Slaughter 2: Prison Assault Shooting Game Genuine Review

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Slaughter 2: Prison Assault Shooting Game Genuine Review



the game is completely based on story mode where a villain is very dangerous in the prison killing all the special ops team in the skilled team is sent to prison to deal with these bad guys and kill them if possible as they did a lot of horror in the prison. when talking about the exact thing about the game, we will be receiving a brutal message and that message is about the fight between thugs in the burden prison. all the normal people and citizens are already dead and the country got totally captured.there is a man called Santa who is the main cause for all the crisis in the game. now there are special teams and army members are sent into the country to get back the city in hand and arresting all the inmates who have escaped.

even the city streets are filled with a lot of idiots and thugs and you need to deal with them. get into the combat and destroy all the enemies and make the city clean without any fights. if there is anything that is moving in the field, all you need to do is to destroy them completely as they are dangerous thugs. you need to take all things into hand by becoming an army have also the possibility for checking the entire country for secret allies and documents which will help you to progress the game so soon. you will be facing various dangerous bosses and brutal weaponry. when we analyze the graphics they are really stunning in the ga,e slaughter 2 as you can say by the in-game screenshots taken in the game. the game will be silky smooth.

here in this game, you will be getting a lot of amount of weapons to select with and a lot of enemies to face .the final boss fighting is superb in this game as there is a boss at each and every level in the game. the game has been updated today and you will be facing all new enemies in the game.there are a lot of different levels to choose, and select the one you want and start killing the enemies. the game has been developed by ray spark which is also one of the leading game companies in android platform.this is the game is completely action and adventure game.

here in the game, you will be getting unlimited ammo so don’t worry about the ammo just go on shooting the enemies and be the real hero in the game. if you like the game download the game from the links provided below. here you will experience the real side how the prison fights are and how dangerous are the thugs.

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