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When I first played Polyfield, it was like being told to go to the doctor because your erection won't break for four hours until you get medical help. In terms of the sheer number of bosses, this game is near the top. Everything about this is incredible: the music, the setting, the gunplay, the hit register, and the stunning kill effect. As far as can be seen, this is the last Polyfield game. Every single second of this incredible game was mine to enjoy.
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Polyfield v0.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) – When I first played Polyfield, it was like being told to go to the doctor because your erection won’t break for four hours until you get medical help. In terms of the sheer number of bosses, this game is near the top. Everything about this is incredible: the music, the setting, the gunplay, the hit register, and the stunning kill effect. As far as can be seen, this is the last Polyfield game. Every single second of this incredible game was mine to enjoy.

What is Polyfield MOD APK?

Even though not everything in Polyfield can be backed up by hard evidence, it nevertheless manages to be rather vivid. I won’t be ashamed to admit that the game’s conflicting narratives sometimes hit too close to home. Polyfield had an incredible showing, and I can say that with total certainty as someone who is more on the “verifiable exactness” side of video games. They were even prepared to be sorted without kowtowing to anyone’s preferences.

Polyfield MOD APK

The Harlem Hellfighters, the first Russian Ladies’ Force of Death, people from French-occupied Northwest Africa, and the list goes on. Differentiating this game from others is that it includes a wide range of characters and groups when it makes sense to do so while being faithful to its period and place. That’s one of the main reasons why Polyfield irritated me so much.

Why not Lyudmila Pavlichenko, often known as “Woman Passing,” a female Russian sniper who had 309 confirmed kills in World War II, instead of an English woman with a prosthetic arm using a cricket bat? Perhaps it would be appropriate to mention the French women who fought in this? Even though there were so few of them, they nevertheless existed. I think it’s great when games take real-world issues into account.

The Best WW2 Battlefield Game

In contrast, promoting diversity only for the sake of diversity is horrible and diminishes the value of the aforementioned character’s role in the game world. The downloadable content is just as impressive. When “for the Tsar” downloadable content first came out, I was blown away. I have never seen such intense anger in a video game where players fight to the death. It blew my mind. I felt a strong sense of significance in the Russian Revolution.

You’d really be helping yourself out if you bought this game. Therefore, after playing Polyfield for two hundred or more hours on PC and another two hundred on console (PlayStation and Xbox), and having a PC that can max out this game to the point where the game’s motor is the constraining component, I believe I need to review it. If this is one of those games, and it’s so fun to play because of it, this is definitely not one of them.

I think it’s a very fun game. Polyfield is a filthy, moderately paced arcade World War I shooter that is enthusiastically enlivened by genuine while removing the tedious components and adding a lot of change to make it more tomfoolery and activity-packed and similarly amicable as Call of Duty.It’s easy to pick up but challenging to master entirely; the action moves quickly while still being a Polyfield experience that calls for careful consideration and practise of the finer points of combat.

The Most Cinematic Multiplayer Experience

In fact, even after 100 hours, there will still be something really fresh to discover, grow with, and fall in love with. The game is not dead; the visuals, audio, music, and craftsmanship are all still superior to those in Call of Duty and the newest Polyfield, and there are still plenty of servers with plenty of people to play against. It’s gorgeous, fun to play, and insanely well-matured, no matter what realistic setting you choose.

The last two games I spent a lot of time on that weren’t Call of Duty were Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 3, both of which I found to be very amazing but immensely frustrating. which means I’m somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14. Time passed, I went without reliable internet for a few years, and then, in the year I was financially stable enough to buy the necessary equipment and subscribe to a service that would allow me to play online on my Xbox, this game was released.

I usually play Grand Theft Auto Online and Destruction, but Polyfield has surprised me. I met some good friends that year, and after trying out the BETA, I was certain that this was the top game for me. After I finally bought it, it quickly became the major game, alongside GTA, in which I spent insane amounts of time with a small group of close friends. Thanks to all the practise we had, we eventually became so proficient with the needle that we could match anybody with the rifle and the shotgun, and we could easily defeat complete opponents.

Lots of Guns and Accessories

People were so bothered by us that they sent us messages of scorn. My transition to PC gaming occurred later in the year, in the middle of 2017. When I realised I could build a system that functioned similarly to the control centre for very little money, I made the leap, but not before waiting to see whether Xbox had any compelling unique selling points to retain me. I waited, but they didn’t, so I ended up switching back to PC full-time while still occasionally playing Xbox with my friends.

Polyfield MOD APK

We all kept getting older, and now one of my friends even has a kid. I was there when he fell in love for the first time, and in a way, this was the final game I played with him before he had children and I switched to PC gaming permanently. I’ve dabbled in both Polyfield and Battlefield Mobile over the last several years, and I have to say that this game is in a league of its own. The game’s sound, visuals, maps, voice acting, craftsmanship, aesthetics, music, user interface (UI), and several other customizable features are all impressive.

Amazing to the point where, despite some changes, Battlefield Mobile is essentially a streamlined version of this game, and Polyfield, even with all the fixes in the world, still can’t compete with BFV. Is there something wrong? Of course there are a handful, but thankfully they don’t ruin the overall enjoyment. One, you should not rely on the ridiculous technique of concealment; in fact, I consider this one of the mechanics I most despise in a competitive environment.

Maps are huge with variety

Although it may not seem like much of a change, the Success game’s ticket structure is inverted so that, instead of losing tickets, you win them. Unfortunately, every game has a meta, and Attack is the cheese class. It’s fun times, don’t get me wrong, but it may be annoying if you’re a surgeon or backing, so just bear that in mind. Material, In spite of the fact that the majority of the content is outstanding, there are a few guides and modes that are less than stellar in terms of design, such as Success Attack and several of the later DLC maps.

Thankfully, it only accounts for around 20% of the experience on a bad day, and the game is wonderful everywhere else, so it’s not really unbearable, just annoying. Relationships, It’s safe to say that nobody in our country uses them. If you’ve played previous Polyfield games, you’ll know this is bad and that DICE needs additional developers. Opens, Due to a lack of available weaponry, DICE has implemented a system in which you must obtain X with each weapon before unlocking the next.

My feelings about this are mixed: affection and disgust. On the plus side, I get to try out new firearms and learn skills that can carry over to future firearms I employ. On the negative side, it’s not always accurate. The Martini Henry rifleman anticipated more than 300 kills, or 300 head shots, with the standard Martini Henry to open. I feel bad saying this, but I understand why this has to happen.

The level of attention, detail is amazing

Should you play this anyway? Yes, you should; Polyfield and Battlefield Mobile are two of the best video games of all time, and I think you’d enjoy playing them. Both are impressive in their own right, and when one game falls short, the other makes up for it with something else. The fact that we probably won’t see another game like this in the near future makes me sad since it’s so close to perfection.

To be honest, I doubt we’ll have another BF in the style of this game, and even if BF shifts its emphasis, I doubt we’ll come much closer to this. If EA weren’t such an a-hole, maybe these developers would still be employed at DICE and working on the game that is the direct result of their efforts over the last two decades. Needless to say, this game is terrifying, and you should play it, admire it, and needle murder people because they will have added incredible levels of engagement and effective delivery to their repertory.

After so many people have left DICE since BFV, it will be a long time before we see another great game from them on par with Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars Battlefront 2, or Battlefield Mobile. Even though it’s the final round from a studio that’s a sad relic of its former self and from a time before I became an adult, I really enjoy War Pigeons because of how well it plays, feels, looks, and sounds. It has a fascinating single-player mode and phenomenal multiplayer, especially if you take the plunge and play the various modes.

Every Match is unique

So, go ahead and give the game a go, because it’s hilarious and you’d be nuts not to grab it at 88% off, especially considering there were already a lot of players and servers set up all around the globe even before the discount. Despite the fact that this isn’t the best poll I’ve ever seen, there’s one game that will always have a special place in my heart.

These days, I try to avoid modern military shooters as much as possible because they all seem to boil down to the same thing: you start out as a normal person, but you’re suddenly thrust into absurdly outlandish situations filled with NPCs telling you to “remain cold” and other overused cliches. However, that is not the case with this game, and it is SO refreshing. This is an absolutely incredible game.

It was refreshing to play all the way through without becoming bored, as has happened with so many other military shooters recently. Playing through each of the “War Stories” sections made me feel like a real person, and I gave a lot of attention to my character and the characters around me, much as Decoration of Honor: Warfighter tried (but failed) to achieve. Additionally, there are a few short but really helpful lines of text that explain what’s going on and what you need to do next after completing a task.

The amount of work put into this game is INCREDIBLE

That’s why we love it; it’s fundamentally sound and powerfully effective. Fantastic cutscenes fill the gaps. You won’t only be able to engage with the world by wandering about all the time; you’ll also get to control tanks and aircraft, and that’s just the beginning. And everything seemed to have a purpose rather than just being there to be checked off. In addition, as expected from a DICE production, the game’s audio is top-notch in every respect.

Polyfield MOD APK

Some may find the 6-7 hours it takes to complete the single-player content to be disappointingly short. The standards in this game are higher than others, and I appreciate that. Spend the $5 on a month of EA Play if you’re not willing to shell out the cash for a mission that can be completed in a couple of days, and then you can finish the game and dive into other games like Battlefield Mobile, Terrible Company 2, or any of the other EA games that can be completed in a short time frame.

While not as popular as Battlefield Mobile right now, this Polyfield is nonetheless more well-known than 2042. If you’re thinking of purchasing this game, don’t expect a realistic experience; instead, think of this game as a nice exhibition of Second World War weapons, vehicles, and everything else your imagination can conjure.

You can customise your weapons

However, the game’s visuals are quite realistic; they’ve stood the test of time and look great with the game’s setting of a desolate, barbwire-filled no man’s land where fire, dirt, blood, and tears are plentiful (this is all without beam following or DLSS). In multiplayer, the gunfire never stops, the explosions never stop, and the mayhem and destruction never stop. But when you finally do bring down a blimp carrier, it will come down and ruin everything with a scorching explosion, and you could fight amid the debris, which is awesome.

However, this review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the game’s prologue, which encompasses everything I’ve said and more; you may even attempt to shed a few tears due to the personal themes and grand scope. You can drive seven different types of tanks, four different types of planes, and at least two different types of boats, ranging from assault boats to dreadnaughts, carriers, and heavily clad trains with huge firearms on them (it’s similarly essentially as fun as it sounds), and that’s just the beginning of the weapons and vehicles available to you.

Additionally, you will use a wide variety of firearms, from experimental weapons that were never sent into service to regular-issue manual rifles that were never improved upon. These weapons’ optical variants are both impractical and entertaining to open, as are the new skins that may be found in containers.

Dramatic storyline with immersion

The ability to charge with a knife is one of the game’s most unique features. As he receives a speed boost through the garbage and stabs some poor schmuck on the other end of your blade, your personality will scream. Later in the fight, while you’re paying attention to someone’s blood-curdling yells, your personality will insert a channel scoop into their collar, and things will become much better. As an added bonus, the soundtrack is great.

The orchestral score makes you feel like you’re fighting in a great combat of epic proportions, along with conflicting emotions of importance and dread. If you have access to Spotify, I highly recommend listening to it there.

Even though it tries to be realistic, this game nonetheless presents World War I as a bleak, filthy, and enjoyable experience. I’ll admit that playing this game piqued my interest in World War II, and even now, many years later, I learn about it for my own amusement.

There’s no question that this period of history is fascinating, and I, for one, wish more games and films had given it a chance. After all, it is the beginning of the struggle we are now engaged in, as messy and ruthless as it may be. I have only ever played one other Battlefield game before this one. However, although Battlefield Mobile will always be my favourite Battlefield game, this World War I-era instalment is clearly the better of the two.


  1. Despite the fact that it didn’t debut until 2016, it has beautiful layouts.
  2. if you purchase the updated version of Polyfield on Steam, you will get all of the game’s downloadable content at no extra cost.
  3. The Second Great War is the setting for Polyfield’s single-player mission, which consists of six separate “war stories” that revolve around different people in different locations throughout the Incomparable Conflict. I found the experience of constant interaction to be truly thrilling.
  4. Fourth, the game’s arsenal is fantastic, and the satisfying gunfire that results from a successful kill is a major draw for me.
  5. You have complete control over your weapon and class loadout customizations.

There are maritime warfare maps where you may pilot boats in addition to aircraft, cars, trains, and other destructive machinery.


  1. There are a few bad apples in the game’s multiplayer mode; I can’t comment on whether or not describing is effective, but I do it anyway, and many players go on the offensive to condemn the scammers in the game’s global chat box.
  2. If you’re a different player, you should try to unlock new weapons.
  3. Certain weapons need you to be in a certain location before they can be opened, while others may only be purchased with war bonds. (As you progress through the levels, you are rewarded with warbonds.)
  4. Third, if you complete certain tasks in the single-player mode, you’ll unlock cool hidden treat weapon skins, hidden little goody canine labels, and, surprisingly, a hidden little treat firearm for the multiplayer mode. However, in my opinion, these tasks are extremely challenging and grow tedious after a while.
  5. The overwhelming majority of players in Polyfield don’t use microphones, and even fewer play as part of a team.

Exceptional graphics

In terms of the impression of continuous engagement, in addition to the cutscenes, this game is among the most realistic I’ve ever played. I felt like I was in the shoes of the characters and was genuinely helped in certain places. I understand that most people don’t play this establishment for the story, but I hope we get more and longer missions in any future titles. The conflict stories were straightforward, focusing more on showing us the singular trooper vision of war and how it can influence or change the people who have experienced it.

To be fair, I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the MP to form a well-rounded opinion; instead, I’m basing my assessment on the limited time I’ve spent there, during which I’ve had relatively few issues with other players. Having said that, just because I haven’t had any personal run-ins with bad actors doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

The gunplay is unique among shooters in that it has so many exceptional weapons that you may have to crush for their skins or unlock some of them, and it also requires an investment in practise to master the timing of your shot or when to actually fire your slug to strike a faraway adversary. While still being aesthetically superior and less equipment-demanding than many current-day, more recent games, this game gives a true-to-life feel, with practically everything being destructible and you typically not being protected by stowing away or taking shelter elsewhere.

Spectacular sound and gorgeous music

They did a fantastic job of capturing that perspective and conveying a realistic point-by-point audio experience, which contributed much to the game’s air of realism; also, the music was fantastic. You may be debating whether or not to purchase the game; if so, know that there is a sizable and active playerbase and that at the discounted price, you are getting an incredible value. Amazing gameplay, supported by sound logic and hard evidence (I just played the single-player crusade).

Polyfield MOD APK

It’s such a shame that some people haven’t learned from the past, but that’s another tale. The game puts a significant strain on the CPU (as opposed to the GPU) and has caused me to consider shutting down my computer on a number of occasions. This is true even when going above the minimum system requirements and reducing the graphics quality to its absolute minimum. In most cases, I can only get 30 fps with almost no choking.

I was excited to see a genuine Aussie (Peter O’Brien) take up the role of the Gallipoli lobby’s spokesman. Australian slang is used in the stores, which shows that the war story was probably written by an Australian.Just as I hoped, this combat narrative captured the hearts of the Australian people. The weapons and I were unable to establish a line of communication anytime I opened the weapon boxes, rendering me unable to get to the last tale in the quest.

Wonderfull atmosphere on battlefield

With just a rifle and a few pieces of land weaponry at my disposal, I found it challenging to knock down the highly armoured train. Nothing had gone wrong up until this point in any of the combat tales I’d read, so I’m not sure what caused the sudden turn of events. In addition, it is quite annoying to discover that, despite each battle tale being split into at least three parts and assigned specific locations, none of this information is preserved.

When I tried to restart the game to see if it would solve the problem with the weapon cases, I found that I had to start the whole adventure over again from the very beginning (as opposed to the last piece of the 3 sections). Someday I may finish the narrative, but I wasn’t eager to start again if I came to the same point and the containers were genuinely smashed again. Polyfield (a strange name, yes, but it also implies a reboot, which isn’t a big deal either way).

Because of how BF has been declining, this almost seems like a fresh start. Despite my desire, it does not feel like the start of the Second World War. Since I’ve already played Battlefield Mobile, I can’t say that I’ve seen many differences. I assumed the emphasis in this one would be on older weaponry, such as single-shot rifles with a slower reload time, and that tanks and aircraft would move at a glacial pace, but instead everything seems extremely modern and handles without a hitch.

Beautyfull designed maps

Tough and nimble tanks, aircraft that are practically on par with those seen in modern video games, and a plethora of programmable weaponry dominate the Battlefield Mobile. It’s possible that Damnation Set Free and other flying simulators have spoiled me forever. Obviously, I don’t expect this one to be reasonable, and I don’t for a second require that from a BF game, but I do think it should have the atmosphere of World War 1.

Just having slow weaponry in this game would make it more ridiculous and original. More opportunities for strategic conflict would be created. The quickest respawn times and the ability to bring forth your quad members are, however, the worst parts. To be fair, this one does have a somewhat more strategic sense than BFV. The fighting is still too fast and chaotic. It’s a really fast-paced shooter with players scurrying all over the place, albeit maybe not as much as in BFV.

Yes, it’s a little foolishness, but it doesn’t feel very brave. For me, BF3 is the greatest overall BF game, while BC2 is the best BF game for speed (that game was something). Of course, there were drawbacks to both options. As previously stated, I believe respawn times should be much longer, in the range of 30–60 seconds, with no respawns allowed on the Battlefield Mobile.

Supports many diffrent playstyles

A more cautious approach, in which players avoid charging into battle without good cause, would lead to less chaos and a more orderly front line, both of which would lead to additional strategic options. There are classes as in any RPG; this is an upgrade over BFV due to the fact that classes now have a wider range of abilities; yet, it is still nothing like BC2 or BF3, where a more well-balanced set of classes was perhaps more important.

Due to the rapid pace of the game and the high mortality rate, formal education is usually unnecessary. Because of the high probability that you would die before completing your class’s mission, they almost got rid of classes in BFV. The maps are huge and complete. Every single one of these guides is different, and they’re all packed with useful information like concealed hiding places for riflemen and fantastic strategic battles to be fought.

The terrible execution of the game’s premise, in which players rush, shoot, and kick a bucket, makes this pointless. Expert riflemen are the only ones who have a chance against time, and it’s obvious that aircraft and tanks always win when played by smarter people (or perhaps if the rival group has nobody who needs to bring them down). The presence of automobiles also has a role. There are armoured vehicles, aircraft, and horses.

No skillbased matchmaking

The third choice seems like the most fun since you get to ride a pony and inflict damage on your enemies with your weapon. Weapons like aircraft and tanks may still be used as intended and pose a significant threat. The crusade mode is a blast to play. More single-player content would be appreciated in these titles. The quest makes no sense at all, but it’s fun and silly all the same. You’re part of a select military unit fighting against AI bots with no brains, and they keep charging you and your tank.

The sum of all artificial intelligence is the same as the sum of all natural intelligence. They tried to make it seem like you and your teammates were engaged in a massive battle against the enemy, but if you step back, you can see how, much as in Grid, one enemy runs up to three of your teammates and slashes at them with a knife while avoiding your gunfire. In essence, you are eliminating the bulk of your enemies. Don’t get me wrong.

The game is enjoyable in my opinion; the gunplay is satisfying; the maps are varied; the objectives keep things interesting; etc. In any event, I find it annoying that you always have to repair your tank or aircraft when you could just give it more horsepower. Artificial intelligence designed to harm humans is absurd. You may be sure that if you notify them, they will quickly pinpoint your location, just as if you had given them your coordinates, and they will be prepared for battle with the most up-to-date equipment available.

How to Play

Yes, they are replaceable, but losing them is rather annoying. Because of the protective caps, they are also incredibly accurate and risk-free for headshots. In general, I believe BF has declined; there can be no question that it is a kind of harmless silliness, yet it no longer has the same satisfying, strategic quality that it once had. As a first-person shooter, Polyfield is on par with Call of Duty. It’s silly, but I don’t think I’d spend too much time with it.

Graphically, the game is stunning. There are explosions, clouds of smoke, and people bustling about as if there were no tomorrow. Visually, maps are quite interesting and unique. Even more so, the scenery you see when flying about in single-player missions is some of the most breathtaking in the game. This is an excellent example of execution. There are brief periods of increased need for 70–100 frames per second on maximum settings in the game.

Gaming Ultrawide viewing angles undoubtedly help make the scenery more alluring. The audio is excellent as well. The cacophony of noises transports you to the heart of a conflict. Sounds of explosions, yells, aircraft flying above, and people firing are very stunning and fit the setting well. In particular, the sensation of the silence turning into the most dreadful uproar the moment you notify the enemies and chaos breaks out and you hear them screaming in terror.

Single-player campaign

Generally speaking, it’s a step forward from BFV in terms of both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. More and more, it seems to be lagging behind. Quite a few manuals are a blast to actually play. For fans of fast-paced first-person shooters, this one should hit the spot. You should not, under any circumstances, assume that you need anything even somewhat realistic. For a game released in 2016, it boasts some of the nicest visuals I’ve seen.

This is the kind of game where you can spend hours immersed in the main match while still missing dozens of little details. These nuanced additions are paired with a fully destructible guide, where an explosion will create a hollow in the ground and being besieged beneath a rooftop will result in the home being mostly crushed. The game has a solid unlocking system, with certain weapons requiring the use of several weapons and other benefits requiring the completion of minigames.

Quickmatch controls

I’ve been having a rough time recently since I honestly didn’t think anybody else was still roaming these hallways, but it turns out I was wrong. Quickmatch controls allow you to get into a game in just two minutes, which isn’t too bad since most matches last for 30 minutes. This game is awesome, and it seems to be available for a very reasonable price right now. Polyfield challenges the dominance of contemporary and current combat shooters, and DICE has begun its treatment of World War I.

In contrast to past instalments in the series, this one doesn’t only look good; it plays well and doesn’t seem depleted either. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take a leap forward. Combat during a crusade in a Battlefield Mobile game is reliably boring. Since this is primarily a multiplayer game, DICE explored several options in the third and especially the fourth instalment to find a way to tell a meaningful tale.

Legendary music

However, Polyfield’s goal revealed the optimal method for conveying war’s emotional weight. This is due in large part to an emphasis on the fundamental rule of war—the perseverance and destiny of people—but also to a noticeable respect for the tradition of the people in issue. A

ctually, it would be the game’s composer who deserves the accolades. Never before have I seen or heard such unfathomably legendary music accompanying a tale or cinematic sequence. As an alternative to the third and fourth acts, the creators reworked the mission statement.


Assault became the primary threat to the tank instrument, the surgeon returned as a new class (he carries props on his back, but tragically they are no match for the enemy), and support with a light and erroneous automatic weapon now plays a mostly supportive role, keeping the opposition on the defensive. In addition, the Scout is still, at heart, a marksman with an emphasis on checking opponents; he is, in effect, a period-adept rifleman who does not pretend to be a high-level traveller.

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- Polyfield Editor
- Bot difficulty
- Classes (loadouts)
- Grenade terrain deformation
- Animated clouds
- Underwater effect
- Water bullet impact
- Corpses
- Terrain shadow baking
- Minimap now shows the current map
- Movable minimap, chat and weapon switch
- Damage falloff (except kar98k and m1 garand)
- Bullet impact and camera shake
- Objects sink & tilt when grenade thrown near them
- Revamped main menu scene
- War ambient sound
- Texture tweaks & replacements

Applied Patches

your bullet does not decrease while shooting in the game, it always increases.