Shieldwall Chronicles | Swords of the North Old Fighting Game Review

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Shieldwall Chronicles | Swords of the North Old Fighting Game Review


Sheildwall Chronicles is a Role-Playing Action game which is first available on pc is now ported to Android by wave light games.


The game Sheildwall chronicles are currently supporting English version only and later on it will be updated to multiple languages depending on the feedback of users using it. In this game, you will be having a group of the army where you will be leading them to dangerous enemies and undead daemons which are so strong that you need to train and build a strong army and balance the dangerous troops and kill them.

the combat is so intense and deep fights in this game like you find in the pc version, there are different kinds of creatures like, dragons and other animals that are cray are available in this game.there are more than 50 hours of gameplay in the campaign. get stronger and start to defend the enemies in the north.

Os Requirments:-

Needs at Least Android 4.1+

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Developer Name:-

Wave Light Games

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Developer: Wave Light Games
Price:  Free   ★★★★★

Personal Review on Application:-

the Sheildwall chronicles is a good game with completely different thinking in the game. the size of the game is so small when compared to the graphics in the game of chronicles.

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