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New levels, new mechanics, a custom physics engine, and much more! Rediscover your engineering creativity with even more hours of puzzling fun!
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October 24, 2021
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Poly Bridge 2 is clear improvement over the original. Unlike Poly Bridge 1, where even a little alteration might have catastrophic consequences, the material science motor is very stable. The major break marker streamlines production considerably, eliminating the need to slow down the recreation or manually inspect each component at each bridge failure.

The music is just as fantastic as the original game’s and is a major part of the whole experience. Some of the most interesting stages of the game have a spring mechanic, and the level designs have also been improved. The nighttime tiers in the glistening abyss were my favourites.

They provided a welcome change of pace. There was an immediate impression that the test levels were not very different from one another. However, after I got into them, I realised the advancements were substantial enough to make the level fun enough to play again.

Poly Bridge 2 APK

What is Poly Bridge 2?

There are now more cars available, although some of the original ones, including the station waggon and the compact Cooper, were not successful. That there aren’t more levels is probably the biggest drawback; however, I have a feeling more are on the way.

The level selection also differs greatly from its Poly Bridge 1 predecessor. There won’t be any sheep out in the sun. The objective of Poly Bridge 2 is to construct bridges while demonstrating your knowledge.

While I haven’t yet completed the Poly Bridge 2, I did contribute 27 hours’ worth of time and completed everything except the last level, a few studio levels, and a few challenge levels. The level of difficulty ranges from “How Would You DO THIS?” hard. played using a console and a mouse.

The Poly Bridge 2 is perfect for kids and anyone interested in design and modelling. After enjoying Poly Bridge 1, I decided to purchase its sequel. Second’s physical science appeals to me because it appears more solid.Plus, you can have unique floor plans and SPRINGS!

The Story

Peaceful guitar compositions that aid with concentration and are generally enjoyable. Lots of bridges need to be built, and each successive stage requires greater precision. Most of the way through the level before the final one, I ran out of thinkybits, which prevented me from progressing any farther.

Poly Bridge 2

Then there are the test versions of everything, which are crafted with much more care. I think there should have been a hands-on activity with springs. Of course, there are a variety of lessons available, but the springs play a crucial role later on, and it required a lot of creative thinking to figure out how to put them to use.

If you hit a wall, you may see how other people have overcome similar challenges via a display. At any stage when I had legitimately run out of steam, this proved to be a great help. When you finally solve a really difficult bridge that you’ve been struggling with for quite some time, you’re entitled to some serious clench-hand pumpery.

New Physics

When everything you do fails, and then, when it does, you change one tinyn’th of a thing and everything comes crashing down around you like a deck of cards, you will feel verified wrath. YOU ARE THE KIND OF PERSON WHO CAN PLAY THIS GAME WITHOUT CONFUSING ANYONE.

Depending on how “excellent” you think your response should be, this Poly Bridge 2 might take anywhere from 30 minutes to a while to master. It’s not easy if you don’t immediately grasp gravity, physical physics, and bridge adjustment, as I did.

No virtuoso level of skill is required to play this Poly Bridge 2 and complete it. But if you’re in that boat and want to avoid finishing in the cellar among your rivals, you need to figure out how to do better. I don’t need to be told that bridges are built to accommodate many different types of vehicles and that barriers may range from simple impediments to water or air passages.

Verified Leaderboards

There are a large variety of bridges that will put your creative skills to the test due to the limited quantity of materials and types available. I can’t think of any game that provides as many opportunities to create novel bridge configurations, especially when dealing with the challenges posed by enormous, ponderous vehicles.

There isn’t much to elaborate on, given that the game is really simple, but one aspect that really stood out to me and which I’m sure Zachtronics appreciated as well is the game’s emphasis on its immediate environment.

Poly Bridge 2

Aside from the total cost of your bridge and whether or not it failed somewhere along the route, there is just one other factor to take into account when compiling a list of rivals. Who, after all, accepts cheating in a bridge game? My use of the gif-downloading functionality, which appears in any game of this type that I have played, was also exceptional.

The only problem is that the goal is so ridiculously low that I have no idea how to show it to anybody; it’s also very pixelated, which is my main significant problem; and, anyhow, it’s not necessary to pay attention to the ongoing interaction, so it’s really a very good problem to have.

Improved Sandbox

They added a new universe after I “beat” the Poly Bridge 2, and I didn’t complete all of world 4 (if I remember correctly), but I got busy and could wait for world 6 (if it emerges), so please don’t hold my not finishing that against the game; just because life gets in the way of everything, sometimes games get stale.

Overall, a fantastic quantity The ability to create your own levels and the support from the studio are the highlights. The difficulty curve from the first four worlds to everything else is severe and falls short of actual moderate difficulty, but there are a lot of basic levels to play nonetheless.

In the Poly Bridge 2’s extreme reaches, just a few thousand players have managed to complete a few of the endgame’s challenging and repetitive stages. Though your comprehension will be tested in the most excruciating ways possible by slightly adjusting plans until the game decides now is the best moment to proceed.

Workshop Campaigns

I strongly advise avoiding them unless you really appreciate the core continuing interaction. Even though I haven’t played the first game in the series, Poly Bridge 2 is the sequel that everyone seems to be expecting. Nonetheless, after spending a considerable amount of time with the sequel.

Poly Bridge 2

I can confidently state that I fully appreciate the reason why games like this are so astoundingly popular, whether on PC or mobile, and why Poly Bridge has a “Part 2: This new set of bridges adds a whole new layer of complexity to an already fantastic game.

The goal of the Poly Bridge 2 is to reach the end of each stage without losing any vehicles or damaging any bridges. The gallery forces you to see how various people’s bridges fail or are arranged, which is a fascinating experience.

I’d recommend this Poly Bridge 2 to anybody aged twelve and above, but if you have a kid who’s really into 3D modelling and design, you could probably get away with giving them this one as early as age eight. Thank you very much, Dry Cactus, and if you like this game, I highly recommend visiting Poly Bridge.

First Break Indicator

Additionally, the price I paid for this game, twenty-four dollars, was a little steep, but it was money well spent. The Poly Bridge 2’s 64 levels are distributed among four worlds, and you may freely switch between them at any time.

This is especially convenient if you’ve already played the previous game and are familiar with the series’ core gameplay principles. There are a variety of strategies you may use and a set of players you can compare and contrast to see who performed the best within the level’s budget constraints.

After completing a level, you may go over to the Exhibition section to have a look at some player-selected bridge layouts they’ve produced, or you can just head over there and have fun seeing what other people have come up with. There’s also a sandbox option where you may design your own levels and share them with other players, with those levels being downloadable through Steam Studio.


  • Tune in to the “chill out” music. quite distinct from one another, ensuring that you won’t get bored listening to the same tune over and over again.
  • +1 There are tonnes of opportunities to dive back in and play again.
  • Solving the puzzles is one thing, but tackling them in a way that knocks you out of the competition’s spot is something else! And then there’s also the…
  • Plus, play around with it! Create environments where other people may play your creations indefinitely.
  • There are a total of 16 levels in each “world” and 4 “universes.”
  • + Display of bridge layouts designed by players all over the world (in 3D because these are recordings, not static images)!
  • If you feel the need, you can solve a mystery by reviewing your budget.You are in no position to succeed in your attempt.
  • If you find earlier stages to be “very trivial,” you may skip through to the later ones since they are unlocked at all times.
  • Enjoyable pedagogical activities that effectively illustrate the relevance of triangles and how certain things function
  • Beautiful low-poly patterns plus
  • To get the most out of the game’s sandbox mode and save money, you may want to buy the game’s most expensive tier.
  • However, if you’re perfectly content with playing through the game’s premade levels, you probably don’t need to. Maybe not, but it’s on sale, so get it!


  • Absolutely none up to this point!

Poly Bridge 2 is a must-own whether you like bridge design and construction for its own sake or if you’re looking for a fun way to kill time while doing something productive. The upbeat soundtrack will help you forget about your frustrations as you construct bridges in this Poly Bridge 2, and it’s great for unwinding after a long day at the office.

3-Way Split Joints

especially for players who could do without mindless games like those inactive games but still want to get their brain’s cogs turning a little bit. We need to construct a bridge using very unpredictable materials, but we must also adhere to extremely precise geometrical specifications or the whole bridge will collapse.

Poly Bridge 2

I’m not a complete rookie, so you can trust my assessment. There are three or four basic universes that work flawlessly. But World 5 is the epitome of a poorly conceived strategy. After “understanding” the concept of the bridge and verifying that it is correct.

you then spend another 7-8 hours on each bridge, seemingly without reason, fine-tuning every last millimetre until it works. Since I finally beat the level I was stuck on in World 5, I’ve changed my angry thumbs up to a satisfied one. There are several games that are similar to Poly Bridge, but I like it more.

Higher Resolution Video Replays

Poly Bridge 2 builds gracefully on its predecessor to provide fantastic puzzle insight (imagine sudoku on a Sunday night). The maintenance staff is well honed, the quality of life is a perfect ten (important side paths are easy to explore), and when you complete the main game, you may create your own custom levels.

You may make the Poly Bridge 2 more challenging by setting your own goals, but each level is already as challenging as it needs to be. The game’s different elements are introduced in stages, and each one is easy to grasp while still being engaging and polished.

Both the visuals and the audio in Poly Bridge 2 are stunning. The goal here is to use the provided resources to build a structure that will allow cars to go from point A to point B. The difficulty stems from interesting circumstances in which anchor points, non-player transportation (such as boats and aircraft), and financial and material expenditures all intersect on a single level.

All levels are playable from start!

Additional challenges come in the form of competition lists, in which you and others try to build the best possible structure for the least amount of money and effort. In most cases, this is only an improvement over the first meeting. The Poly Bridge 2 has been much improved thanks to several small changes.

At just $5, it’s a steal compared to other confirmation options. This is now the standard by which all other bridge-building games are measured. Interaction is seamless and constantly changing, with plenty of challenges presented both in the main game and in the “challenge levels” section.

Poly Bridge 2

where completed levels from earlier in the Poly Bridge 2 must be replayed with new, more difficult requirements. The designs are limited in scope yet elegant, and your viewpoint may be fixed and ignored or gradually shifted during the duration of the bridge-crossing game.

After completing a level, you’ll be able to see your performance replays and compare them to the performances of other players. The Poly Bridge 2 performs as advertised on low specifications and well on higher-grade hardware.

No forced perfect solution.

The developers completely stifled the logical continuation of the game. This is perfect if you want a simple bridge-building game that is well implemented. Polybridge 2 is a relaxing approach to mentally challenging yourself by pitting you against the laws of physics and a series of increasingly difficult levels.

Curves, pressure, and the standard bracket design are all presented in an appealing way to illustrate some intriguing real bridge processes. While the lists of competitors are impressive, many of the highest scores are the result of poor setups that either fail to maximise gameplay potential or just engage in some form of “hanging street hack.”

In the end, it’s helpful to be able to compare your responses to those of other enthusiastic participants and maybe even pick up some novel approaches. If you’re into design and looking for a break from the norm when it comes to video games, Polybridge 2 will gladly occupy a few hours of your time as you try to solve the puzzles presented to you.

Place roads anywhere

Outstanding performance. It’s not a game to play while kicking back and relaxing; you’ll need to pay close attention to succeed. I’ve seen several polls claiming the game is unplayable for anybody who isn’t an engineer, but I disagree.

Above the top 30 percentile, you’ll need to activate your architect mind, although until the third or fourth planet, most of the stages can be cheated through. And if that’s still too challenging, you may always switch to sandbox mode with an unlimited budget and build something awesome to ferry the cars over while you learn everything about pressure and suspension.

Poly Bridge 2

Despite the setback, you learn something new that helps you advance in the Poly Bridge 2. One of the top comments touches on my favourite aspect of the game. This very effective physical science motor allows for minor adjustments without drastically altering the outcome.

If you make little adjustments to the bridge, it will (usually) only result in small adjustments to the vehicle’s path, direction, speed, etc., since each reenactment is exactly the same as long as nothing is touched. In this way, I believe I may benefit from the game rather than attempting to deduce its superb design.

Sandbox-like level editor for building contraptions

When I put my whole mental capacity into solving a problem, my results consistently fall inside the top 2% of competitors. A test of mental acuity. I’m not sure how often it goes on sale, but for $15, it’s a steal for a bridge-building game that looks this polished and fun.

Poly Bridge 2 and its predecessor, Poly Bridge, are two of the best material science puzzle games I’ve ever played. You’ll spend so much time just getting through the basic objective in Poly Bridge 2 that I was left confused by the sheer amount and difficulty of the game’s severe challenges.

Poly Bridge 2

In addition to the main objective, the game also has a test mode for every level, all of which are far more challenging than the main. Once you’ve completed the game’s main goal, the optional side quests are just as much fun, and they’re unexpectedly more challenging than the game’s normal difficulty settings. The people are also fantastic; they know how to have a good time while remaining serious.


Honestly, unlike most games, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this one. Its engineers aren’t completely absurd, but they don’t have to be. If you need absolute verisimilitude, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Poly Bridge 2 is aware of its identity as a simple yet enjoyable bridge-building puzzle game.

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