PPSSPP Gold APK v (MOD, Full Version) free on android

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Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition with extra features!
Henrik Rydgård
Oct 18, 2021
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Package Name PPSSPP Gold APK v1.12.3
Developer Henrik Rydgård
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.12.3
Size 41.5 MB
Requirements 2.3
Last Update Dec 09, 2023
Date Update Oct 18, 2021
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.7/5
Page Views 107,908
Downloads 22,959
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Supported Platforms Android

PPSSPP Gold APK (MOD, Full Version)  – Enjoy PSP games using your Android device in high-definition, and with features! Ppsspp Gold Apk is the top original and the only PSP emulator available for Android. It supports a wide range of games, however depending on the performance of your device, some games could not be running at maximum speed.This is by far the most efficient Ppsspp Gold Apk Download Latest Version 2022  and by far. One thing I’d love to see included is the possibility of having multiple Profiles, to allow for settings or control layouts. * I’m not a fan of seeing the joystick as well as the the D-pad together on the screen because they consume the entire screen However, some games require either or both.


It would be amazing to be capable of switching between the two quickly and ease.I do not know if this offers additional features over the free version, but I’m so pleased by the free version that I was compelled to reward the developer for his efforts. If you’ve already used the version for free, this version will import your games library and settings instantly. It is not time-consuming to set everything up. What it is able to play and the quality with which it can play is determined by the capabilities of the hardware.

I’m using it on a high-end Android TV and it’s working flawlessly. It was a breeze to use my Bluetooth controller was instantly set up as I wanted it to be. It is possible to change the mapping of buttons and sticks according to your preferences. It is definitely a 5 rating application. If you give it lower than a five star rating, then your hardware is probably not capable of properly PSP emulator. The program performs an excellent job.

I’d say I’m happy with this more than any other purchase so in the past. PPSSPP is by far the most reliable PSP emulator available to date. Works very smoothly (on my device at least) touchscreen controls are very smoothly and are highly customizable. It works with other controllers (I use 8Bitdo+ Pro) I’m not sure what specifically you can do with the gold version however, it was so good that I was eager to support the developers. Save states are great since games that require players “get to a save point” do not have. Simply save the state and then return exactly where you started off.The usage of Vulcan has made this emulator run extremely effortlessly today.

Ppsspp Gold Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The older versions would be slow and have very small frames at a time. This app is fantastic now and my Xbox One controller works like plug and play. There is no need to set-up and it’s working fine! After years of purchase, I can say it’s worth the cost! The developers did it right, and you can tweak the settings to suit your preference.I’ve been using PPSSPP for around three months and have been so impressed that I’ve decided to purchase the Gold version to be able to use these features.

The onscreen controls have an extensive learning curve, but they are that it is worth making adjustments to. It is possible to solve this issue if you using a controller. Fantastic graphics, too. You can easily increase the resolution to twice the initial PSP resolution. FPS is between 30-60 percent of the time , making it accessible. It’s a fantastic app.

It runs flawlessly on my phone specifically for the games I like playing, such as RPGs such as Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and many other games. I think the device is a factor and you could experience problems, but the games I am playing seem to be pretty light. The free version is also very good, however if you’re looking to help the developers, I suggest you to go ahead. You’ll save so much cash compared to what you’d pay for an PSP as well as games.

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What's new

Android 12 support! Plus gamepad bug fix.

Lots of performance and compatibility fixes! See the website for details.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.14.4 41.5 MB 2.3 18/10/2021
1.11.3 14M 2.3 and up 02/03/2021
1.11.3 14M 2.3 and up 02/03/2021