Real Car Crash Online MOD APK (Money) 1.5.1 free on android

Exciting missions, vast regions, bot collisions, and inclines to jump from anticipation Learn to drive like a pro, complete extreme crash tests, fine-tune and redesign components, and gain knowledge of actual destruction. Compete in a multiplayer online version of the crash test dummy game.
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Real Car Crash Online MOD APK (MOD, Money/Unlocked) – You’ve probably found your way here because you like trashing expensive automobiles. Real Car Crash Online, or RCC for short, is a 3D destruction crash test system that displays serious motor damage.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

What is Real Car Crash Online MOD APK?

Exciting missions, vast regions, bot collisions, and inclines to jump from anticipation Learn to drive like a pro, complete extreme crash tests, fine-tune and redesign components, and gain knowledge of actual destruction. Compete in a multiplayer online version of the crash test dummy game.

Destroy automobiles in real time! Amazing maps, shocking destruction, and online chat with adversaries from all around the world Gather over 30 remarkable vehicles from a range of categories, from vintage machinery to cutting-edge supercars, and from a simple Russian vaz to a race-ready Lamborghini. To help you destroy your competition, you can fine-tune and redesign the motor, suspension, drive, tyres, and body metal.

A Variety of Exciting Gameplay Options

  • Explore new environments by hopping, driving, floating, and breaking things to get access to and repair vehicles. But beware; we’ve set up numerous traps along the way!
  • Which are you—a complete newbie or a seasoned pro? Get through those challenging exams and finish those exciting missions!
  • Derby mode, in which you must obliterate your foes until they squash you. The number of enemies you face depends solely on your own discretion.
  • Send your automobile hurtling down a steep slope at top speed in the hopes that it will exceed conventional expectations for how far it may go and wreak havoc.

Damage to the human body is shown using photorealism and 3D physics. Let your car crash and see it fall apart! Its head, doors, trunk, and even its wheels all come off! Crash tests may be done on any mode of transportation, including aeroplanes, trains, and even the workplace during normal business hours.

Collect & test for durability over 30 legendary vehicles

In my experience, there is no better way to learn how to drive than with this game. To begin, there is the intricate science of the body materials, which are, in essence, identical to those of a genuine vehicle. That means if you try to save face by avoiding the stone by using the suspension instead of the wheel, you will end up with a broken suspension.

You can still complete the task, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Alternatively, you may start again with a fresh vehicle and try again. Youtuber Jimmy Broadbent said it best when he remarked that in Real Vehicle Crash Online MOD APK, unlike many other hustle games, the car really seems like an item you need to take care of.

You can perform a lot of silly things in this game, such as a dirt rally, a landing area rally, track dashing, floating, a demolition derby, dragging, or just plain riding in a nice street vehicle at comfortable speeds. Career options are available. I have dabbled and want to explore more with respectable prank tasks that are not typical of your regular hustler sim.

There are a tonne of events to choose from, including excellent soil mobilisation (my personal favourite), police pursuits, incredible stunts like those seen in movies, vehicles, races (some simple and breezy, others quite challenging), and so much more.


Twenty hours in, I still haven’t scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. It’s worth mentioning that the game’s manuals are fantastic. My personal favourite is Italy, which has a detailed and massive guide to a vast open area in the country, complete with long, winding roads, three cities to explore, and miles of mountain and shoreline terrain.

You may practise your floats, rallycross, and derby manoeuvres at a modern location. On the East Coast of the United States, you may take a trip down the Parkway and provoke some interesting police pursuits. Moreover, the developers are quite supportive of the modifications, having made the majority of them available both on the game’s official website and inside the game itself.

You may get new automobiles, car components, and driving directions all by downloading them. The Nurburgring Map Mod is a must-have in your collection. It’s filed away under the label “Ks Nord” in the warehouse.

The incredible Nurburgring circuit, located in the Nurburg area of Germany, is detailed in this free and filtered guide. Almost all of the fan-made mod instructions in this game were high-quality, and I appreciated being a part of such a supportive and active community for such a dynamic title.

Explore open locations

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK is another multiplayer mod worth checking out.Overall, it is well maintained and updated by its creators. So far, I’ve had a blast just making up stories and making fun of people while hustling and cruising.

When I first got this game a couple of years ago, all I had was a gamepad, and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t budget for the regulator’s installation and didn’t fully understand the game. I put in a few hours since I like driving games (specifically rally simulations like RBR, DR2.0, and WRC9) and physical science recreations, but I plan to come back to it at a later time.

A wheel was one of the first things I bought after being isolated, and since then I’ve been playing every racing game in my collection. By a large measure, Real Car Crash Online MOD APK was the most surprising thing, and it quickly rose to the top of my list of favourite games.

The bulk of the vehicles’ handling is on par with my expectations, and the impressive power was a pleasant surprise. A number of tweaks were required to make me dependent on them. Pseudo-Irregular Visit seems like the perfect add-on for this game, highlighting all the joy and potential that already exists.

Complete difficult tests and complete interesting missions

Yet, as a convention goer, it was the speed notes mod (Speed Notes Center and the setup) that really hooked me. All of a sudden, it’s an assembly simulator, and it’s a rather good one in my opinion. Finally, a game where the science behind the materials seems accurate, the vehicles handle plausibly, and the damage is believable enough to make every threat an estimate.

I have no clue how driving on a landing area compares to other games, but if you like Soil Rally, WRC, or RBR, you should check it out. This exposure to tough terrain is just what the doctor ordered. My primary concern is that it could be tough to promote and foster an ecosystem for such a niche game.

This is a fantastic physical and scientific backdrop that just begs for a deeper gaming experience built on top of it, and I have full faith that they can deliver. I’ll spend the necessary time in Utah doing preliminary work until then.

Given the sheer volume of content available, this is perhaps one of the most challenging games to review. Having fun with automobiles? The game features automobiles. Trucks are available there as well. An additional van is also available.

Plus, there’s a piano. A functional cannon is included as well. Is it your thing to watch vehicle wrecks? Sure, you can pull it off. Realistic results may be achieved with relative regularity regardless of whether you toss it down a cliff, bash it into a tree, smash it into another vehicle, or turn it into a destructible block façade.

Derby mode

Like to drive? You are qualified to operate a motor vehicle. On rare occasions, speeds greater than 300 miles per hour have been recorded. You may also drive in many other places, such as (but not limited to) Italy, Utah, the West Coast of the United States, the East Coast of the United States, and a perfectly flat lattice.

Creating your own driving locations is possible, but requires some intricate involvement. Tired of playing the same old dull game?You can add things like a foam brick wall and a canine, a super-large van with massive tyres, and a lot of other cool customizations.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

There are other modifications that bring additional locations to explore to the game, such as a very long parkway, a ski bounce designed for automobiles, and a few guides that can’t really be described in words. Worried that the game’s system requirements are too high? Okay, that’s a reasonable concern to have.

This game requires a lot of high-end hardware, although it can be played on devices with less powerful hardware. For the most part, if your setup is from 2014 or later, you should be able to reach 45 FPS or above at most tutorials.

Destroy your rivals until they smash you

By the end of the day, you’ll have a lot of fun with this car sandbox game. Anyone interested in vehicles or games that focus heavily on physical destruction would benefit from it, in my opinion. After realising I’ve spent over a thousand hours playing Real Car Crash Online MOD APK, I decided it was time to provide a detailed analysis of the game’s appeal.

What’s more, the material sciences themselves are impressive. In terms of the physics of vehicles and their components, this is quite close to reality. There are a few ways to customise this game and a lot of room for creativity and fun.

Explore new routes, implement gameplay-enhancing tweaks, and have a blast. To be honest, I can’t get enough of this game and usually log in twice a week. Updates are quite rare, but they add a lot to the game when they do arrive.

Despite the fact that a number of upgrades have been completely ridiculous and unpopular (at least with myself and other locals), the problems and bugs in the games have often been resolved within a week.

One can see that the creators care deeply about taking the game to the next level. To be honest, I don’t think it’s worth the trouble to make a few adjustments. The game as a whole is fantastic. The ease with which players may create and deploy custom regional content while being immersed in the action is one of my favourite features of the game.

Choose the number of enemies

Some authentic car add-ons exist off-site, but we won’t be using them. However, the fact that customers may send in their own manifestations makes the game that much better. Many of the customizations available to you are excellent, and you may make as many as you want to suit your preferences.

Just to sum things up, I love this game. It was and still is amazing to see how far they’ve progressed from the beginning to the present.Developers, keep up the great work, and be sure to pay close attention to local feedback, both favourable and negative, for a better finished product.

Only a small fraction of programmers are interested in or invested in their community. You can use this game for much more than just crash testing… Yes, without a doubt, this is the most advanced auto-testing system ever created. Real-time recreation of the whole car at a rate of 2,000 times per second creates a driving experience like no other.

In contrast to other games, where cars are just “boxes on wheels,” Real Car Crash Online MOD APK faithfully recreates every little detail of the automobile. There are a lot of changes coming to this game as well, such as a new vehicle (a little, excellent Italian automobile), a guide (in light of Italy), and a new and enhanced user interface.

Realistic graphics

Adapt: The Vehicle and Tour Booklet Have Been Delivered. There is a fantastic Real Car Crash Online MOD APK community, with many helpful individuals who have produced top-notch modifications for the game and a welcoming atmosphere in the forums (on the Real Car Crash Online MOD APK site).

The engineers also keep in regular contact with the neighbourhood, where they help us resolve difficulties and field inquiries. Given that this is an early access release, we are preparing the game for its final release. Just recently, Real Car Crash Online MOD APK teamed up with the car-building game Robotization.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

This is the coolest game collaboration ever, in my opinion, since you can create whatever you want in Robotization and then import it into Real Car Crash Online MOD APK and drive it around. This makes the formerly very challenging task of modding accessible to just about anybody.

Your creations may be shared with the world by uploading them to the Real Car Crash Online MOD APK repository. Due to the game’s complexity, a high-end computer is required for optimal performance. Before purchasing the game, make sure your PC can meet the minimum system requirements.

3D physics of body damage

however, it’s recommended that you fulfil the recommended requirements for a more enjoyable experience. In order to run this, you’ll need a powerful CPU, a graphics processing unit (GPU), and at least 8 GB of RAM.

Despite this, the game is always being improved so that it can be played on less powerful computers. Moreover, online co-op play is not supported. The developers are cognizant of the enthusiasm, but they’re now concentrating on finishing out the career mode and releasing the game for real.

You shouldn’t count on multiplayer any time soon. Have to tweak something? I hope you succeed. Due to the complexity of Real Car Crash Online MOD APK, making a mod for it is not an easy task. Many of the high-quality modifications you’ll use were created by adults with PC experience.

Expectations are high in terms of learning and adapting, but all the information you need to create a mod can be found on the Real Car Crash Online MOD APKwiki (on the site), and the community can help you work through any problems you run into.

You can do basically whatever you want.

Nevertheless, as I’ve already said, you may use computerization to design your own car and then import it into Real Car Crash Online MOD APK. Robotization automobiles do not disfigure as well as “real” modifications, and they do not have interiors (as of the distribution of this survey), but it is a far easier and faster means of creating your dream car in Real Car Crash Online MOD APK.

I’ve read the bad reviews of the game, and most of the things people complain about aren’t even problems. Many complaints stem from the user not knowing how to use a computer, having a broken or outdated mod, or not having the bare minimum components installed.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

Just ignore the bad reviews, and if you run into trouble, the community and developers will help you find a solution on the forums. Overall, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you’re using a steering wheel, Real Car Crash Online MOD APK will give you a driving experience unlike any other (it supports practically all steering wheels).

You’ll have a blast doing anything from totaling your vehicle and seeing it burn to driving a bus past tour guides (and making every one of the stops). It’s a shame there’s no multiplayer, but if your PC can handle it, it’s well worth the asking price.

Has a very active community.

The purchase of this game is one you won’t be sorry for. If the survey isn’t going to be informative, then there’s no need to do it. You should recognise at this point that Real Car Crash Online MOD APK is not a game. Even if you give it a chance, it’s just a sandbox game missing a lot of the meaty parts.

It’s far more accurate to state that it’s a game engine on the lookout for a game at the moment. What a gaming engine, at any rate… Because of the nature of things, you can drive or ride a bike across a rather compact region.

Thanks to Johnny3600, I now know that the game’s engine is Torque3D rather than the CryEngine (which I had assumed), but the game’s scale and orientation remain massive and fluid despite these first impressions.

Therefore, you may expect well-maintained tarred roadways to circle islands, with muddy minimal-soil roads in the midst that often give rise to edges, mountains, and the like. The vehicles range from pickup trucks to an apparatus but are mostly just regular automobiles (I trust nonexclusive types).

The soft body dynamics are AMAZING.

Do not anticipate Formula One automobiles; they are, without a doubt, more pedestrian options. All of whatever has been described so far sounds below par. Why do these problems get fixed? The physical science drive really transforms this into a crash-test rig.

Each automobile has a unique assembly that uses individual points to impart characteristics like rigidity, pliability, mass, and so on. When collected, they work like a genuine automobile, but when you bump into anything, they all squish, get displaced, and eventually smash up most realistically.

By itself, it wouldn’t be enough to warrant a video game about driving, but when combined with the exhilarating experience of driving, you’ve got the makings of a smash success. In a nutshell, what we have here is cutting-edge mathematical genius at its finest being used to break things down.

It’s fantastic, interesting, a lot of fun to operate, and most of all, very convincing. I’ve lost enough lives in this game to know that if you’re about to crash, the last thing you want to do is fishtail and slash the rear of your vehicle in preparation for it (as in how a specific English ex-princess met her destiny).

The amount of customization you can do is overwhelming.

Simply charging headfirst into an object, despite the g-forces, greatly increases your chances of succeeding (with a safety belt, obviously). When you first crash a car in this game, there is an eerie silence that makes you think of a personal tragedy.

So, you can find it immediately. There are just a few automobiles, a few nice places, and a great deal of free time. in a nice place, but there are no concrete plans just now. When it finally becomes a game, I doubt that anybody will know exactly how it will all play out.

It dabbles with a few other types of automobile pursuits and has the potential for multiplayer, but it’s still not quite like other games in the genre. For the time being, you have to take my word for it, but rest assured that it is very endearing despite this.

Crazikyle points out that some people have a problem with the abundance of MODs available nowadays. As I am not an expert on MODs, I encourage anybody with suggestions to contribute them to the survey’s comments section below.

You can choose between freeroam or different challenges.

I’d like this survey to be as helpful to as many people as possible, so if you have any suggestions that would make it more user-friendly, please share them with me below. As a last thought, I’d want to mention that I’ve enjoyed playing several excellent racing video games like iRacer, Undertaking Cars, Assetto Corsa, and others.

Unlike Real Car Crash Online MOD APK, none of the others make you feel like you’re controlling a realistic vehicle. The vehicles in Actual Car Crash Online MOD APK are constructed from a collection of parts that, when subjected to force or power, tremble, clang, and bob much as the real thing would.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

Different designers “pretend” their automobiles are real by suggesting improvements and changes, but only Real Car Crash Online MOD APK makes you feel like you have a genuine, God-given automobile attached to your brake.

When it comes to games that provide rewards in exchange for cash, this is one of the best options available. Just £18.99 will get you your hands on the most comprehensive and accurate driving and crash test system on the market.

In game terrain / level editor

The thought of that is really staggering. Actually, I can’t think of anything wrong with it other than the lack of multiplayer. I’ve been an enormous petrolhead since I was created, and this is as close as you can get to feeling like the driver without really being behind the wheel.

The competition is just not as good. Nothing is animated or planned in advance. From the bending of the car’s body to the bolts and pivots hanging from the body boards to the enormous inclination via the wheel of the suspension, directing, and drive linkages, every detail has been faithfully replicated.

This game is a must-try for everyone who considers themselves a vehicle enthusiast or who enjoys driving very much. Given how much time I’ve spent with Real Car Crash Online MOD APK, I figured now would be a good time to write my review.

In most regards, the game excels. It’s great that there’s a recreation/driving game with this much potential. It’s incredible that a game of this calibre can be produced and refined in such a short amount of time, and the car material science is accurate and right on the money as well.

Highly detailed cars

The range of options and possibilities is enormous. You will not be tired from exploring the many options available to you, from maps to automobiles and everything in between, including alternative modes of transportation.

The modding community constantly produces and releases new modifications, many of which add features that users find very enjoyable. Personally, I didn’t think it would be possible to include vehicles like automobiles and aircraft in the game.

In addition to the official Real Car Crash Online MOD APK site, the game also has a convenient in-game mod manager that makes it simple to instal and choose the right modification for your needs.

You may also get modifications for this game on other sites, but a lot of them are poorly produced, stolen, and don’t work very well, and some even pose a security risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. Taking everything into consideration, I would say this game and the local region seem to genuinely stay behind it in any case, throughout its continuous E.A. stage.

 In depth customisation

Most plants (aside from trees) are made of flat surfaces (which are really finished; you can’t really tell unless you pause and zoom right in on the grass; it looks fine if you’re driving even at low rates), and the shaders aren’t changed to give a “realistic look.” This is not a really pretty game, then. But you know what? It’s great with me if that’s the case.

Any car is randomly set up so that you may examine its whole engine from every angle. When you start up the engine of your supercharged V8 muscle vehicle, you can see the butterfly valves and the motor block moving slightly in their mounts. extremely impressive level of detail.

You took a nasty hit that sent your already-lowered automobile crashing to the ground. You should be ready to have your car’s exhaust system completely removed. You slammed into a slanted curb while going very fast. You should keep an eye on your tyres since they might burst and throw off the handling of your automobile.

Due to the fact that each vehicle isn’t “hard-coded” with specific data like performance stats, health centres, and so on, the game’s actual damage is very realistic. In the same way that a real automobile is made up of many different parts, an imaginary car is made up of a collection of parts that are put together to form the whole.

Extremely realistic physics

If your front right tyre goes flat, your automobile will start to pull to one side. If you have sport tyres on your vehicle, you may be able to take a turn faster. By lowering the suspension, you may lessen the effects of body rolls and maintain all four tyres in contact with the ground for enhanced traction. It goes on forever.

The fine-tuned physics of the human body are excellent; the vehicles fold, wobble, and react like you’d expect an automobile to. Some of the best manuals ever written for a video game are included with the game, and they’re all over the place.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

Objects to crash into, slalom cones, a handful of quick racing courses, and several types of terrain (from sand and dirt to mud and water) make up this testing map known as a “gridmap.” With a variety of steel trailers, distribution facilities, and a few inclines beside it, this port serves as the perfect backdrop for this miniature course, which is perfect for Gymkhana or floating aficionados.

Medium-sized map Modern Site is set in a futuristic area by the ocean and features a RallyCross track with multiple layouts, a rough terrain dash track bound with thick mud that will impede your typical convention car but a major 4×4 will furrow straight through, and a more traditional landing area race course.

Relatively easy to play / use

The contemporary area has various stores like the Port Guide and a good circuit that races around it, with a highlight being a jump over a small bay. East Coast USA: Located on the eastern seaboard of the United States (as the name implies), this town has a moderate population and well-maintained streets that run inland from the shoreline.

piles of dirt to be used for restoring the surrounding area, including routes through woods and farmland. This guide has not kept up with the roadways of Wilderness Rock Island, a tropical island, which require shockingly fast driving along the coast.

And if you get lost on one of the many tough-terrain dirt paths that weave through the forest, you won’t be alone. There are also some contemporary neighbourhoods, quarries, and a harbour, as well as a handful of smaller meeting paths.

By far my favourite reference book. When you’re at the top of a cliff, the best way to move around is to bluff your way down. Assembling a destroyed wreck at the foot of bluffs is a lot of fun, and this handy guide will teach you how.

Large maps to explore

Besides that, the guide doesn’t have much to offer, but it’s still entertaining. The Hirochi Raceway is a specialised racing track designed in the Grand Prix style, complete with sweeping turns, lengthy straightaways, and sharp chicanes.

A handful of the courses in this book are set in wooded areas and involve navigating narrow streets through dense forests, where the slightest misstep might be fatal. This way, there are a plethora of instructions covering a wide range of topics.

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

There are a tonne of various circumstances in the game that are both entertaining and impossible to mention here. Instructional drills, vehicle inspections, high-speed police chases, races, transportation challenges, and even a “hyper-miling” competition that requires participants to drive around Wilderness Rock Island on a tank of gasoline that is dangerously low are all examples.

People may even “party play” in a demolition derby scenario. In general, I’d give this game an 8 out of 10; however, I’d want to see both mission mode and organised multiplayer (which the developers of Real Car Crash Online MOD APK might include if their engine can handle it) (which the devs have arranged basically since day 1 of the venture).

Modding support

The modding community is perfect for anyone who wants to make their own guides, scenarios, vehicles, and other things to add to the game. This is the best video game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot of them. I think so.

Since the game first became available for $5 on the website, I’ve had it. Furthermore, in all honesty, each new update vastly improves this game. I haven’t been able to find anything in this game that has turned me off from wanting to play it.

This is the finest game I’ve ever played because it’s so open-ended, because each accident is different, because each obstacle you overcome has its own effect on the vehicle, and because it’s so realistic.

The developers work hard to iron out any kinks in these patches, and it shows: whether it’s a new guide, a new vehicle, or both, the game keeps getting better and better. I’ve spent over 1600 hours playing this game over the course of roughly 5 years, so I think that says something about it.

The game also allows you to go on a peaceful drive through the countryside or toss a truck over a cliff, depending on your mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $25 on this. It would have to be priced at $50 to get my attention.

Many new vehicles being introduced (mods)

Don’t miss out on this sale; I guarantee you’ll buy it and use it often. This game is really demanding, so make sure you have the bare essentials. It’s a question that plenty of people have asked me throughout the years.

After spending about 200 hours with the game, I think I now understand why. You may dive into a world of realism thanks to the accurate recreation of crashes, detailed automobiles, and authentic metropolitan environments.

Various catastrophes, accidents, and even trickery may be simulated. With the freedom to go anywhere the guides take you, you may satisfy any wanderlust or need for exploration. Driving automobiles, whether in real life or in a video game, is a pastime I enjoy.

With this mod apk, you can drive as much as you want in Real Car Crash Online.Money can’t buy you freedom. At the moment, the guides are the only other necessary component except for the automobiles and their physical makeup.

Relatively frequent updates

massive guidebook with detailed scenery, buildings, and streets to explore. To go through a deserted city, down a deserted road, or straight into the woods is just mind-blowing. The directions’ tone is only flawlessly accurate if it makes you feel like you’re really behind the wheel.

The population is expanding the range of available manuals, vehicle styles, skins, and much more. New things appear every day, and I have to admit that I am usually there to keep an eye out for the best and most innovative of them.

Also, the way robotization was organised was fantastic. The addition of realistic car models, a real-world blueprint editor for creating your own number-one automobile, and, of course, the ability to drive it around in Real Car Crash Online MOD APK is the finest thing that could have happened to that game.

Lots of support and help via the forums

Taking everything into account, I have to state that this game is incredible folly. My feelings about the game are hard to put into words. I hardly have the nerve to propose it! One more item from the Real Car Crash Online MOD APK design team:

Real Car Crash Online MOD APK

Maintain your respectable standards. The developer has been providing free upgrades and repairs, including the ability to create and evolve the environment, engine noises, automobile ideas and designs, and a whole lot more.

Amazingly awesome! Assuming your interests lie anything near those of a vehicle enthusiast, a realistic gamer, a physicist, or a recreational enthusiast, I heartily endorse this product. There are still a tonne of features that need to be included, such as fully functional artificial intelligence, and the game is still in its early stages.


  • Level designer/editor of game maps
  • Intuitively point-by-point automobiles
  • Completely customizable from the ground up
  • The science of materials is very close to reality.
  • In most cases, it is simple to learn and apply.
  • huge resources for finding out more
  • Loads from a variety of places for use in testing automobiles
  • allows for modifications
  • Many new cars (mods) are being displayed.
  • Adding a slew of brand-new stages (mods)
  • Plus, the frequency of the updates is rather high.
  • Through the meetings, I’ve received a great deal of support and assistance.
  • The majority of the designs are excellent (and will be improved in the future).


  • Full drawings, including many vehicles, need a powerful computer to perform well.
  • It’s possible for it to be a little unsteady sometimes.
  • Every once in a while, it becomes a little buggy.
  • Weird name (I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for negatives):
  • There is no online play (yet).

This is only a brief overview, but it covers everything I can think of about the game. I recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in cars, testing systems, or even investigating (and, surprisingly, to those who don’t and just want to play with material science and crush a few things:)


The amount of care, time, and effort this team has put into this game is incredible and should serve as an example for all future games. I appreciate you paying close attention to the region and contributing to the success of the game overall. I’ll say it again: Don’t stop!

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Hello everyone, we have prepared another update for you!

-Added car PAINTING
-New RACES in CAREER mode
-Selection of the number of PLAYERS for the DERBY in ONLINE mode
-Increased the room capacity to 16 PLAYERS

  • it is enough to look at your currency.
  • all vehicles in the game are unlocked, you can drive without having to wait for the level.

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