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Meet the biggest update of the free game about the funny blue super hero. We made huge improvements and additions. The updated world has become even more interesting and exciting. We have improved the quality of graphics, completely redesigned the huge open world and increased its size.
Naxeex LLC
July 1, 2020
146.3 MB
4.4 and up
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Package Name Rope Hero Vice Town
Developer Naxeex LLC
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 6.3.5
Size 146.3 MB
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Apr 16, 2024
Date Update July 1, 2020
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.1/5
Page Views 1,357
Downloads 330
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Assuming you like superhuman gaming applications – attempt to play our best activity game, with the blue hero. He has a rope unbounded super abilities. You can hop like an insect starting with one structure and then onto the next one to get a new level increment. Our shiny new open world has become significantly more fascinating and energizing than any time in recent memory. We have worked on the nature of illustrations and updated the immense 3D open world. 

Presently it is the right time to turn into a genuine Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK! Attempt yourself at an astounding 3D third-individual shooter with RPG components, get another game’s insight, and have loads of tomfoolery. The primary legend will battle hoodlums by playing fascinating journeys. Or on the other hand, you can come to the clouded side and become a miscreant: battle with the police, make immediate pursuit races all through the city, slam vehicles, and seed disarray. 


The legend in Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK will acquire notoriety in the city or will be a mafia hoodlum. They are sitting tight for invigorating pursues and battles with different kingpins. This is your decision and your destiny. Your hero has a superpower. We made gigantic upgrades and increments. The refreshed world has become significantly seriously intriguing and energizing. We have worked on the nature of designs, totally updated the gigantic open world, and expanded its size. Presently it is the right time to turn into a genuine superhuman.

Now is the right time to serious areas of strength and be, and bold. Begin your main goal at this moment and ascend to the highest point of popularity. Take a shot at an interesting 3D third-individual shooter with RPG components, and get another gaming experience and new feelings playing the new variant. Utilize your ability to liberate the city from wrongdoing. The principal character needs to battle evil by playing intriguing journeys.

Features Of Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK

The legend will battle with hoodlums and other insidious that filled this city. The legend will win acclaim and gain gigantic notoriety in the city. Additionally, the legend is hanging tight for energizing pursues and battles with different managers. Your personality has super abilities. He has a limitless super rope in his Arsenal, as well as the capacity to take uber leaps and arrivals, the capacity to move around structures, and a lot of additional fascinating things.

With the assistance of a rope, the legend can rapidly travel through the structures of the city, move over the structures, and know about what’s going on on the city roads. We have fundamentally extended the game store, as well as limits on items. The game has refreshed the scope of ammo for the player, you can modify your personality by utilizing any set. This makes it novel among others. The game has refreshed the arrangement of vehicles, seemed ocean-side SUVs, bicycles, and worked on pink tanks, helicopters, and planes. Your superhuman in the Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK has an enormous Arsenal of cool pieces.

Story And Missions

Attempt the most well-known of them, you can get them in the game store. A superior variant of the parachute, it has greater controllability, with the assistance of the refreshed parachute, the legend will want to perform more outrageous stunts. 

The lightweight plane is an expansion to the hero ensemble that permits him to fly on fly impetus, similar to a quick military airplane. The fly wings are outfitted with a weapon framework that expands the usefulness and permits you to bring discharge back. Selfie stick permits you to take photographs of fascinating minutes with regards to the game and offer them with your companions. 

This entertaining thing can likewise be an incredible method for self-protection. Since a genuine superhuman is dependably on caution. The Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK has extended the Arsenal of weapons, new SCI-FI blasters, and exemplary strong weapons. Particularly helps the legend in missions with new superhuman weapons. Cooler a firearm that permits you to freeze rivals for some time. This weapon permits you to freeze tanks, robots, and vehicles. At your hero obligation, you’ll require a ton of stuff: firearms and guns, shotguns, scuffle weapons, and super weapons. 


We have fundamentally extended the game store. Pick the right weapon for you, utilize an extensive variety of ammo, and modify your personality by utilizing a gigantic measure of sets. We should make your Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK special! Attempt a refreshed arrangement of vehicles: ocean side vehicle, bicycle, pink tank, helicopter, plane, mech. Assuming you want more iron power – you can attempt one of the robot suits: robot tank, robot plane, robot vehicle, and even robot ball.

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What's new

- Melee combat reworked
- Bug fix


Version Size Requirements Date
6.3.7 146.3 MB 4.4 and up 01/07/2020
6.3.6 146.3 MB 4.4 and up 01/07/2020
4.2 87M 4.4 and up 01/07/2020

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