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The whole Real Bout Fatal Fury plot is told in 20+ episodes of short films, all of which are wonderfully rendered in CGI and narrated in Japanese with English subtitles. You’ll get a lot more out of this if you’re already familiar with Real Bout Fatal Fury and its characters, but even if you aren’t, you may find it interesting. I first played Real Bout Fatal Fury ’97 at a Mexican fair when I was 10 years old, and ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of the Lord of the Warriors series.



Growing up, I played pretty much every Real Bout Fatal Fury game released in the United States, so I’ve been waiting a long time for an anime adaptation series. due to reports that they want to increase advertising after merging with a massive Chinese firm. among them, an animated series and, perhaps, a picture that is more humane than the one that was made in 2010. I was intrigued, but I had no idea that it would be included on Steam at no cost, so that was a pleasant surprise.

After seeing the first trailer for this show, I had conflicting impressions. On the one hand, I’m relieved that the Real Bout Fatal Fury series I’ve been waiting for has finally been produced. Nonetheless, I was anxious about what may happen because of my muddled thoughts.

I assumed it would follow the standard 2D anime format, so I was surprised to find that the whole series would be CG-powered. Also, the main trailer was tweaked in a way that favoured the Fatal Fury cast and included less of the Real Bout Fatal Fury cast, which is not something I have a problem with.

The Story

Nonetheless, it made me think it would end up being more like the Fatal Fury movies. Thankfully, I was mistaken about that, as following trailers revealed even more characters that weren’t involved in Fatal Fury. After seeing the premiere, I felt resolved.

The first episode wasn’t very impressive, but they did a good job of setting up the central premise, and I have no doubt that the tale will expand in subsequent instalments. The pace is painfully slow, but it allowed me time to really connect emotionally with the characters.

All of the characters accurately retain their consistency with their respective source materials. Additionally, I generally like the narration they suggested begin at the pivotal moments in the Fatal Fury myth.

given that the competition names were also quite similar. Before we got to the beginning of the Orochi adventure, however, I assumed that the characters from Non-Fatal Fury had a major effect on Terry-focal episodes.


The highlight of this episode was Terry’s flashback to his dreadful beginnings, which I’m sure all fans of Fatal Fury already knew. Aside from a few random artistic liberties in the beginning, it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

One of my complaints is that the character models look a little off, even though I’m not completely against the computer-generated anime style. They’re not great, but there was potential for them to look nice. The characters, on the whole, are rather appealing in their expansiveness and their level of energy.


Despite this, it is a little puzzling that the Japanese names are not as anticipated (lip corrected), given that the vivacity is created directly in China. However, they are just nitpicking criticisms. The rest of what it can provide is useful to the extent that it is offered.

That is not something I would ever recommend to anyone.But if you’re a fan of Lord of Contenders, casual or serious, I’m certain you’ll like this just fine; I have, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes right away, perhaps setting the stage for the remainder of the Orochi saga.

players can benefit from online features

It stars Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard. Nevertheless, the majority of the other top picks are there as well, with the notable omission of Iori, who appears for a fleeting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it second near the conclusion.

There is levity throughout, and there are some genuine chuckleworthy moments. Fans of the fighting maneuvers, such as myself, will enjoy seeing them performed in silky 3D vibrancy.Despite the fact that they appear so ridiculous, they are really rather funny in the actual game, especially Benimaru’s spinning legs and flying drill.

In one episode (I forget which), the subtitles were chopped off or were absent. The dialogue in the episode isn’t important, and you can probably figure out what they’re talking about without them, so it doesn’t matter.

How to play

Overall, I was really impressed by the show’s treatment of the enormous SNK canon. They’re staying true to the core story by having the main Real Bout Fatal Fury take place in South Town (Fatal Fury games), where the Geese are.

can feel a deeper connection to the Specialty of Battling characters and see how they’re building towards the showdown between Rugal and Kyo and, by extension, the whole Orochi saga. In terms of mobility, which is where I imagine most casual observers’ complaints would lie, it’s clear that the whole budget was allocated to the handicapped.

virtual pad customization

“cash shot fights,” with the rest of the programme being just “alright,” but if you’re familiar with traditional 2D anime, you’ll know that these tactics are also used. No one should have reasonable expectations for Pixar or Last Dreams-level continuity for a whole season.

So far, the voice actors have been fantastic, especially Geese and Kyo (but I am not feeling Benimaru, which is completely out of character for me). If you are a true fan of SNK Legend, you should definitely check out this programme, although the frantic pace may be too much for casual viewers.


I’m giving it a pass since, although it doesn’t exactly set the world on fire with great ideas, it’s also not quite at the level of American independent films. However, if you’ve never delved into the vast SNK world of games, this programme appears to be an incredibly solid prelude to what it’s all about.

Even if you’re not as into Shonen ill-intent as I am, Real Bout Fatal Fury is a fair and very amazing approach to producing a true-to-life anime of the beginning of the Real Bout Fatal Fury Universe.
Without giving anything away, we should let you take a quick survey.


  • very well-executed visuals and effects, in line with a high-quality material science drive system.
  • The music, original score, opening theme, and closing theme are all great; however, they all seem to be used too much.
  • The big picture plot
  • Meaningful Roles: Characters The anime is jam-packed with fan favourites, and some of them even have substantial roles. It’s also encouraging to see potential future characters and brand-
  • new additions to the cast. Keep in mind that this anime requires Real Bout Fatal Fury’94, and hence you shouldn’t expect Robert to own a prostash.
  • This is just the right amount of satire.
  • Performers for the voiceover in Fatal Fury XIV
  • Except for one episode in which the subtitles seemed to be bouncing off the screen, the conversion to Steam is excellent.
  • There is no charge, mah boiz.


  • simple character design.
  • Some of the top picks have been drastically altered visually thanks to the unrestricted creative licence of the studio’s designers;
  • for example, Billy has gotten a new black undercut horse-followed hairstyle and an oily tummy.
  • If at all feasible, this should be an uncut Shonen from the get-go.
  • Some will enjoy it, but it’s difficult to deny that this anime is 100% classic Shonen, with its infamously good battling, repulsive structure, depth quality, character development, and trite ending.


Episodes are brief. The episode you’re viewing may only be 7 or 8 minutes long, but that doesn’t include the three minutes spent on the opening, the five minutes spent on the closing, or the three minutes spent on the introductions and the outros. In a word, that’s terrible. Groundbreaking narrative. It’s 1994, and everyone is talking to each other in silence while staring at their iPhones.

Sixteen fighters battle

Real Bout Fatal Fury: Predetermination excels in its plot and energy, despite the harsh liveliness a lot of the time. The plot tweaks sections of Real Bout Fatal Fury 94 and Fatal Fury so that they flow together well, and although only one in twenty people are as committed to the source material as they might be, it is consistently entertaining.

The battle sequences are almost flawless, accurately reproducing the constant interaction seen in “Real Bout Fatal Fury,” even down to the sound effects. There, the action ranges from dubious to miraculous, displaying its full dynamic range.

This online series is OK if you just want to get a sense of the fundamental idea of The Lord of Warriors and not worry about whether or not you’re missing anything. New fans will appreciate the show’s attention to detail and the fact that a live-action adaptation finally does the franchise justice.

Different Fighting Styles

Visually, it’s fantastic; the characters’ personalities and levels of energy are on par, with maybe a handful of minor flaws compared to other CG anime shows I’ve watched. Just based on the pilot, I’m looking forward to viewing it even more once additional episodes are uploaded to Steam.

When that occurs, I’ll update my review, but for now I’ll just say that my initial impressions were positive and that if you’re a fan of Real Bout Fatal Fury or if you’re interested in the mythology but not the games, this seems like a good way to catch up on the backstory of the characters you care about.

Things to consider

  • Please consider the following, if possible, before making a purchase.
  • Framework for Continuous Dialogue
  • Xiv’s architecture is a mashup of Xiii’s and 2002’s. The XIII check for hyperdrive will no longer be performed.
  • There is a 10% slowdown in the continuing interaction pace compared to Chapter XIII.
  • This is a pure 2D warrior with 3D models [no sidestep].
  • The capacity to sidestep is the same as in “advanced” mode 98 and above [A+B to roll].
  • In XIII, it was common for a long combination to produce high damage, but in XIV, it’s a quick combo with high damage, and the average time it takes to combo to max damage has been
  • reduced by about 50%.Furthermore, on a technical level, XIV is more user-friendly for new players.


  • sdl2 is being used as the game’s information connection point; the controller, joystick, and joypad’s compatibility is up to user-submitted design; compatibility isn’t as high as with games
  • that use direct input or X input. If you have a popularly recognised brand of joypad or joystick, such as the HORI, MADCATZ, QANBA, ETOKKI, or RAZER, it is likely to function without the
  • need for a joytokey, which in my experience increases the information delay to an unplayable level.
  • All Xinput regulators are generally supported.
  • supports graphics processing units (GPUs) with OpenGL 4.3;
  • many more powerful GPUs (such as the AMD HD4000 and NVIDIA GTX 200 series) are unable to run the game.
  • For a 2D battle game, the framework requirements are rather high.
  • It’s not easy to find a game to join, whether you’re located in Europe or the United States.
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury XIV does not have the option to introduce unusual people.


  • When compared to XII, the netcode is noticeably superior.
  • If you’re located in Asia or South East Asia, you may join at any time of day or night, since there are always plenty of players and open slots.
  • It’s a 4-5 on the sandbox scale since the game’s response time and information lag are so good.
  • Additionally, the game is always being updated, and patches are being applied by the game’s administrator for the specialist support forum.
  • A character’s “mission” mode and accompanying educational exercise are both informative and helpful.
  • 58 individuals with DLC have plenty of options.

If you’re using a name-brand controller or a 360 or XBONE system, you should definitely pick up this game. In case you liked the consistent dialogue of 98/02, you should definitely pick this up. Since the first release in the arcades in 1998, I’ve been a fan of Real Bout Fatal Fury, and this version doesn’t disappoint.

For the most part, I like to play single-player combat games casually. From one adaptation to the next, I seldom pay attention to the alterations made to such fine points as hitboxes, outlines, combos, levels, netcodes, and so on. When deciding which battle games to play, I put a premium on spectacle, general interaction, and goofiness.

The Lord of the Warriors XIV comes to mind when I reflect on Real Bout Fatal Fury 14, the second Real Bout Fatal Fury game I’ve played after the first. Many of my impressions of this game, then, stem from my enjoyable encounter with 13. Even though experienced KOF players might disagree with my opinion, I hope that my review is still helpful to people who are just starting out with the game.


The designs and craftsmanship are clearly different from previous Real Bout Fatal Fury games.The previous games used hand-drawn 2D sprites, whereas this one uses 3D human models. Because the 3D figures seem like plastic dolls, especially when they aren’t animated to wiggle and sway during cutscenes, I prefer the older visual style.

While the textures of certain garments and bases may be clear, the characters’ skin seems unnaturally even and smooth. This is not readily seen in faraway pictures, but it becomes glaringly visible up close (for example, rival cooperations and peak distress moves).

There are, however, advantages to using 3D models. Instead of having predetermined objectives, Real Bout Fatal Fury may now be played at its intended full-screen resolution. Peak Distress Moves’ cinematics may be wonderful to watch because of the several camera angles that capture the game’s absurd action.

Matchmaking and Gameplay

You can also tailor the unique visuals to your PC’s capabilities and preferences by experimenting with the bloom, depth of field, against associating, shadows, god beams, mipmaps, and anisotropic sifting settings.

Perhaps it’s just how the lighting affects the event, but Real Bout Fatal Fury’s colours seem dimmer than they have in the past. Once again, this concerns taste, although I gravitate toward a rich, drenched, varied range.

While I understand the purpose for which the SNK opted to employ 3D human models, I believe they decided on some unsatisfactory creative options with their presentations. I really want what Circular Section Framework Works did with their 3D model giving in Blameworthy Stuff Xrd (Sign), and more recently in Mythical Beast Ball FighterZ.

Ongoing conversation

If you’re familiar with Real Bout Fatal Fury, you may find that 14 is a slower-paced game. I’m not sure why it isn’t as fast and chaotic as its predecessor; maybe the change from 2D sprite movement to 3D is to blame, along with a conscious design decision.

For a viewpoint, the pace of 14 seems like that of Ultra Road Warrior IV, while the speed of 13 appears like that of Extreme Wonder vs. Capcom 3. As a fan of the Real Bout Fatal Fury series, my expectations for this game were somewhat dampened by the realisation that it would not be another fast-paced instalment in the series.

All things considered, that’s not too bad, especially because Real Bout Fatal Fury is accessible to newcomers and casual players like myself. The tutorial is clear, the records of orders and moves are detailed, the pace is neither scary nor boring, and the main game alone has more than 50 playable characters to try out.


Is it too much to have fifty different avatars from which to choose? I think so, and it also means that you can count on finding approximately three that work well with your preferred method of play.

In Real Bout Fatal Fury, players may perform combo attacks by swiftly pressing the light punch button many times. Depending on your power check, your last attack in a combination will be a different sort of exceptional or super move. For me, this has been a really helpful feature, especially in the tense last minutes of games.

FUN Component

While Real Bout Fatal Fury may not be the high-speed fighting game that I was anticipating and that the graphics may require, it’s still an amazingly great combat game. I really enjoyed playing it, and I believe both newcomers and seasoned players will appreciate its accessibility and depth of content with a wide variety of warriors.

It is a great feeling of empowerment to be able to perform extraordinary and super movements as well as peak franticness moves.These techniques of strength create more entertaining sights and sounds while eating at Real Bout Fatal Fury. They are excellent inspirations for learning how to strategically use the power check.

There are numerous factors to consider.

I made a feeble effort in that direction. At this point in time, Real Bout Fatal Fury has been available for three years, so it may be challenging for a newcomer like myself to locate an online match in terms of skill level. While I had no trouble locating free locations, I have had a little more trouble locating other casual battlers interested in arranged fights at the moment.

There was a big latency issue in the third round of the one online ranked match I played, despite the fact that my performance in the game showed I had significant strengths that would be beneficial to a team or organization.

A more experienced fighting game like Ultra Road Contender IV didn’t have this type of leniency, however. This is all something to think about before investing in Real Bout Fatal Fury for online play, which will extend the game’s expected lifespan.

Is it a good idea to play “real bout fatal fury”?

Yes, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the games in the series but are eager to get in. If you’re a fan of fast-paced fighting games like Blameworthy Stuff and BlazBlue but have also enjoyed slower titles like Ultra Road Warrior IV, you may want to give Real Bout Fatal Fury a try.

Though I had a good time playing Real Bout Fatal Fury, I found that players aged 13 and above were the most satisfied. amazing port of a fantastic game. It plays like a dream on my mid-range hardware and has all the bells and whistles of the PS4 version as well as the typical PC game’s array of aesthetic options.

However, the plague of subpar netcode continues to plague SNK games. The Internet is a horrible place. The PS4 version is more consistent, but this one is just as rocky and disappointing at times. Even with people who were theoretically as close to me as possible, I still stuttered or delayed important information throughout almost every match.


Ruler of Warriors XIV is a fantastic game, and Netcode is only the icing on the cake. With a slew of new and returning characters, as well as a revitalised MAX foundation that combines elements from Real Bout Fatal Fury’s HD/Super metre into a single metre while retaining the series’ core fundamentals like rolling and blowback attacks,It’s a fantastic experience, and there’s a lot to try out that will keep you busy.

It’s one of the greatest local multiplayer games available right now and a must-have for any lover of competitive video games. However, if you plan on playing online, you shouldn’t invest in this until a patch is released to improve the netcode.


For fans of Real Bout Fatal Fury and other Shonen romances, the ending of Real Bout Fatal Fury Predetermination will come as no surprise. Regardless of having a few faults, the anime operates excellently given the SNK funding plan. I enjoyed it and reminisced when seeing it.

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