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Made by the same production team as Proton Bus 2020, Proton Bus Simulator Road is bus simulator with the primary goal of simulating the driving and life of a driver!
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I played Proton Bus Simulator Road MOD APK and adored it, so when I heard that 21 was coming out, I was colossally energized and counted during the time to deliver. Tragically, send-off didn’t seem to go excessively well, and I was put off purchasing the game at its full £29.99 sticker price because of the countless negative surveys. Nonetheless, following a couple of long stretches of discussing myself, I chose to take care of business and part with my well-deserved cash.


What a decent decision that was. The new guide, Holy messenger Shores, is gigantic, and I’m by and large a fan. The detail is a choice. The spot feels invigorated. And however, I haven’t opened the complete guide yet. I especially like the rural spread of Greenwood and the beautiful stretch of street in Cayote Hedge. It is very different in general, and the American setting is a pleasant change from the standard German climate we see in such countless test systems.

Features Of Proton Bus Simulator Road MOD Unlocked

It’s not without its issues. There are certain buggy regions (most strikingly one where walkers fall off an extension and onto the street in Greenwood), and execution endures a shot in specific districts. I likewise found the truly stout street markings a gnawed off-putting from the get-go. However, these might be the natural Californian markings, so it’s presumably a private inclination. The tones likewise feel perhaps altogether too lively, which decreases submersion moderately.

Different Types Of Buses

Besides, regardless of not being partially blind and never having any variety of vision issues, I track down it close to complex to separate traffic signal tones, depending on the place of the light. These are minor issues. However, generally speaking, it’s a charming guide to drive in. Honestly, excellent job, Still Alive. It’s one of the most mind-blowing I’ve ever found in any test system. They simply have to resolve it a bit. Concerning the transport, well there’s such a lot of assortment.

How to play

The models are generally round phenomenal, and a significant number of the vehicles continued from 18 have been tidied up observably (The Urbanway is a show-stopper!), though with the odd particular case of the Citaro K. The transports all have their unique feel, they drive unexpectedly, and the sounds are, for the most part, excellent. However, there is a sizeable piece of the standard, worn-out default sounds from 18 on a couple of transports, yet this is justifiable given the year it created this!

Different Kinds Of Maps

What’s more, the electric carriers! They say genuinely inconceivable to my new ears, and that speed increase is an incredible advantage. Conceivably my number one thing about the new transports is that we at long last have a few sufficiently nice insides, or on the other hand on the off chance that not we can transform them to create the impression that way! Gracious, which carries me to the customization.


It’s significantly better compared to 18. However, I hate that it is so challenging to compose text on your transport side, and I long for the arrival of the switch to eliminate wraps from transport windows. I can’t stand it when they cover them. The transports are perfect. However, new sounds for vehicles that don’t have novel ones would be genuinely welcome when the devs can next record them.

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you start the game as premium.

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