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Railbound is a comfy track-bending puzzle game about a pair of dogs on a train journey around the world.
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Version 1.01
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Last Update May 30, 2023
Date Update Sep 11, 2022
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Railbound is a basic game, yet very much made. Having predictable physical science and rules caused each riddle to feel fair. Extremely decent, unwinding art style and music. I think there should be sure designers who love one-way cooperation doors that this game is explicitly made for. That is very much earned an excellent little riddle game with a lot of testing puzzles.

The Railbound frequently makes you question the most straightforward way to deal with the riddle as, in some cases, components presented in the guide are not really required for an answer. If you end up baffled by the secrets, you can constantly ask for hints from the game, simply make sure to utilize them sparingly, or you’ll wind up Choo Choosing through the game. A delightful and fantastic game for puzzle darlings.


Begins truly straightforward as you would expect, however, gets truly hard and testing soon. As an option, I’d propose the devs add a see of how things switch when set off. Uniquely with the choice of button-controlled path exchanging trails, which are very difficult to envision without playing the level for each easily overlooked detail you change and sorting out on an attempt and disappointment premise.

I’m a good player for puzzle games and unexpected yet invaluable treasures, and Railbound is both. On the off chance I could utilize a single word to depict the game, it would be comfortable. Everything really revolves around associating trains following given rails and designs. This never shows signs of change, and it doesn’t have to. There are approximately 150 levels in the game, which unquestionably won’t take long to finish.


However, some of these are tricky riddles, and most will make you ponder them. You should take as much time as necessary with it, partake in decent designs, and simply relax. Also, the game isn’t costly, and you should help the engineers. By the day’s end, Railbound won’t transform you, nor will it take you through an incredible encounter. However, it is specific, as damnation is a charmingly fun game.

Rail bound is an enchanting riddle game with the trouble that might diminish and increment your blood pressure at any point while creating an exquisite workmanship style and a charming climate. The point of the game is to move various rail trucks from point A to B, ensuring they show up in sequential requests. As you progress through the levels, the trouble increments with the utilization of passages, switches, rebel streetcars and even travellers.

How to play

I concede I was puzzled on a couple of the later levels, yet the game has a clue framework to help you. You simply have to empower it as it’s (correctly) handicapped naturally. There are 8 “universes”, each with its own subjects, from vacation heaven to cold fields and bone-dry desert handles, each with its own melodic topics. One issue I found is you begin to see how rapidly the music circles in the later stages as you’re spending longer attempting to finish the riddles, so you may have to quiet the music and stream some lo-fi hip-jump radio.


I’ve figured out how to finish the primary levels, and as you can see by my playtime, the game is genuinely short. Anyway, for a more significant part of the levels, upon fruition, you open a variety of riddles, where rail trucks, tiles, or the whole group is either pivoted or uprooted.

These levels are significantly more enthusiastically, and I’m gradually going through them as I compose this survey. Generally speaking, this game is a magnificent puzzle worth your cash and some espresso you’ll have to pour as you play. I’m all on board this publicity train.

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