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The first Polar Bear Simulator was a hit, and now there's a sequel called Polar Bear Simulator 2. With astonishingly accurate environments and creatures, it provides the most lifelike polar bear simulation available.
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Package Name Polar Bear Simulator 2
Developer Gluten Free Games LLC
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Version 3.0
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Requirements 4.4
Last Update Jun 01, 2023
Date Update Feb 4, 2023
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The first Polar Bear Simulator was a hit, and now there’s a sequel called Polar Bear Simulator 2. With astonishingly accurate environments and creatures, it provides the most lifelike polar bear simulation available.

Polar Bear Simulator 2
Polar Bear Simulator 2

Extremely Lifelike Modelling:

Polar Bear Simulator 2’s polar setting is extraordinarily rich in detail, with remarkably accurate ecosystems and wildlife. The game provides a realistic hunting experience in which you must keep your polar bear well-fed and hydrated.

Updated Warning Method:

With the new warning system, you may hide among the freshly fallen snow and not give the animals a head start on their escape. The animal AI is now more intelligent and quicker than ever before, providing a thrilling and demanding experience.

The New Warfare System

With the new 360-degree dodging system, your battle prowess will reach new heights. In order to prevent harm, players must immediately respond to the direction of their opponents’ attacks.

Alternate Network Structure:

Players may now form stronger ties with their polar bears thanks to the updated relationship and personality systems. When you and your fellow polar bears do something selfless or kind for one another, the rest of the pack takes notice. Polar bears that work together have more success in their hunts.

Family Tree Grows:

A player’s polar bear family may have a maximum of 10 members. They may find other polar bears they get along with and successfully challenge them to join their group. Players may even assume the role of their new polar bear companion and mould it into a fearless fighter or shrewd hunter.

Cubs and Young Adult Bears:

Bringing up a bear in our modern day is more of a reality than ever before. In this game, players may raise polar bear babies to become teenagers and adults.

Updated Personalizations:

Now you may refine your polar bear’s appearance with a wider range of animal modification choices. Players may customise a polar bear’s appearance, including its height and ear size, to reflect their desired character.

Defeat the Arctic Ghosts:

Put the forest’s four elemental spirits to the test in massive fights. Break through the frozen ground, dodge the blustering winds, and avoid the poisonous blossoms.

Boost Your Personal Data and Abilities:

As players level up their polar bears, they have access to new stat boosts and special abilities. Polar bears with the right set of skills may improve in areas like health, tracking, and combat.

Renovating Your Cave:

The dens of the player’s polar bears may be improved via the collection of various resources. Putting up animal traps may ensure that everyone in your group has something to eat for breakfast every day.

Arctic, a Huge, Open World:

The vast open environment of Polar Bear Simulator 2’s Arctic was built by humans, not a computer programme. As a result, the environment that the players explore will be richer and more meaningful.

Accurate Seasonal Changes and Climate:

The game’s new seasonal cycle replicates actual climate shifts. The grass turns white, the leaves turn crimson, and other weather effects will be adjusted to be as accurate as possible.

Extremely Realistic Creatures:

Explore the Arctic and meet the brand new species that have been added with enhanced AI and animations. The game’s most comprehensive environment to date will be at your fingertips thanks to the species-specific action trees. Animals that players may go on the hunt for include polar bears, penguins, walruses, seals, rams, lynxes, buffalos, sea lions, reindeer, moose, foxes, wolves, hares, wild boars, and so on.

Next-Generation Visual Enhancements:

Polar Bear Simulator 2 is a smartphone simulator with AAA PC graphics. The game’s graphic quality is unparalleled thanks to painstaking optimisation of models and textures.

Variable Blood Reactions:

Blood effects may be activated for those who are of legal age or have their parents’ consent.

Assuredly Gluten-Free:

Polar Bear Simulator 2 is completely ad-free, as are all games made by Gluten Free Games LLC.


Mobile gamers may live the life of a polar bear in the Arctic in Polar Bear Simulator 2. The objective of the game is to live in the harsh Arctic by exploring the area, looking for food, and fighting off other predators. There is a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen for movement and buttons on the right side for things like attacking, leaping, and digging, so the controls are really straightforward and easy to pick up.

Images and Music

Polar Bear Simulator 2’s eye-popping visuals and lifelike movements are undeniably notable. The polar bear and other animal animations are outstanding, and the Arctic setting seems authentic and alive. The game’s atmosphere is enhanced by the inclusion of both music and sound effects.

Modifications and enhancements

The fur of the player’s polar bear may be designed in any number of colours and patterns. In addition, as players advance in the game, they will be able to improve their polar bear’s stats and make it more suited to the Arctic.


The gameplay might become boring after a while due to the similarity between levels, since both involve hunting and survival in an Arctic setting. Moreover, the price of the game’s in-app purchases might be prohibitive for certain users.

General Opinion

All in all, playing as a polar bear in the Arctic in Polar Bear Simulator 2 is a lot of fun. Despite the repetitive gameplay and pricey in-app purchases, the game is engaging because of its amazing visuals, lifelike animations, and straightforward controls. Polar Bear Simulator 2 is an excellent choice if you want a game in which you may roam a stunning landscape and live the life of a polar bear.



Applied patches

When you reach the 5th level in the game, you can distribute all your points as you wish, your skill points will always increase, not decrease.

What's new

+ Remastered Graphics
+ Fixed crash when breeding
+ Raise the max level to 200
+ Removed breeding restrictions
+ Improved mate panel to auto-fill available mates
+ Fixed issue with bosses growing infinitely stronger
+ MANY bug fixes
+ Upgraded compatibility with newer Android APIs