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The white sounds heard around our lives include the sound of rain, waterfalls, waves sound, the sound of streams, and the sound of branches in the wind. These sounds are familiar sounds that we usually listen to, so even though they may sound like noise, they are heard without much sound or psychological awareness. Also, I feel stable because it is a natural sound that I have always heard. Moreover, through the white tones of nature, we feel a sense of protection that we are surrounded by the surrounding environment as a member of the universe, allowing listeners to relieve the feeling of silence de-audibly.
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October 28, 2021
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The white sounds that we hear throughout our daily lives are the sounds of waterfalls, rain waves, sounds of streams, and the sounds of branches blowing around in the wind. These are sounds that we recognize that we listen to regularly and, even though they might appear like noise, they’re heard without much noise or awareness.

Additionally, I feel secure since it’s an unnatural sound that I’ve always heard. In addition, attending to the natural white tones gives us a feeling of security, knowing that we are connected to the world around us as a part of the universe.

It allows listeners to feel the relief of being in silence de-audibly. After many years of experimenting and studies, we discovered that noise could be therapeutic. In the beginning, I listened to white noise, which was about 10 decibels more than the typical office noise without anyone noticing.

After about a week, the volume of conversations and unneeded body movements significantly decreased during my duty time. One month later, after we shut off the all-white noises, the group became bored, and the focus of our work decreased significantly. In other words, we are having an amount of white noise rather than zero white noise, which has improved the book’s effectiveness.

In summer, putting your tent on the beach will make you feel relaxed and happy with the breeze of the ocean, but it is also the night to sleep soundly with the sound of the breaking waves. ThiNotablythe white noise is hidden in the waves’ sound, which helps relax td and aids in sleep. Particularly, in Japan the waves’ sound on Okinawa Beach is sold on CDs and is believed to be extremely popular for people who want to rest well while sleeping in capsules in cities.

Additionally, if students can hear the natural white tones, it will significantly enhance learning. In Nowon-gu Seoul, a moisturizing institute, they conducted the English testing of memorization for males and middle school girls. Following the standard conditions and the situation in which black notes played, it memorized new high school sophomore-level English words for 5 minutes. The test resulted in a 35.2 percent improvement in academic performance in comparison to the expected.

Another study demonstrated how concentration is improved when you listen to white noises in the reading area. When attaching a device that produces white noise at each desk, the researchers compared the frequency at which they shift their eyes to the next chair or focus on their surroundings regularly. In this instance, it reduced the number of people interested in the room by 22 percent after playing the white noise.

We observed changes in concentration when we listened to the sounds of nature surrounding us in a different study. They played different sounds around them on a 5-minute basis and listened to their body movements during their studies according to age groups, such as teens, 20s, and 30s.

People who were blood experiments in their 20s and teens prefer the sound of large sound waves like that of sound waves drips from mineral springs or showers as their concentration grew. In contrast, those in their 30s prefer the sounds of white noise like the sound of raindrops and the sounds of a massive stream, which also increased their concentration on work.

On the other hand, the baby that is three or four months old cry will the baby be able to relax by recording the breathing, heartbeat, and the voice of his father and mother that he may have heard in his fetus’s existence? The experiment revealed that the infant was becoming more anxious and was crying in anticipation of his mother’s hug.

If you make a squeaking sound from the TV’s empty channel, The baby who is crying ceases to cry quickly and gains the right balance. Parents have reported that their crying baby is calm after hearing the sound of the vacuum, and the baby can make an attractive smile when they make an eerie sound when touching the soft plastic bag. The soothing sound of babies can also be an artificially-created white sound.

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