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Hello There Games made SkillTwins Soccer Game MOD APK, a mobile game that came out in 2017.The game is based on two well-known YouTubers called the SkillTwins, who are known for their amazing soccer skills and trick shots. In this game, users may take control of the SkillTwins and guide them through numerous tasks and matches. We'll examine the game's many facets in great detail in this review.
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Hello There Games
Feb 23, 2023
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Package Name SkillTwins Soccer Game MOD
Developer Hello There Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.8.5
Size Varies with device
Requirements 7.0
Last Update Dec 08, 2023
Date Update Feb 23, 2023
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Average Rating 3.9/5
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Downloads 106,948
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Supported Platforms Android

Hello There Games made SkillTwins Soccer Game MOD APK, a mobile game that came out in 2017.The game is based on two well-known YouTubers called the SkillTwins, who are known for their amazing soccer skills and trick shots. In this game, users may take control of the SkillTwins and guide them through numerous tasks and matches. We’ll examine the game’s many facets in great detail in this review.

skilltwins soccer game mod apk


Being a 3D soccer game, SkillTwins Soccer Game is arcade-style and places an emphasis on skill movements and trick shots. The game is divided into many modes, each with its own set of difficulties and goals. The major game is called Story Mode, and it follows the SkillTwins as they set out to become the finest soccer players in the world. In this mode, players will fulfil numerous objectives, such as scoring goals, doing particular skill moves, and winning matches against other teams.

The controls for the game are simple touch controls that let users move the SkillTwins around the field and do a variety of skills and stunts. Dribbling, shooting, passing, and juggling are just a few of the possible movements. The “Elastico” and the “Rabona” are two examples of special manoeuvres that players may execute. Executing these manoeuvres involves timing and ability, which might take some time to perfect.

In addition to Story Mode, the game also includes Free Kick Mode and Penalty Shootout Mode. These modes help players hone certain skills, such as taking and converting set-piece opportunities. Players may also engage in online competition with one another in the game’s multiplayer mode.


The SkillTwins Soccer Game’s 3D visuals are stunning, packed with vivid colours and intricate detail. The game features a cartoonish graphic style that blends nicely with the arcade-type gameplay. The SkillTwins’ character models are well-executed, depicting them in distinctive attire and hairdos that are true to their real-life appearances. The game also includes a number of various arenas and settings, each with its own distinct aesthetic.


Upbeat and energising music makes up the game’s appealing soundtrack. The sound effects are likewise well-done, with genuine crowd sounds, announcer commentary, and satisfying sound effects for the numerous movements and bullets.

Story Mode

Story mode in SkillTwins Soccer Game is a great addition that sets it apart from other mobile soccer games. In this mode, players take on the roles of the game’s protagonists, Josef and Jakob, who are modelled after the real-life freestyle football duo SkillTwins.

The story follows Josef and Jakob as they go through the ups and downs of their soccer careers, from their humble beginnings as street soccer players to their rise to fame as professional athletes. Rival players, injuries, and personal hardships are just some of the obstacles they must overcome along the way.

skilltwins soccer game mod apk

Each chapter of the narrative mode has its own set of levels and tasks that must be met before moving on to the next section of the game. Throughout the stages, the player is challenged to meet different goals, such as scoring a certain number of goals, making a certain number of passes, or doing certain tricks and moves.

The narrative mode of SkillTwins Soccer Game stands out due to the depth of its writing and the depth of its characters. The speech and cutscenes in the game are wonderfully animated, giving gamers a real sense of the characters’ journey. The game has a large ensemble cast that includes instructors, players, and friends who all contribute to the game’s rich narrative.

The game has a main plot, but there are also side tasks and challenges that players can do to win prizes and get access to more content. These challenges include things like learning new skills and tricks and taking part in contests and events.

The narrative mode of SkillTwins Soccer Game, in general, is a strong and interesting addition to the game. It’s a great choice for people who want to get sucked into a story while also putting their soccer skills to the test in a fun but challenging environment.

Skill Moves

Players of the SkillTwins Soccer Game may choose from a broad array of skill movements to outmanoeuvre their opponents and score goals, earning the game a reputation for its emphasis on skill plays.

The game has a full skill movement list that includes manoeuvres such as the stepover, rainbow flick, elastico, and more. Each manoeuvre is given a difficulty level, from beginner to advanced, and players may practise and perfect each move in the game’s freestyle mode.

Swiping or touching the screen is used to accomplish skill moves, with each action requiring a distinct combination of swipes or taps. The game also contains a tutorial mode that teaches players how to execute each technique, making it accessible even for novices.

skilltwins soccer game mod apk

SkillTwins Soccer Game’s acrobatic movements stand out due to the game’s realistic animation and physics. Since the game’s animations are so polished and lifelike, it’s easy to believe that actual soccer players were captured using motion capture technology.

Players may employ skill moves to get the better of opponents, open up space for themselves, and score goals, all of which are integral parts of the game’s main features. The computer-controlled opponents will change where they are and how they move based on how well the player plays.

The skill movements in SkillTwins Soccer Game are a great way to spice up the action and give the game a strategic edge. Because of the realistic actions and wide variety, the game is enjoyable for soccer enthusiasts as well as those who want to perform tricks and talents.


The upgrades system in SkillTwins Soccer Game is crucial since it enables players to enhance their player characters’ capabilities and gear as they go through the game. There are numerous types of upgrades available, such as those for one’s skills, equipment, and stadium. Players may spend in-game cash or skill points gained by completing tasks and levels to increase their character’s qualities, such as speed, agility, and shooting accuracy.

Players may update their character’s gear, which includes their shoes, soccer balls, and uniforms. Each piece of gear has unique characteristics, such as greater speed or better control, and may be upgraded using in-game cash or gear points gained during gaming.

The stadium where a player’s team plays can be improved by adding more seats or better lighting. These enhancements not only make the stadium seem better, but they also have a positive effect on the game itself by enhancing player morale and performance.

Players may advance in the game without feeling pressured to spend real money on in-game cash or stuff thanks to the well-balanced upgrading system. Players are rewarded in-game cash and game points for completing tasks and levels, enabling them to purchase new weapons and armour.

All in all, the upgrade system in SkillTwins Soccer Game is a fun and practical way for players to make their characters and gear more suited to their play style. When players advance in skill and ability, the system is seamlessly interwoven into the game’s general growth and gives them a feeling of pride and fulfilment.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer option in SkillTwins Soccer Game is a lot of fun since it lets you play against other people in live matches. The game’s multiplayer feature can be accessed from the main menu, where players can choose to either host a private match with their friends or join a public match to compete with players from all over the world. One-on-one or two-on-two battles may be played in real time.

In the multiplayer mode, players may use their talents and powers to outmanoeuvre their opponents and score goals, much as in the single-player mode. The game’s AI is substituted with actual players, adding a dimension of complexity and unpredictability to the matches.

skilltwins soccer game mod apk

Players are given a rating in the multiplayer mode depending on how well they perform in matches. Players are motivated to become better so they can move up the rankings, which creates a feeling of advancement and competition.

In the well-made and easy-to-use multiplayer mode, players can quickly connect with friends or find matches with other players. Players may talk with one another before and during matches using the game’s chat feature.

In conclusion, SkillTwins Soccer Game’s online multiplayer feature is a great addition to the game. It gives players a fun and challenging way to play against each other in real-time matches. The mode is fun and gratifying because of its well-thought-out gaming mechanics and ranking system, which motivates players to keep playing and become better.

Sound and Graphics

SkillTwins Soccer Game’s visuals and sound design are both high-quality and add to the overall fun of playing. The visuals are bright, colourful, and well-designed, and they include complex player models and animations that help bring the game’s setting to life. The soccer fields and stadiums are also well designed, with authentic lighting and texturing that create a believable environment.

With well-designed menus and icons that make it simple to access various functions and settings, the game’s user interface is straightforward and simple to use.  The game also has animations and visual effects that make it more fun to play, like slow-motion replays of goals and skill moves.

SkillTwins Soccer Game also has great sound design, with a wide range of music and sound effects that go well with the game. The sound effects, like when a ball hits the ground or when a crowd cheers, are real and interesting, which adds to the game’s realism.

The tracks on the game’s soundtrack are also well-chosen. They have happy and catchy sounds that add to the game’s lively and exciting atmosphere. The game also lets players import their own music into the game’s playlist, giving them even more control over the atmosphere of the game.

The visual and aural design of SkillTwins Soccer Game are both amazing and well-executed, elevating the whole gaming experience and allowing players to feel like they are really part of the world of soccer. Although the sound effects and music tracks increase the game’s adrenaline and excitement, the attention to detail and well-designed user interface make it simple to use and enjoyable.

In-App Purchases:

In-app purchases allow players to spend real money to obtain virtual goods and coins in SkillTwins Soccer. The in-app purchases are intended to speed up the game’s development and give players more money to spend on character and equipment upgrades.

In-game currency can be used to buy skill points, gear points, and stadium upgrades, so players don’t have to rely on in-game earnings to level up their characters’ skills and gear.

The in-app purchases are optional, but they do provide gamers with a substantial edge if they choose to utilise them. Players who opt to spend real money for in-game cash and stuff have an advantage over those who prefer to acquire the currency via gameplay since they can swiftly enhance their characters and equipment.

The game does offer a daily login bonus and other rewards for completing tasks and levels, which may give players the cash they need to move forward without spending real money.

As a whole, the in-app purchases in SkillTwins Soccer Game are a great method to go ahead in the game and have an edge over other players. Still, the game’s system for moving forward is well-balanced, and players can still enjoy it and move forward without spending real money on in-game cash and gear.


  1. SkillTwins Soccer stands out from the crowd with its innovative arcade-style gameplay.
  2. The game emphasises skill manoeuvres and trick shots, making it interesting and engaging for those who appreciate pulling off creative moves on the pitch.
  3. Touch controls that are simple to use and intuitive Gamers may navigate the SkillTwins around the field and execute various talents and stunts with only a few touches and swipes.
  4. SkillTwins Soccer Game’s 3D visuals are stunning, and the game’s art style is vibrant and full of colour.
  5. The SkillTwins’ character models are well-designed, each with their own wardrobe and hairdo.
  6. The game also offers a range of various stadiums and surroundings, each with their own distinct appearance and feel.
  7. The game’s music and sound effects are both enjoyable and add to the game’s overall quality.
  8. The sound effects for the numerous movements and shoots are enjoyable, and the announcer’s commentary adds to the thrill of the fights.
  9. SkillTwins Soccer Game contains a wide array of game modes and options, such as Story Mode, Free Kick Mode, Penalty Shootout Mode, and Multiplayer Mode.
  10. This gives players a wide variety of options to choose from, which helps prevent the game from becoming stale.


  1. Even though you can move through the game without spending any money, it may be a lot of work to do so.
  2. Players will have to do a number of challenges and matches to earn enough money to buy all of the talents, costumes, and upgrades.
  3. As it is an arcade game, SkillTwins Soccer Game lacks the intricacy and depth of other soccer video games.
  4. There is less of an emphasis on tactics and strategy because of the emphasis on skill manoeuvres and trick shots.
  5. To a certain extent, users may personalise their SkillTwins by upgrading their talents, traits, and clothing.
  6. Gamers can’t build their own players or teams, and there isn’t a lot of diversity in the SkillTwins’ clothing and haircuts.
  7. The game is free to download and play, but users may spend real money in-app to speed up their progress and buy more coins.
  8. This might be irritating for gamers who don’t want to spend money on the game since it can take a long time to earn enough coins to unlock everything.
  9. The multiplayer option is nice, but it doesn’t have as much depth as other online soccer games. The matching mechanism might be erratic at times, and there isn’t much variation in the pairings.

Overall, SkillTwins Soccer Game is a new and exciting take on the soccer genre that is both original and refreshing. Soccer fans who like arcade-style action and trick shots will love this game, even though it has some problems, like slow progression and a lack of depth.


Q: What is SkillTwins Soccer Game?
A: SkillTwins Soccer Game is a mobile soccer game developed by Hello There Games in partnership with SkillTwins, a popular YouTube channel and soccer freestyle duo.

Q: What platforms is SkillTwins Soccer Game available on?
A: SkillTwins Soccer Game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Q: Is SkillTwins Soccer Game free to play?
A: Yes, SkillTwins Soccer Game is free to download and play. However, the game includes in-app purchases that allow players to purchase in-game currency and items using real money.

Q: What is the gameplay like in SkillTwins Soccer Game?
A: SkillTwins Soccer Game is a soccer game with a focus on skill moves and freestyle soccer. Players can perform a variety of skill moves and tricks to outmaneuver opponents and score goals.

Q: Does SkillTwins Soccer Game have a multiplayer mode?
A: Yes, SkillTwins Soccer Game includes a multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against each other in real-time matches.

Q: How are skill moves and abilities upgraded in SkillTwins Soccer Game?
A: Skill moves and abilities can be upgraded using skill points and gear points, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased using in-game currency.

Q: What is the story mode in SkillTwins Soccer Game?
A: The story mode is a single-player campaign that follows the journey of SkillTwins as they work their way up through the ranks of professional soccer. The story mode includes a variety of levels and challenges, as well as cutscenes that advance the story.

Q: Does SkillTwins Soccer Game have controller support?
A: Yes, SkillTwins Soccer Game has controller support for both iOS and Android devices.

Q: Is SkillTwins Soccer Game available in multiple languages?
A: Yes, SkillTwins Soccer Game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

Q: Can I play SkillTwins Soccer Game offline?
A: Yes, SkillTwins Soccer Game can be played offline, but some features, such as multiplayer mode, require an internet connection.


SkillTwins Soccer Game is a great one since it focuses on skill movements and freestyle soccer in a way that no other soccer game does. The game boasts a well-balanced advancement mechanism that enables players to advance in the game without spending real money on in-app purchases, amazing visuals and sound design, and a variety of gaming options. The game’s narrative mode, skill moves, upgrades, and multiplayer mode give players a number of ways to enjoy the game and compete against other players. As compared to other games in the category, SkillTwins Soccer Game is a breath of fresh air for mobile devices.

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