play this game on a smaller/weaker device, but it works flawlessly on my Samsung 21. It can be challenging to read the text, especially when it is so dark.

It’s the best game I have ever bought, and it’s well worth spending money to get this game. Please update the game. I have several problems. Although I purchased a larger home, the size is still the same as before. Perhaps you could make the house larger and still make sense. Also, Devs Should add critical lock items to don’t accidentally give essential items to NPC. Please make sure that the aquarium is clean and easy to see how many fish are there and what type they are.

Enjoy the fun of building and growing your workshop in this 3D open-world by gathering resources

You can play it casually or seriously. It’s easy to play as you please. Do you want to be the best fisherman in the world? Focus on planting things. My Time At Portia Apk is a place where you can make friends with everyone. You can speedrun the game in just 7 hours. 150 hours of gameplay? You can complete the solo experience by yourself.

Even though I don’t play it on PC, this game is a great one. However, there was a bug at the end of the winter season. Gale will stay inside the roundtable and won’t speak to the deepest ruin. After answering or fixing, I’ll make it 5.

Although it is pretty good, I would love to have controller support. Even though the controls on the mobile screen are excellent, it was challenging to find the pickup button during an airship drop sequence. There is a lot to be had for your money. It is an excellent choice if you love Stardew Valley. It looks great and maintains a steady 30fps (on Pixel 4).

You will get your money’s worth by the amount of gameplay and content in this game. My Time At Portia Apk has a lot of RPG elements, such as monster fighting and skill distribution. Although loading screens can take a while to load, it is easy to learn and play. This device is also available offline, making it a great buy.

We look forward to the following updates! Congratulations on the game’s release!

The Civilization of My Time At Portia Apk  Includes:
– A fully operable 3D workshop
Enjoy the fun of building and growing your workshop in this 3D open-world by gathering resources and assembling them into meaningful pieces. Automate your workshop and expand your farm and homeland, and take on more skills and techniques that will benefit the town. Don’t forget that you also get to develop animal husbandry, riding a horse or even alpaca is a dream not far away!

– Socialize and build a family
More than 50 interactable NPCs live in Portia. As soon as you land, you’ll meet a few of them and as you progress, you can develop further friendships or even romantic relationships with them. There are quite a lot of activities available for socializing, including taking a hot air balloon ride! When everything falls into place, you can tie the knot, have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

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What's new

-Fixed the issue related to items dropping below ground level when inventory is full (i.e. sewing head)
-Fixed issues relating to incorrect items (i.e. cashier register) being displayed as well as players not being able to receive commissions
-Fixed the issue with players' children disappearing after birth
- Fixed the issue involving not being able to enter Ruins #2
-Some other serious bugs and issues have been fixed too.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.11072 1.1G 4.4 and up 09/09/2021
1.0.10974 1.1G 4.4 and up 09/09/2021

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