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** PLEASE NOTE: Rockchip, Broadcom and Amlogic devices NOT SUPPORTED!  Requires at least a 2.0 GHz dual core CPU, 2 GB RAM with Adreno 4xx, Nvidia Tegra K1, ARM Mali T7xx, PowerVR Rogue or Intel HD Graphics GPU. Runs at variable resolutions based on device capabilities. Performance settings available in app.
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Oddworld Inhabitants Inc
April 8, 2020
5.0 and up
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Package Name Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty
Developer Oddworld Inhabitants Inc
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.0.5
Size 34M
Requirements 5.0 and up
Last Update Apr 17, 2024
Date Update April 8, 2020
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Average Rating 4.4/5
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Downloads 5,883
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Supported Platforms Android

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk was the first game I bought on the PS One in 2000. It’s an excellent game, with great storytelling and a fantastic setting. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk, a remake of the classic game, is great with modern graphics and camera work. This game is full of great puzzles and riddles. To find all the mudrooms, I had to read the guides. Some of the locations are very difficult to guess.

We look forward to seeing more from Oddworld. It would have made an excellent remake on its own if the movements weren’t so inaccurate at times. It was the same way in the original series, but I thought I was crazy. The game is less mechanic-related because of movement and more coinflip-related because of it. It’s still a solid play.
Oddworld: The New Tasty is a reimagining of 1997’s classic Abe’s Olddysee.

The Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk was developed by Just Add Water and published in 2014 by Oddworld Inhabitants. It was a huge success. Oddworld New n tasty apk game was praised for its graphics and a step back for the series. Oddworld New n tasty apk was a major step forward for the series. After figuring out how to beat Munch’s Oddysee or this, I decided to ride through RuptureFarms again to take on a challenge that my 2016 low-spec computer couldn’t handle until I bought my new one. It’s a blast! It’s great fun.

Best Features Of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk

There are some quality-of-life improvements to gameplay. Quicksave and load are now possible, just like Abe’s Exodus. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk can be used to quickly certain squash parts that would have taken a lot of time in the original. Throwable coins are also included with Abe if he does not have rocks or grenades.Technologically, all of the changes made to have everything on one screen instead of transitions are amazing. Oddworld was about pushing the boundaries of storytelling and graphics. Oddworld New n tasty apk is especially true given Lorne McKenna and Sherry McKenna’s previous work with visual effects. We’ll still discuss the negative aspects of the visuals, as they are a bit too bright for this series.

Although it is not a new feature for games, Stranger’s Wrath did it before. Also, This makes the series more accessible to both newcomers and old-timers who want to get back in the shoes of Abe.
Speedrunning is incentivized due to the timer at each level and the “New’n Hasty” achievement. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk adds another layer of investment for eager completionists or dedicated fans.These updates have allowed Oddworld to adapt the control scheme to suit retro players. The one-button run function has also been improved for old-school gamers familiar with Oddworld’s original control system.

Few Drawbacks Of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk

Abe’s running speed is too fast for some segments. Parts of the original game that were quite scary, such as the first secret area where Abe had to run from a scrab, are now trivialized by Abe becoming a darn close lightning bolt even when it’s hard.Quicksave is available across all modes, making the hard way very simple. Being a man who has completed both Exodus 100% and the original, I believe it would have been beneficial for Just Add Water to make work on all difficulty levels but limit its use to certain areas, e.g., Secret regions to help people discover them, or the Scrab nests and Paramite nests that are very satisfying to learn and do in one go.

Old school players might find some things annoying. I.e., Grenades should be directed with the right analog stick, not by pressing the button and selecting a direction with the D-pad.
It might be necessary to launch the Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk with Big Picture Mode. To make your controller work properly. It felt weird to close down the DS4Windows app, which I used on all my DualShock 4 games, because certain controls wouldn’t work. Your whistles would stop working and cause farting. Visuals could have used less brightness, as mentioned previously. It is very incompatible with the dark tone of the original. It doesn’t look right.


Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk  is a solid reimagining of the original game. It has its problems with Abe’s speed and difficulty, but New’ n Tacy is worth the purchase. Also, there are issues with bright visuals that contrast against the dark, bleak world. The game $9.99 seems reasonable considering its age (7 years) and a short length. You can’t go wrong with New’ n Tacy if you want to enjoy a classic video game series. It’s worth buying it on sale as it has been well over $20 by now. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your next review. Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of the first two Abe titles. Abe’s Oddysee is what got me started in game development. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk was a great game that inspired me to write my own stories.

Fast forward 18 years and New’n’Tasty has arrived. It’s amazing to see how this game still holds up. The message it conveys is still relevant, and the gameplay is still fresh. Everything. Works, from the atmosphere to voice acting and graphics. It is rare to enter a game without seeing the company logos. You know that you are playing a masterpiece. You have heard of the making New Taste of TastyAfter after having purchased and played the game. I can tell you that this is one title you won’t want to miss.

The Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk is developed by Just Add Water and published in 2014 by Oddworld Inhabitants

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk is a great experience for fans of the series. It’s very similar but very different from the original. Instead of saving 99 Mudokons in the original game, you now have 299 waiting for your arrival. You can also call groups of Mudokons, just like back inExoddusSo, no more backtracking! You now have two types of controls that you can adjust to your preference. While you might still do unsavory actions and even die, that’s just the beginning. It will get easier over time. Except for a few, the cutscenes remain pretty much the same. It is a great soundtrack, taking the old players back to 1997 with amazing themes and better audio quality.

If you are looking for a way to make your life easier, New’ about toast(y)Enjoy a piece of this game and enjoy one of the greatest remakes ever made.
A New Taste of TastyThis side scroller in 2,5D features puzzles and a variety of enemies. It would help if you escaped from the evil meat processing facility.RuptureFarmsYou must also rescue all your Mudokon comrades from this horrible place. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk is all done with a little humor in the middle to ease the tension. :
You will find amazing visuals and stunning locations in Oddworld.

Review Of The Game Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk

  • The framerate is extremely stable. My graphics card is quite old, but it still ran the game without any issues.
  • There were no artifacts or graphical glitches. The game did freeze once, but that was only on startup. It didn’t affect the saved game.
  • There were a few engine issues, but nothing serious or game-breaking. It was quite funny.
  • There are some issues with getting past the fast-grinding meat machines.
  • Very easy to use Quicksave/Quickload!
  • Online leaderboards (Saved mudrooms, clearing speed).

Alf’s Escape takes about an hour to complete. You must rescue Alf by completing a few sections. It’s great fun and well worth the price.
The Scrub Abe Costume is an Abe skin. It’s not very special, but you can choose to have it. But it is there.
Now I hope to see a remastered copy. ExoddusI’s all for it, and if it is as good, or even better, then count me in!

I loved it!OriginalThis one is my favorite. While you don’t have to play the first, I know that you will if you are a veteran. We PC gamers are used to being very concerned about portability on consoles. Half-backed and lazy ports have cost us way too many times, but that is no longer the case with Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk.It’s not a new game, so the port quality is very important. Let’s talk about it.

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk Free Download

Full resolution support is available, but there are no aspect ratio settings. The game ran smoothly at 1080p. My only complaint is the cutscenes. The cut-scenes start at 100+ FPS then drops to 40 FPS for some reason. It just breaks the experience. Although it’s not a major issue, I think fans would love to know more about this aspect.

The gameplay of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk runs on 1080p with 100+ frames, with no drops, tears, or other non-sense.You can use the mouse to aim and rebind your keys, and you have full keyboard and mouse support. There is also a button to run that console gamer requested. It will help you avoid awkward situations such as falling off cliffs, steeping into bombs, and so on.You can use both the mouse+keyboard or controller to control menus. However, you will need to select your input option to play the game. It won’t switch automatically, so make sure you assign it before you begin playing. Overall, the port is solid. Now let’s get to the actual game.

It is not a quick up-scaling but a complete build from the ground up.My experience was pleasant. I enjoyed the puzzles, the dark humor, and the funny back-story. This humor may not be appropriate for everyone, however. I, for one, did not. New N Tasty requires you to plan how to solve the puzzles and fool your opponents into falling for death traps.  It’s impossible to fight, so you need patience and wits.

Can Abe change the fate of thousands and rescue the Mudokons

Many users have reported that the puzzles, at least, have been transferred from Abe’s Odyssey’s initial success in 1997. it could be a plus for you or a negative for you. For me, it’s neither because I didn’t play the original.You can see the effort and time that went into creating this environment.Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apks unique universe and feeling are perfectly matched by the soundtrack, voices, and effects. Even after hearing the same lines 100 times, I didn’t feel annoyed by the silly voices. The soundtrack is a great way to set the mood without being too intrusive.

I’m not an Oddworld fan like many of you who are reading this. But I never had the time. New N tasty was my first experience with Oddworld, and it was very enjoyable. This game is one that I would recommend to anyone, as long as they can handle the humor.This puzzle-platformer game is a must-have for any puzzle-platformer fan.

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk is not the game for you if you are looking for super-fast levels or fun that can cause some serious damage to someone’s face. You may be looking for stealth and strategy platformers, but N tasty new plays may be just what you need.

Overview Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk Free Download For Android

That’s all. You can see my first impressions video to better view the actual game (1080p 60fps). Oddworld: Abe’s Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk are the seventh games in the Oddworld series, available on 20 different platforms. The Oddworld universe, and Abe, the beloved main character, first appeared on the Sony Playstation in 1997. Now, 18 years later, the original title Abe’s Oddysee didn’t age very well graphically, but the gameplay has remained remarkably unchanged.

Can the new Abe’s Oddisee: New and Tasty revive what was once considered the pinnacle in the industry and restore the franchise’s glory days? Developers can add water and be gracious while remaining loyal to the series roots that created them. Let’s look deeper into Oddworld Universe and see if Abe’s Oddysee is still as charming as it was years ago.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Tasty is a reimagining the puzzler/platform classic Abe’s Oddysee from 1997. You will play the role of Abe. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk is a delightfully charming award-winning janitor who discovers that his gluon employers at Rupture Farms have made a move to increase their profits by using your species in their new food products.

Story Experience

Just Add Water developers have recreated the same experience that many of us loved years ago. They have also reimagined it so well that calling it a remake would be a terrible mistake. Abe’s Oddisee: New and Tasty is a must-see for original fans or just those who enjoy amazing gaming experiences.

Abe’s Oddysee and Tasty will make you fall in love with your beloved protagonist as he strolls across the screen, happily cleaning the floors. As he continues to walk down the halls, he uncovers the shocking truth about the plans and the terrifying future they have in store. You’ll want to bring Abe home safely so that he can see another day, which is an incredibly rare feat.

Gameplay Quality

You will experience a variety of puzzles and platforming along your journey. There is nothing I can fault in the gameplay. I must praise Just Add Water for their skilled recreation.

Like the many platforming classics before it, Abe’s Oddysee New and Tasty show why this genre was the standard by which all others were measured in the ’80s and 1990s. The Game is characterized by precise movements, difficult scenarios, and many other elements that combine to create a seamless gaming experience. It is why platform/puzzler design is so difficult. Each gameplay element must be designed to work together, and the players should not feel forced. Abe’s Oddysee and Tasty do this flawlessly.

Graphics and Optimization Quality

Abe’s Oddysee is a sight to behold, particularly when played at high resolutions and Every detail is in 3D models and environments. It’s impossible to find a single thing in the universe that isn’t beautiful. This art style is timeless and still very original. It’s rare to find worlds similar to Oddworld, and it’s amazing to see that such artistic experiences can still exist in today’s age of copy/paste.

Optimization is Abe’s Oddysee NEW, and Tasty runs amazingly smoothly across all three of the workstations I tested it on. Each experience at each resolution was simply amazing. This port is fantastic and has enough graphics options for PC gamers. Below, you will see a list of available graphics options.

You can select resolutions up to 4K with systems of moderate hardware resources. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Apk can do all this at 60fps. Abe’s Oddysee still offers an incredible experience, even at sub 1080p resolutions. Overall, complaining would be nothing more than complaining about problems in games coding. They would be in your system, not because developers lack the experience or ability to deliver a successful product.

Sound Quality

His vocal style is a key part of the game’s gameplay. It is impossible to overstate the importance of New and Tasty’s sound effects. The game wouldn’t be the same without Abe’s hellos, follow me, whistles and whistles.

Apart from helping with character development and gameplay elements, the sounds added to the game create a sense of authenticity, giving the world a real feel.

The Bottom Line

Even though Oddworld games don’t have replayability because of their linear nature, they are still games you will return to repeatedly. Abe’s Oddisee: New and Tasty does not disappoint. It is a classic experience that you can re-experience over and over again throughout the years. This time, I expect Abe’s Oddysee to last for much longer than the original because of the tremendous effort of Just Add Water.

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