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A terrifying dungeon crawler that focuses on Soda! I haven't gotten around to finishing the first Soda Dungeon, but thankfully the sequel, Soda Dungeon 2, is available for Macintosh computers while the original is trapped on Windows. As someone who often enjoys a high-quality Coke, I purchased this game after browsing the "permitted to screw about" section to find something to do on transit.
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Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – A terrifying dungeon crawler that focuses on Soda! I haven’t gotten around to finishing the first Soda Dungeon, but thankfully the sequel, Soda Dungeon 2, is available for Macintosh computers while the original is trapped on Windows. As someone who often enjoys a high-quality Coke, I purchased this game after browsing the “permitted to screw about” section to find something to do on transit.

Do players like the game’s pleasant F2P continuing engagement, or is it suppressed by the impending arrival of in-app purchases? The auto-run is the primary means of interaction, and it is designed to be used rarely. There are several classes, each with its own set of skills and abilities, and an infinite number of floors, as well as the standard RPG elements like health and magic power. Until you defeat the chief, you will have to repeat the cycle of entering the dungeon, fighting monsters, looting, and then returning.

What is Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK?

The game also has a resurrection system based on the game’s aspects, although it only lasts for 10 aspects, which is a good limit. Unfortunately, there are some dull moments throughout the game. For example, there are just five areas to explore, each with its own unique set of enemies that are used again and again over the game’s one hundred levels. Having the same framework and soundtrack used over and over again, despite the fantastic sprites each time, may grow repetitive.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

If I were just a bystander watching your team fight, I’d want to see a little more variety. Although the length of this game is almost unbounded, there are 32 surprisingly easy-to-obtain achievements that kept me going. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend a year’s worth of time playing the game in order to earn the in-game currency that costs money. Story? You’d better believe it. The game’s plot is simple and to the point.

You are forced to blindly follow the Dim ruler and his many carbon duplicates as you repeatedly assault the dungeon as a result of the Dull Master’s malice and the destruction of your hometown.Despite its simplicity, I like how the Dull Master unexpectedly grows as a person. I feel the need to highlight the craftsmanship style since it is so novel. There seems to be a significant amount of stylistic conflict, despite the fact that all of the pixel craftsmanship is outstanding and incredibly detailed.

Custom AI Patterns

Dull Woman and Demora are exceptional models, just as the playable characters in the main game have that strange blocky style and the enemy sprites are either ridiculous or have highly precise extents. It may be a problem with how Last Dream handles their sprites, but it still doesn’t seem right without being a dealbreaker. Soda Dungeon 2 is an excellent chill F2P game, with simple ongoing involvement and being simple enough to smash while still accomplishing something new in the background.

There’s not much more to say other than that I want to try out the original Soda Dungeon to see how it differs from the sequel. amazing follow-up to the original Soda Dungeon, a remarkable dormant role-playing game with a wealth of intriguing mechanics and unique features that set it apart from the pack. Soda Dungeon 2 is a successful spin-off because it builds off of the proven formula established by the first game while also vastly improving upon it.

Even though the visual style is mostly unchanged from the original, the music and sound design are both major improvements. In addition, several novel features—including quests, fresh relics, and—rather unexpectedly—new standing by mechanics—have been introduced to the game to make it easier to pick up and play and more endearing to newcomers. After giving both games a thorough examination, I can say that Soda Dungeon 2 is an outstanding sequel to the original.

Craft Gear

This is a game that I would strongly recommend. Similarly to any dormant game, I anticipated devoting some effort to it, but not as much as I really did. This game offers incomparable levels of enjoyment, satisfaction, and addictiveness. You’ll see why, after you’ve downloaded the new time clock, I recommend covering containers with them. The pace of the game will quicken as a result (some could express it as being twice as quick).

The first 10 features are the easiest; after that, the game becomes tedious. to let it run on your computer for four to five hours while you play games or do other tasks. In the context of my academic life, this was a very remarkable game. I could have everything all ready, leave for a class, and come back to find the game still going. I finally completed the game, so I thought I’d leave a review.

Anyone who likes passive games, like me, should definitely check this one out. To date, this has been my all-time favorite; therefore, I hope that they update it or create a spin-off series. Despite the fact that the item pools are mostly ineffective as compared to SD1, the preparation for auto battle makes them worthwhile. You form your squad in the way that’s most useful for the mission at hand, and then you launch the chase. the way you would normally play the game, the game handles it automatically.

Play While AFK

The game’s content is also the reason it becomes tiring later on: because it plays itself, getting to level 1,000,000 is a breeze. You go on a run, collect money or essence, fail, use your resources to level up, and then come back in until you finally succeed at a single shot of everything, and it becomes very annoying very quickly. In this way, a large number of players gave up the game. I’m certain the developer will fix it in the next update, so there’s no problem at all.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a remarkable game. We just need a higher quality of continuing communication. I’m now level 380k, and I feel like the game needs better scaling for the late game than the tedious “I single-shot everyone and it’s done.” I find it to be rather enjoyable; the developer put in a lot of effort on our behalf, so I won’t complain about the end result. I back him, and I have faith that the exciting new things on the horizon will not disappoint.

One of the main For someone who enjoys passive games as much as I do, Soda Dungeon stands out as the best. Regardless of the main, I had worked for over a thousand hours.I’m now a little over 35 hours into Soda Dungeon 2, and I think I may have another #1. The second is just as mindless and entertaining as the first, if not more so, thanks to some additional depth in producing and updating things, some increased profundity in programming your party for auto mode, and the understanding of what is genuinely humorous.

Build Your Home Base

Everything you liked about the original is here, and then some more. And don’t forget, you can play this one! What more could you want? If you’re having a good time, it wouldn’t hurt to give the developer a monetary kick in the pants. There isn’t much to buy right now, and spending money is never a problem in this game. The fact that fun can be had without a financial investment just makes me want to support it all the more.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

That’s really fantastic in every way! The first Soda Dungeon was one of my favourite games, so I figured I’d have a good handle on how the sequel measured up. If you liked the passive exploration and dungeon crawling from the original game, you’ll probably like this one, too. As far as I can tell, this is the first time in a long time that *some* character development has taken place, as seen by the conversations between the hired hands and the omnipresent “Dim Master” during your journey.

What also stuck out to me was the ability to make an inert, continuing interaction seem more intelligent with the introduction of new enemies, things, and artefacts; the use of comedy; and the competence with which the material was crafted. The biggest problem I’ve ever had with video games is that I’ll keep them running accidentally, giving the impression that I’ve put in a lot of time when, in reality, my brain is just as likely to be in standby mode. I guess we’re in the soda dungeon now.

Free and Fair

It’s a brilliant and fun concept to be based on Sodas but feel like a perfect role-playing game.At the time, the original was fantastic, and now, with the sequel, everything that Soda Dungeon offered has been enhanced even more in Soda Dungeon 2! It’s like the original Soda Dungeon, but better, since you can make your own weapons and level them up, and because there are so many truly astounding and interesting items, weapons, reinforcements, and resources, as well as so many new fantastically crafted enemies. a simple ruin, though…

I’m disappointed that I can’t enrol the combatant, who was my absolute favourite character to use in the first game, since he isn’t available in this version of the game. But except for that, it was a fantastic game. I really adore it, by the way! Please bring back the option to purchase the merchant classes such as the barkeep, woodworker, metal forger, wizard, and most importantly, the warrior!

That is something that I would really like. That’s a 9 out of 10 rating from me! In my experience, Soda Dungeon is the pinnacle of its genre. It adds hilarity by giving the player a reason to play (beating the dungeon boss) and a little backstory. The game would be tedious otherwise, but the narrative is what makes it worthwhile. It’s all there, and better, in Soda Dungeon 2, the sequel to the hit puzzle platformer.

Cross-Platform Play

To a greater or lesser extent, you may now experiment with and utilise in-game items to mould your owned class characters into fighters that fight the way you envision. Despite the fact that the same enemies and bosses reappear in each of the game’s 100 storylines, it’s still satisfying to take them all out and eliminate the Dungeon Chief once and for all. That’s hardly the kind of passive game you want to boost.

However, it is enjoyable. After a few days, though, the game becomes a real slog. When you reach the Fighter Aspect, you win and get to retain your gear. But once you figure out the mechanics of levelling up and realise you have to conduct extended AFK runs or log out for a long period to make significant progress, the game stops being fun. Whatever the situation may be, the fact that you may earn back about 100 hours makes it worthwhile.

If you do decide to invest in shopfronts, here’s some advice: only use those funds on front-end improvements (not, for example, beauty care products, pets, or relics; the persist redesign on metalworker passes on when you get to fighter — use gold).Everything else will develop rapidly on its own. There should be no importance placed on material possessions. It’s worth 100 points to smash anything in 10 minutes, but it’s worth 200 points to crush something in 50 hours.

Optional Auto-Combat

Find out as much as you can about the situation in advance. Some examples of acceptable embodiments are elves, custom soda, bar HP, and so on. The game is amazing, but I’m bothered by the fact that the field challenge doesn’t provide much in the way of rewards in the game’s final stages. Having the soda contents upgraded from the previous game’s basic A is quite helpful. I like auto-combat because, despite its simplicity with respect to its contents, it is nevertheless useful for crushing out certain things.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

In any case, my main problem is that it’s pointless to really pay for anything. In this game, covers are little more than real money that you may spend; except for a single bundle of 100 covers you get on a voyage, you won’t be able to use them for much. Crushing is just as effective as using covers, if not more so. Even if the coverings are designed for the nervous, I doubt anybody would get so worried as to need them.

It’s a waste of time since a large portion of the things you can buy with covers are reset as you go on to the next section. From a free-to-play (F2P) player’s point of view, Soda Dungeon 2 is a solid idle game, if not a little too good. All contentment can be obtained by the F2P player without the use of paywalls or insane drudgeries (don’t get me wrong, the real game is essentially a drudgery, but all options can be obtained by anyone without devoting ten years of their lives to it).

Customize how each class acts in auto mode

If you’re familiar with the gameplay of Soda 1, you’ll find that its sequel is largely more of the same. If not, then it’s time to get your pixel babies geared up and try out some new collecting crafts so you can advance through the dungeon (to get more plunder, obviously). You may set battles to automatically occur, and you will no doubt enjoy watching your little minions do their thing. This has a certain magnetic pull. In a game with few moving parts, the ability to customise the contents (when to launch which attack) is a welcome twist.

In my opinion, a lot more effort is needed. I particularly like the lower levels, where my recently implemented system of pillaging and collecting is most noticeable. Although the ability to create is a powerful one, you seldom put it to use. It’s a slow process to gather the necessary components, and you usually find greater loot in the real dungeon. Some of the courses are useless as they stand, but they might be useful in the future with some tweaks.

The game may also be too easy for certain players. There were a number of the pre-WD games that I was able to finish in a single playthrough. One can only hope that the “last step” has even more loot to be stolen. Not a single clue has been dropped as to what the ultimate objective is. I spent the last of my chips at almost 150k. The tomfoolery turn-based tactics game Soda Dungeon 2 causes quite a fuss in the community.

Dimension bosses are difficult and require manual combat

Miniature items can be traded for and purchased with in-game currency, and the trades themselves are unobtrusive (though a little tedious).As you go through the game and pound your way to higher levels, the game becomes progressively more sluggish as you wait for your characters to eventually run out of mana and get battered to the bottom. The dungeon’s layout changes every 100 levels, and it resets entirely every time you reach a new 100-level milestone.

The artwork has been generally polished up. Since it’s free, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you want to keep playing through the second cutscene, you’ll need to enable the option in the menu that keeps the game from pausing whenever you swap windows. In Soda Dungeon 2, your champions fight their way through the dungeon’s levels, making for a fun, semi-active experience. If you’ve already played the main game, you may notice that some of the continuing dialogue has been shuffled around.

A succession of increasingly identical elements is undermined by a dull master. A variety of beverages are available to entice players of various grades. Allies that show up are carbon copies of their prototype, which includes an excavator, a carpenter, a doctor, a dark magician, and a wizard. The game’s original Soda Addict character also makes a comeback. You may recruit a team of up to six hardened warriors from the bar’s generous patrons.

Can let auto mode run for hours without having to check

The game may automatically prepare and make good choices for you. After the team has been selected, the hardware may be changed. Alternately, you may decide in advance which members of your party will get the best equipment and then swap them around. As soon as everyone is ready, the dungeon expedition is sent forth. A miniboss appears on levels 5 and 15, and a manager appears on levels 10 and 20 as the dungeon cycles through its five sections, each of which has twenty levels.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

Minibosses and supervisors remain the same from run to run, while the beast parties are an ad hoc addition. Physically selecting the tasks that each competitor completes is required right from the get-go. In any case, you will soon activate auto-battle. While in-game combat is expected, the game may still be left to run in the background if you so desire in the options menu. It takes a short amount of time to run a dungeon.

However, if you wait a while without playing, you’ll earn fight credits that may be used to instantly calculate a dungeon run. You’ll accomplish all you could have by keeping an eye on the chase, but you won’t go any farther than where you are now. If your party leaves the game before using all of its credits, the game will do the right thing and deduct those credits from your total. After a successful battle, the victors earn experience points that may be used to unlock new abilities.

Can sync your save between the phone and desktop versions

This happens at a steady pace (per character, per level) as time goes on. Obtaining a higher level grants a benefit, such as an increase in attack, health, or magicka, or the unlocking of a separate buff or an unusual attack. In rare instances, the last moments of a fight might usher in extraordinary circumstances. Typically, managers will allow you to choose between three different locked chests containing loot.

One additional unusual encounter involves selecting one of three possible entrances; one of them will remain permanently sealed unless you collect enough Dungeon Keys from supervisors. Different stimuli may be triggered by these entryways. It’s just a short trip up a few levels to an area where you’ll find the next monster (always a lower-level one, however; never the boss himself). A single-chamber loot box called a “Reward Money Box” is still another option.

Furthermore, there is the mine, which has one level of metal storage and must be attacked like an enemy in order to get metal from it. The digger’s pickaxe ability does extra damage to metal, allowing it to be cleared faster. Then there’s the “Mending Pixie,” a huge, hyperactive little pixie whose magic has a frustrating predisposition to fail over and over again. Yet when her spell is effective, your whole party is given a new lease on life.

A very good continuation of the first part

You may improve your chances of experiencing a successful revitalization by using one of a few different strategies. The group disperses after each run, leaving their equipment behind. (The group as a whole assumes responsibility, rather than just a few isolated people.) At the bar, you may expect to see yet another band of cheerleaders. It’s time to send in a new group to the dungeon. This loop continues until the boss is defeated on level 100.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

After that, a doorway will appear leading to another section. You have the option of staying in the main dungeon and advancing further or moving on. If you keep going, the game will unleash its version of an idle esteem specialist. After passing through the portal, you’ll have a brief conversation with a creature that exists somewhere in the void between worlds, and they’ll offer you a variety of relics from which to choose a new look.

At that moment, it freely gives you one. If you change directions, you’ll discover a shockingly similar villa waiting for you. All the buildings you’ve built up to this point are already in the new world, and the bar’s makeover that you’ve paid for will remain as well. Sadly, you forgot to bring the sodas you bought, so you’ll need to go out and buy them again. Your hardware, gold, and other valuables have also been destroyed.

Improved graphics

However, your class rank and relics will remain with you forever. The ability to find Quintessence, which can be used to balance your relics, is unlocked when you access Aspect 2. Investing in your relics early makes the latter game much simpler. When you unlock the Woodworker skill, a Craftsman will appear outdoors, not far from the bar. This plan can be used to build a variety of practical structures.

The metal forger is an example. This time around, the game includes a crafting mechanic. All of the necessary hardware may be obtained via crafting at the metal forger’s, and certain designs and updates can be obtained through asset drops. You’ll be able to put any cooking tips you learn to good use for a long time.You may also store some of the resources you’ve amassed but aren’t using thanks to the Smithy’s updated features.

The smithy may also be used to upgrade the gear you already own. Naturally, when you leave the perspective, you will no longer have access to them. As you go further into the dungeon, the hardware that you find as loot may also be of higher quality. The Field is a really useful framework. Here, a small group of three adventurers may engage in combat for a few rounds in exchange for various money and rare asset compensations.

A new look at some mechanics

While building this, you can also make soda contents.The use of these allows you to modify the autocombat behaviour of heroes to some extent. The AI’s limitations stem from necessity and prerequisites.You’re free to experiment with any strategy, from a unified default script to separate contents for each class, depending on the needs you anticipate. Autocombat is always an option and may be toggled on and off at will to allow you to get right into more adept combat or to try out certain achievements and tasks more quickly.

The Wizard’s Cottage is yet another building. As a result, you may now teleport to any of the dungeon levels you’ve already cleared (every tenth one, in fact) whenever you feel like it throughout your journey. All of the pets you may produce with the help of pens will give your party a little edge. The Swashbuckler’s Society may also be formed. As you go through the dungeon, you’ll unlock rewards at each level.

The rewards include some excellent end-game food and drink recipes. Unlike most dormant games, the notable reboots really matter. The plot develops with each new element that is included. The recommended clearing level for each “new” dungeon is 100 levels above the minimum level required to complete the dungeon. The main plot is finished after you’ve balanced out 1000 in Aspect 10’s Dungeon.

Adding crafting and resource extraction

In any case, there is something else to do. As you go, a new battlefield unfolds before you. This realm has its own unique 1,000-level story and enemies that are a little harder to defeat. In addition, brand-new shipments have arrived. You also unlock the Hero Aspect after the main tale is finished; this is a never-ending dungeon with a few optional tasks. Just in here, you may find a handful of really rare items.

The middle of the game is when things start to become very grindy. You’ll need a well-rounded cast of party members, some nifty gadgets, and the good fortune to make it through the last supervisor of each component with just enough hit points and magic to succeed. After buying their sodas, the four most level-headed classes are to be chosen from a Scout lounging in the bar. Each dungeon run permits a single participant per class.

The good news is that you can preserve the current loadout of your party, including all of their equipment, here. However, there is a fixed fee that must be paid each time the party is re-enlisted. It’s not enough for the halftime show, even if it’s made up entirely of Bar fans. At this point, you have material for at least thirty hours of captivating narrative before you ever get there. The overall project manager will write you a few humorous letters.

An expanded system of improvements

About 75% of Soda Dungeon 2 is a grindy role-playing game, with the other 25% consisting of passive-ish involvement that is enabled by the game’s permissive nature. (In addition, it’s “pay to advance faster,” not “pay to win!” Since you are spending zero dollars, there are no limits on where you may go. Those who like simple, though grindy, role-playing games should give this one a try.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

Given that it may be played at no cost, I assumed that it would be very difficult to win. Nothing of it is true, although you may pay in advance, and doing so is optional. This is just an endless dungeon crawler, but it has a surprising amount of depth for a free game. You’ll need to click sometimes throughout runs, but the game’s skip feature makes it easy to farm loot without putting in too much effort.

After a certain point in the game, it could be fun to watch a movie or TV programme while continuing to play. There’s a lot of stuff in here that I wasn’t expecting. Since you begin with nothing, strengthen yourself with each run by killing supervisors, and then reset while keeping particular upgrades, the game may become boring after a while. However, I understand that this is just how the inactive kind is.

If you’re reading these reviews and debating whether or not to download and install this game, do it right now—you have nothing to lose. Advocated for with great zeal! It’s a passive game, so it may not be “entertaining” in the usual sense, but it’s on par with games like Treat Clicker and Experience Entrepreneur in terms of the joy it provides. It’s a hilarious and fascinating take on the dungeon-crawling genre, and it’s awesome that you can script your party’s AI’s actions in advance.

1 companion in the team

Furthermore, in my opinion, SD2 is well worth the time and work since it has received so many dedicated accounting sheets. The game’s plot, setting, and characters add a great deal of silliness and humour, making it distinct from others with similar principles. Bonus points for not relying on microtransactions or other forms of payment to advance in the game, as is the case with many idle titles.

Covers are the real-world currency that may be used to directly purchase various upgrades, rather than grinding for the in-game currency and assets and acquiring them via engagement. However, the majority of the items that can be bought with real money are just cosmetic. This may seem like an incentive to win, and in some ways it is; but if you really play the game, you will quickly realise that it is much more efficient to get those upgrades through playing than by obtaining them.

Spending covers on, say, redesigning relics is undeniably less effective than using substance (the non-paid cash typically used to update relics) to even them out, and so the game makes an effort to downplay the use of real money to aid in progress through the game, instead leaving real money exchanges as an option for those who truly cannot try playing. Even though it’s a sequel to Soda Dungeon, it plays more like it was inspired by the original.

New character classes

The metal forger is where you’ll spend most of your time if you don’t want to rely on random crowds to provide shields and weapons. However, despite the fact that this makes the first game easier to pick up and play, it’s still clear that SD2 is the superior title. You spend money on drinks and bar makeovers to appeal to a wide range of vacationers. At that moment, you bring the hordes into the dungeon in an effort to eliminate as many of them as possible.

When you eliminate the main boss, you may start again with bigger prizes, much like a clicker game. If you’re familiar with Soda Dungeon, give this one a go. If you haven’t already, here is the place to start. unequivocally a perfect score of ten. A vast improvement over the first game, but it still has a ways to go. It’s great that there’s more leeway for how to handle the game’s inactivity, but the player may still crush as they would in any other role-playing experience if they so choose.

The entire system is user-friendly, making preparations a breeze, and a wide variety, from customizable presentation templates to personal care items of your choosing, is at your disposal. The scope and general organisation of things are weak points. It takes an eternity to make a sale at the store, and the exchange highlight serves so many functions. Allowing additional customization of the rapid sale feature, such as marking items and quantities of them you intend to retain, and then just pressing a button to swap, would be a huge benefit.


It’s a pain to update things as well, especially because the red precious stone upgrade item is so poorly made that you need a lot of it to progress later on. They do not sufficiently alleviate my desire to return and see the postgame for what it is worth that the rate at which they are sold in the store is not significantly extended for the postgame.The next part of the game might benefit from a wider variety of enemies and items as well.

Soda Dungeon 2 MOD APK

Those complaints are the ones that stick out to me the most, however, since what we have here isn’t as original as the first. Included in this effervescent concoction of awesomeness are crucial people and classes, vital items and enemies, and a brief but wonderful soundtrack that will have you rushing for the exits. I can’t wait to see what the sequels and new episodes bring! To be clear, once you start playing, it becomes obvious that you could “beat” the game in under two dozen hours.

In other words, this game has no boundaries. At the time of this audit, I had clocked up a meagre 1300 hours of gameplay, which is not even beginner status. Friends have DM’d me to see if I’m well, as I’ve spent fourteen days working in the last fourteen days, and they’re worried I gave up playing the game. I work 12-hour overnight shifts, so I usually check the progress in between when I go home and fall asleep and when I get to work in the morning—not that I could ever look at it at work, obviously.

How to Play

Since its release a few months ago, this game has been able to fulfil my gaming demands. Even if the updates aren’t constant, it’s evident that the developer is putting in a lot of work to make them interesting and worthwhile when they do come. I’ve loved this place since Soda Dungeon (1), and I’ve never upgraded my phone because I’d rather spend my money on more hours on Soda Dungeon.

Please take note: If you are not interested in games that emphasise the maximisation of resources, if you prefer manual exploration to automatic exploration, or if you feel no need to consult in-game manuals, You may want to skip this one. In my opinion, the reveal is the optimal moment for a component of this puzzle. I won’t try to put up a false front; the game’s optional prearranging technology was confusing to me, and I needed some help understanding it. Nonetheless, once I understood how the prearrangement rules operated, I was able to make rapid progress.


On the whole, it’s a fantastic experience. I really like the excitement of the game as well as the fact that I can improve my character, form alliances, and crush for rare items. I like the repairmen, and I think it’s a neat concept to be able to write scripts for your party’s artificial intelligence to follow during auto-fighting. If you want passive entertainment and you want to make sure that people of different social classes are suffering equal amounts of damage, then this is the spreadsheet for you.

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