Otherworld Legends MOD APK Unlimited Money free on android

"The best warriors from different times and spaces are summoned to the mirage created by Asurendra. They pass one trial after another, to finally come to face the long-buried secret behind this realm…"
February 19, 2022
5.0 and up
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Otherworld Legends MOD APK Unlimited Money is The best champions from various times and spaces are gathered to the illusion made by Asurendra. They pass an endless series of preliminaries, to at last come to confront the long-covered secret behind this domain…

I’ve seen it develop and change and I need to say I am as yet anticipating an update drop and another person to play. The battle for each character is special and things can be joined for the sake of entertainment ways you can figure out how to explore different avenues regarding.


The pixel craftsmanship and movement is likewise astounding. For the defects of the game the new internet based component can be unpleasant now and again. Finding or setting up a room can on occasion be incomprehensible. Retro styled ongoing interaction where buffs matter a great deal Controls need to become accustomed to yet it’ll be fine after you become accustomed to it.

You really want to time your evades and goes after right, designs are everything to beat the game. And furthermore like each extraordinary game, it gets better after you beat it. Each characters have a few abilities that you can pick one from which is truly cool.

How to play

The con is in higher hardships you must be portable and have loads of Crowd Control on the grounds that unflinchable elites can pursue you down and annihilate you. IMBA mode is where it’s truly fun since you get 2 abilities in addition to you can prepare every one of the antiques and certain combos are destroying. Significant con is it has Multi-player yet I never see anyone on.

Welcome to Otherworld Legends | pixel roguelike activity RPG. You are the fighter we’ve been hanging tight for. Here you will actually want to:
• Investigate wonderful otherworlds like quiet bamboo grooves, harmony porches, excellent hidden world prison burial places or fantastic illusion royal residence.
• Ace legends with blazing attitude and overpowering power.
• Gather strange and entertaining things and analysis with their mixes to track down the best form.
• Along with the haphazardly produced prison world, each playthrough is an exhilarating encounter.


I truly love this game from the livelinesss to designs. The battling styles are truly debilitated and it have components of anime to it which I LOVE, yet it isn’t thoroughly great, there are regular slacks and edge drops (perhaps cuz my telephone is old) and the ui isn’t novice cordial particularly stock and different things which can be worked on a tad. These things can be fixed through refreshes, so generally speaking A+ game.



What's new

*Added 2 new Skill Stones (triggered on kill & when dodge).
*Can stock up to 2 health potions. Tap on the button to consume one if needed.
*One health potion by most can restore 20% of the hero’s max health + fixed 20 health points.
*The hero instantly consumes 40% of a health potion, leaving the rest of it to take its effect gradually in a while, during when if you are attacked, the restoration is canceled.

FIXED BUGS in Looming Menace, Bankbook and level display.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.15.0 571M 5.0 and up 19/02/2022
1.11.5 571M 5.0 and up 19/02/2022
1.10.0 524M 5.0 and up 13/12/2021
1.5.1 147M 5.0 and up 22/01/2021
1.2.1 159M 5.0 and up 30/10/2020
1.1.0 62M 5.0 and up 21/09/2020
1.0.12 60M 5.0 and up 26/08/2020

Applied Patches

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