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✔️ Take back your schedule by limiting the amount of time you spend gaming
FunSwitch Technologies
July 2, 2020
6.0 and up
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Package Name RedXG- App To Treat
Developer FunSwitch Technologies
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.1.03
Size 4.0M
Requirements 6.0 and up
Last Update Mar 02, 2024
Date Update July 2, 2020
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Supported Platforms Android

✔️ Take back your schedule by limiting the amount of time you spend gaming
✔️ Tailored for hardcore gamers who are looking to control their video game addiction
✔️ Available in multiple languages all around the world
✔️ Personalized statistics to help you keep track of your usage

⭐ No More Procrastination ⭐ Get More Done ⭐ Unleash Your True Potential

Are video games taking up too much of your valuable time? Do you find yourself spending hours on the phone when you feel like you could be studying, exercising or working? Is it hard to put down the game because of how engrossing it is? Don’t worry, RedXG is the app for you.

Whether you’re hooked hardcore to Call of Duty or just a casual gamer noticing the habit getting out-of-hand, RedXG will help you reduce the anxiety, eye-strain, fatigue and all the other side-effects that come with excessive gaming.

Now, put a limit on the time you spend gaming! Save yourself days worth of time that would otherwise be lost. Make the most of your time today by installing RedXG. Set limits on how much time you would like to spend gaming and stick to it with the help of our reminders and push notifications.

All you need to reduce excessive gaming is RedXG – the app is powerful and feature-packed.

💙 Daily Limit

Gaming habit getting out of control? Put a limit on how much time you spend gaming on your phone. Save hours of your day. Break free from the habit. All made easy with RedXG.
Set the daily limit of your choice and put a cap on endless gaming!

The application will let you know how much time you have been gaming via a timer overlay above the screen which isn’t overly intrusive. It stays on-screen to let you know the time elapsed.

💙 Track your usage!

View exactly how much time you spend daily on video games on your device. A clear bar chart displays daily usage allowing you to get a better idea of just how much time you could be saving for other important activities.Once seen, you can’t unsee it, long video games take a lot of time, and it can be shocking to see it visualized. A clean chart will tell you exactly how much time you’ve been spending on playing games.

💙 ‘Prevent Uninstall’ (Premium Feature)

No more relapsing in a moment of weakness. It’s the ultimate protection to avoid bypassing the app. The ‘Prevent Uninstall’ feature does not allow the application to be uninstalled unless 24 hours have passed since the first uninstall attempt.
This will help make sure that you don’t lose any extra time to video games.

💙 App-wise Time Limits (Premium Feature)

Be able to set different time limits for different games on our Premium version to suit your interests just right. Have you found that you spend too much time on Candy Crush? Or are you always on Clash of Clans? Set different time limits for different games as you feel. Never find yourself on a gaming binge ever again.

💙 Add Unlimited Apps (Premium Feature)

Unlock blocking an unlimited number of games by upgrading to Premium. You’ll be able to set limits on the infinite number of games that you love playing. Love playing 10 different games on your phone? No problem! The Premium subscription will allow you to limit your usage on all your games so that you don’t have to worry about leaving out PUBG or Call Of Duty.
The free version will still allow you to block upto 3 games for our lighter users.


Accessibility Service

This permission will provide information on the content that the user is trying to access and the blocker will block access if the content is adult/pornographic. This app uses the accessibility service permission (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE) in order to prevent accessing adult content websites.

Draw Over Other Apps

This permission allows a timer to be displayed over games with the limit remaining, so that you can see how long more before the app is closed.


Any doubts, complaints or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected].

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