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Hello everyone from 🚀 ReFactory!
Bivak LLC
October 24, 2021
4.4 and up
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Package Name ReFactory MOD APK v1.10.8
Developer Bivak LLC
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.10.8
Size 150M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Apr 13, 2024
Date Update October 24, 2021
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Average Rating 4.0/5
Page Views 2,048
Downloads 512
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Supported Platforms Android

Are you looking to create an incredible world that is in line with your laws? You’re invited to ReFactory MOD APK, A sandbox-based strategy game in which you must create an industrial factory that is automated in an alien world.

It destroyed navigation systems, and the spacecraft fell into the ocean. The crew members are scattered across the undiscovered planet, the majority of the equipment is damaged. Your role is to be the computer’s brain. Your mission is to construct the city and then restore equipment to find the team you need and return home.

LOOK FOR RESOURCES. Iron ore and copper and crystals and timber granite, oil and granite. Exploring these sources is just the start of the journey. You must build infrastructure, run electricity, and enhance the efficiency of systems. Every step you take can develop your city, even though the beginning will be only a handful of granite stones.

EXPLORE NEW LANDS. Extend your borders! Gradually, you’ll be able to expand into more areas which is an excellent opportunity to begin the development of new factories and the expansion of your city.

BUILD AND AUTOMATE FACTORIES. Create more complicated things within Your 2D world. Every resource, each new technology, and design offers you a variety of opportunities. It can utilize copper ore to create wire, create an electrically conductive cable, followed by it is a machine for assembly. Keep working!


DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES. Moving from basic technologies to microelectronics, chemical reactions, explosives, and plastics. Establish a factory, then an entire system of factories. Technology means more possibilities and a greater likelihood of finding a suitable crew.

DEFEND THE CITY FROM ALIEN INVADERS. Combat them by yourself and improve your skills. The construction of solid barriers is the very first stage of defense. Build powerful cannons and mines and fight chemical weapons and drones with arms as your trusted aids.

CONSIDER YOUR ONLINE STRATEGY. The factory isn’t just the creation of production websites. It is a place that lives by the rules and is aware of the consequences of each mistake. Inappropriate use of resources can stop the development process, while outdated technology could stop the threat from being restrained. Therefore, think about taking a few steps in advance and make sure your factory is safe.

Consider various factors when designing your interaction strategies, such as electricity transmission and recycling of copper plant acceleration and economic strategy. Each new piece of information is introduced gradually, which means that you can quickly become familiar with the process and begin to understand it.

The principal features include in ReFactory MOD APK:

  • There is no manual labor involved in the game. Everything is automated; drones perform for you.
  • Based on the game mode that the player plays, they are assisted with a computer assistant, but you can begin building your city without assistance if you can comprehend the game.
  • Choose the type of land you want to use, along with the level of danger to the planet and the number of resources. If you’re not interested in defending against attack, get rid of monsters within the settings and resolve engineering issues.
  • You can play puzzles as long as you’re confident: create infrastructures without conveyors or in cramped areas.
  • However, here you do not have to “drive” the rendered character across the screen. You are simply watching this process through from above.

No matter how proficient you are at strategy: begin at the beginning and then gradually move to tough! While going to work or lunchtime, in the subway, create an entire city and play the game. You require a smartphone to build your strategic abilities to multitask and then enjoy the game.

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What's new

Main changes and additions:
- New outer appearance of some buildings
- Possibility to rotate the Sawing Machine, Digger, Mining Drill and Drainer
- New puzzle
- Achievements
- More resources to mine in the 2nd and 3rd missions
- Quests in the Custom Game
- Priority settings were moved to the Information screen
Other minor fixes.

Full patch notes:


Version Size Requirements Date
1.6.8 150M 4.4 and up 24/10/2021
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