Raft Survival Ocean Nomad MOD APK v1.209 (MOD, Unlimited Coins) free on android 1.209

Ocean Nomad is a new release in the series of ocean survival games with new enemies, items, rpg elements, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a boat. Build and upgrade your raft for survival in the sea, defend it from sharks and explore the vast world around. Try all our awesome survival simulator games rolled into one!

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Package Name Raft Survival Ocean Nomad
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.209
Size 111M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Sep 24, 2023
Date Update August 24, 2021
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Average Rating 4.3/5
Page Views 2,972,775
Downloads 691,343
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Supported Platforms Android

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Raft Survival Ocean Nomad MOD APK v1.202 (MOD, Free Shopping) – Ocean Nomad is the latest release in the Ocean Nomad series of survival games that include new items, enemies such as RPG components, survival on an island, and exploring the ocean aboard a vessel. Create and improve your boat to ensure survival in the sea and defend it from sharks, and explore the vast oceans within. Explore all of our fantastic survival simulator games in one!

A wealth of resources for shark games are available right before you. Chests and barrels floating about always have vital materials to survive in the ocean, and wreckages can be excellent for building rafts during ocean games. There are even tools, weapons, and other equipment for the defense of the raft, so don't stop tossing the hook!


Preys can quickly alter the rules and become an armed hunters in shark games. Make a tough choice between the hundreds of guns, two-left blade weapons, and armor components to protect your floating base as well as hunt sharks. Make sure you have a complete arsenal and be prepared to fight.

Be prepared to grow and fight for your life in the deep seas with two hands, given that you've another issue to tackle. The shark is being joined by survivors from other games, eager to take on the raft. There is no way to control an animal, and there's no way to run from it, so get ready for shooting and swinging throughout the day and night!

Be aware of the conditions of your raft in the water when playing survival games on the ocean. You can't just connect two wood planks without a roof or even walls to feel secure. Make it your own and make the raft's width and height since your imagination is the only limitation for creating a survival simulator game 2019. There are many improvements to improve fishing and storage extensions and other improvements you can make to your floating shelter to make it more comfortable to live in the ocean.

Features Of  Raft Survival Ocean Nomad MOD APK

Have you ever wondered if there are lost areas of forest or jungle animals in the ocean that never ends? One of the best features of our free island survival games is now available in this game. Do not sit around and do nothing. Take a chance to discover the sea and islands around. What can they offer in the form of glory or horror medieval royal treasures, wild tigers, terrifying dinosaurs from the Jurassic Age, or perhaps old plane wreckage? There are also materials, upgrades for the raft, and other things on the islands. In the shark games, you don't require a boat or an ark towards them. A primary vessel will suffice and let the stars guide you.

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Applied patches

  1. it is enough to press the price buttons of the gold packages sold with real money in the game, the gold will be added. (no affiliation with actual purchases)
  2. you can have real money products in the game, just press the price buttons. (no affiliation with actual purchases)

What's new

Updated interface of the game scene
Updated diary and quest interface
Added new story quests
Meet the New Survivor - Trader Joe
Now you can jump in the game!
New shark - smarter, faster, more beautiful
Updated design of the islands
New unique islands
New types of copies
Complete tasks every day, get a unique reward
Bugs fixed
Aircraft recovery parts can be found in containers on the islands


Version Size Requirements Date
1.212.1 111M 4.4 and up 24/08/2021
1.202 111M 4.4 and up 24/08/2021
1.198 111M 4.4 and up 24/08/2021
1.174 91M 4.4 and up 26/02/2021
1.171 92M 4.4 and up 17/02/2021

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