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Sonic Dash MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) - Sonic Dash is the 1st Sonic the Hedgehog perpetual running match-up from SEGA! Run and undergo fun 3D race courses such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, and different Sonic companions and legends. During this dashing and perpetual runner match-up.
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May 13, 2020
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Package Name Sonic Dash (MOD, Unlimited
Developer SEGA
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Version 5.7.0
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Requirements 4.1 and up
Last Update Mar 02, 2024
Date Update May 13, 2020
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Sonic Dash MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)Sonic Dash is the 1st Sonic the Hedgehog perpetual running match-up from SEGA! Run and undergo fun 3D race courses such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, and different Sonic companions and legends. During this dashing and perpetual runner match-up. Run and race past testing deterrents during this fast, furious, endless showing game to SEGA.

Sonic Scramble could be a frolic game for kids and grown-ups the same! Run fast with Sonic the Hedgehog during this great endless running match-up from SEGA! unleash Sonic’s fantastic speed and dashing capacities as you race and undergo superb courses during this fun perpetual runner match-up.


Sonic Dash could be a 3D Activity Platformer that brings a couple of assortment and interesting arrangements from the traditional Sonic equation. At first, delivered on the Dreamcast in 2001, then ported over to the Gamecube in 2002, this HD rendition could be a very little remaster clad in 2012. The sport’s plot is that Dr. Eggman is trying to assume management over the planet. He is doing it now by commandeering an unwanted exploration workplace known as the area State ARK. 

En route, he finds Shadow the Hedgehog, the United Nations agency by Eggman’s gramps, Gerald Robotnik, an extended time back once it used the ARK. Gerald created Shadow on board the ARK to form “A definitive Living thing,” a creation that was his all-intense purpose. Shadow features a grudge against grouping as he is companions with Gerald’s woman, Maria. United Nations agency passed on the ARK since the military shot her. 


Shadow trusts that Maria’s last want for Shadow was to form a grouping to get her dying. Eggman and Shadow join forces to accumulate the Turmoil Emeralds and have the Overshadowing Cannon explode the planet. They are by Rebel the Bat, an Associate in Nursing administration spy, trying to work out the mystery behind Shadow and United Nations agency he is. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles all commit to stopping this arrangement as they get an expression of it, joined by Amy.

Knuckles goes puzzling over one thing moot but to recuperate the bits of the skilled Emerald that by Knuckles himself to keep Eggman from taking it. However, the story is relatively immense for a Sonic Dash. It’s bunches of setpieces and cutscenes, not unusual. The movements and voice acting shows that it’s dated, but the story was very aggressive for having such a fundamental reason back within the good days. It’s fascinating, i am going to provide it that, nonetheless, nothing unbelievable.

The Story

It conferred Shadow and Rebel, United Nations agency square measure presently very well proverbial symbols within the series, so that are some things. Ongoing interaction is shifted, as Sonic expertise one, nonetheless presently, it has been diminished to three sorts of interactivity, and there is no center purpose world. You are merely going from one section to a different one in a very steady progression.

There are the Sonic and Shadow stages, wherever it’s exemplary fast-moving Sonic activity, where you utilize your orienting assault and speed to urge the target ring toward the top. These stages square measure. The Tails and Eggman stages have expressed characters in these machine-driven mechs, creating the interactivity of many battle sets. You’ve got an optical device that may lock onto foes, then you hearth a flood of missiles once the trigger is delivered.

Soon you likewise get some drift streams that permit you to float within the air for a short amount before landing. It’s much more stage-like than the rest of the sport, and you will hop around and shoot. These stages square measure primarily much slow rendition of the Sonic/Shadow stages.

How To Play

Nonetheless, they are so far fun. It’s pleasant to lock onto ten adversaries without a moment’s delay, then, seeing all of them destroyed at that time, procuring you immense further focus. The Knuckles and Maverick stages build them and rummage around for three bits of the skilled Emerald. It involves exploring one central region and obtaining the three items as quickly as possible. You’ve got a bit measuring system at the lower part of the screen that may gleam inexperienced, yellow, and red as you draw nearer to that.

You likewise have these clue televisions that may provide steerage wherever the continuing piece is. These could also be the foremost un-enjoyable to a good many folks, and that i do not fault them, it is a somewhat sluggish and odd methodology for being in a very Sonic Dash. There is not much to try and do aside from zooming around and rummaging around for stuff. It is the initial time within the series. Wherever you are on your presentation toward the end of the stage, you’ll get Associate in Nursing E, D, C, B, or a grip contingent upon however well you probably did.

Story And Missions

If you like to end things 100% or look at your skills on how well you’ll do, i believe you will really like this component, as it’s remembered for all future parts of the series. That raises one thing completely different. This Sonic Dash has extensive replayability. All of the various stages have it easy “Get to the objective” or “Track down all of the pieces” then, at that time, there are four completely different missions you’ll do with a minor departure from the stage.

Mission two is obtaining one hundred rings. Mission three is finding the lost Chao someplace within the scene. Mission four is thrashing the background underneath an amount brink, and Mission five is thrashing the onerous technique of the stage. for each assignment you complete, you acquire an Associate in Nursing badge. There square measure an add of a hundred and eighty seals. There are also various modes, like Supervisor Rush, Kart Hustling, and multiplayer, all with insignias to urge.

Endless Running

This Sonic Dash can keep you occupied for quite whereas. A part several people love is the Chao Nursery. You’ll bring your own Chao up in a tiny nursery and touch upon him. You’ll pet him, feed him, play with him, all the standard stuff you’d anticipate. It sounds somewhat peculiar and idiotic initially, but you shockingly get into it, and there are many things to try and do with your Chao. Your Chao will contend in Chao Races and Chao martial art, every having its specific standards.

Your chaotic presentation depends wholly on his details. Running, Flying, Power, then forth. You’ll raise your Chao’s details by obtaining Disarray Drives and small creatures within the missions from the story, found by destructive foes. You are submitting your chaos details to beat the most challenging races, and martial arts competitions can consume most of the day, which can keep you occupied with the Sonic Dash.

Dash and Battle

There is even a preschool wherever you’ll leave your Chao to find ostensibly insignificant details like enjoying the drums or moving. It’s very high to bottom with considerably a lot to try and do. You will have to see together with your own eyes. Frequently viewed by fans as “the best Sonic 3D title ever!” Sonic expertise two could be a should buy for someone United Nations agency loves Sonic or excellent platforming overall. An honest story told through three distinctive “curves” with fun current interaction and much replayability. This Sonic Dash is one of the foremost unbelievable Sonic games of all time.


  • +40-60 hours of interactivity
  • +3 different forms of current interaction every with fun mechanics
  • +30 distinct tremendous stages to research (each with five missions to stay you playing)
  • +Incredible sound recording with essential tracks (Live and Learn, City Break, Sonic’s Subject :D)
  • +CHAO RAISING (onion-headed freak/creature infants dashing and tearing down every other.)
  • +Mysteries and secret treats everywhere the place.
  • +Multiplayer could be an experience (generally)


  • Monotonous and exhausting kart tiny Sonic Dash(you have to be compelled to play it twice within the story, additionally to 1 a lot of multiple times in missions and scaled-down games on the off likelihood that you would like all of a hundred and eighty seal – _-)
  • A few errors to a reasonable extent
  • Lip matching up throughout cutscenes, and voice acting sucks currently and once more (Not Eggman, he sounds lovely:3)
  • Problematic advancement decisions (For what reason do square measure the bob armband and light-weight speed run motivated with the equivalent button? For what reason presumably} the measuring system at any purpose possibly establish every Emerald successively once it might acknowledge tired SA1? >:0)


Taking everything under consideration. Would it not be advisable for you to buy this game? Completely YES. For simply $9.99, this game values every penny. Its play and testing can keep you occupied for a while and show you what the Sonic institution is creating.

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