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Crazy stickman physics game.
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Package Name Stickman Falling MOD APK
Developer Skygo
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.20
Size 30.6 MB
Requirements 5.0
Last Update Dec 04, 2023
Date Update 31-Aug-2022
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Average Rating 4.6/5
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Downloads 49,239
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Stickman Falling MOD APK the sport could be a simple physics-based game that pulls its inspiration from stickman fighting animations on the web. Initially sight, it bears a hanging similitude to Gang Beasts regarding gameplay. During this game, too, your aim is to beat one another to death and be the last Stickman Falling MOD APK, and by doing so, you are virtually topped. However, ironically, the funniest factor concerning Stick Fight is dying.


Thanks to the humorous ways you’ll be able to die during this game, you’ll forever have an honest laugh whenever you die. It’s either due to your silly mistake or your opponent’s “calculated” shot.The levels area unit is designed in a very thanks to challenge the contestants, so you’ll be able to use the atmosphere to your advantage if you act smartly. as an example, within the winter setting, can|you’ll|you may} have ice which can break after you shoot at and therefore the Stickman Falling MOD APK on that will fall to his death.

stickman falling mod apk

Besides the winter setting, you’ve got, for example, an industrial plant setting with chains holding your platform, a volcanic rock setting wherever the ground is volcanic rock than on. Every level inside these settings contains a sure pattern that expects you to beat. In terms of weapons, except your fists, there are unit pistols, crack shot rifles, shotguns, RPG, minigun, optical device beams, bomb launchers and last but not least, guns that shoot toxic snakes.


Weapons will cause a physical reaction thanks to their exaggerated recoil. So, do not be stunned if you discover yourself flying once spraying that minigun. In other words, it’s safe to mention that the variability of levels and weapons will not allow you and your friends to get bored quickly. After the primary fun ten minutes, you’ll understand there’s no purpose or Associate in Nursing finish to the sport. There’s no final winner, no board or leaderboards.

stickman falling mod apk

Therefore I recommend you do not move into this game expecting to have fun and amusement with your friends. As for the controls, I used a controller to play this game since the keyboard/mouse felt a small amount of uncomfortable. It’s attainable to use multiple controllers, too.

You’ll be able to hop into a web game with you 2 being on an identical couch or simply play domestically. If you’ve got friends to play with and get pleasure from physics-based games, this title could be a must-play.

Features Of Stickman Falling MOD APK

Considering the worth tag, the heaps of joy you’ll derive from enjoying this game for a few hours is well price-paying. Even though this Stickman Falling MOD APK  is totally discharged and not in early access, it continuously receives updates, new levels, weapons and options. So, do not miss out on this one. Remember that point an extended time past once Stickman Falling MOD APK videos were the most well-liked factor.

stickman falling mod apk

For the primary time ever, you’ll be able to be a region of 1. each animation, weapon and map have unbelievable physics that sounds like it’s been fastidiously animated by an expert animator. Once truly, it’s simply specific trying physics/physics-based animation. The numerous weapons area unit is terribly fun and completely different and can have you ever accidentally kill yourself. The guns have very over-exaggerated recoil giving them that cartoony feel.

Different Game Modes

The gameplay {is terrible |is extremely|is incredible} quick, so the map style is clever (making it very straightforward to trap-kill your opponents). The gameplay is endless, and the loading times area unit is non-existent; therefore, be ready to ditch time. A factor to notice is that this game is best to contend domestically with at least 1-3 friends.

The sport has a web feature. However, since everything within the Stickman Falling MOD APK is physics-based, the net gameplay will be less fluid and have occasional bugs. To summarize, Stickman Falling MOD APK is a fantastic game due to the physics animations, powerful and silly weapons, clever map style and overall flow.

The sport won’t be for you if you wish for endless fighting with your friends. Stick Fight could be a game I have been looking forward to for years while not knowing I required it. It’s a second classic. Honestly, once many games and making an attempt solely, many of the numerous weapons are out.

stickman falling mod apk

I have currently unsecured the wonderful ability to grasp why Indiana Jones terrible snakes. I successfully achieved Ophidiophobia (take a guess at what that concern is about) once somebody nonheritable the Snake armament. Nonetheless, somehow I manage to forever notice myself solely with a handgun. This game stands out if you’ve got friends to play it with. Honestly, even with randoms, it’s still a blast either approach.


-The Stickman Falling MOD APK  is free of cost. Throughout sales, the price is way lower. (Shocking, I know)
-Can be terribly amusing thanks to its RNG-like gameplay
-The game is extremely straightforward to find out.
-The weapons area unit is terribly distinctive. Typically starting from regular pistols to snake bomb launchers.
-Gave American state ophidiophobia
-The maps are often terribly freaky and, at alternative times, terribly straightforward
-The cartoon feel fits well with the gameplay
-Can support up to four players per game
-Split-screen works well
-The moments wherever you say one thing like, “I GOT BESTED BY A lame GUY WITH A JAVELIN.”
-The games area unit is typically terribly fast, and you do not have to be compelled to wait too long.
-You catch on to the key mechanics of the sport inside a quarter-hour
-Any weapon that involves snakes.


-“Is that a Snake I shot out of this minigun?”
-“Oh I will shoot them out forever!”
-“WAIT, WHY area unit THEY offensive ME.”
-Enemy blue player shoots snake armament
-I have not screamed additional in my entire life.


Every game has some flaws, and this is often no exception.
-Bugs area unit typically frequent. However, they do not cause several problems.
-There isn’t any coaching mode.
-The map-creating system wants additional stuff.
-The player UN agency gets a weapon 1st and can typically be the winner. that the winner comes right down to that much
-It’s quite fun so. However, you’ll have friends for it to last

Well, I found this Stickman Falling MOD APK reasonably at random. I believe I saw the trailer for it because I had the April fools day completely correct Battle Zombilator or one thing like that. And I will rate it similar to all of my alternative reviews! A one to ten scales! Graphics: 9/10: The graphics during this game are crisp and swish.

Though explosions are not quite optimized, I would like to see some variety of additional characteristic marks like perhaps hats or one thing similar superimposed later. {and surely|and positively|and definitely} a Colorblind Mode for those gamers UN agency cannot see certain colours! Audio: 10/10: The Music and Sounds for this game area unit are a mixture of funky techno and awful gunfire noises.

Realistic Physics

I would have loved listening to the Associate in Nursing AWP noise from CS: GO for the precision rifle. Gameplay: nine.5/10: I can get many hours out of this with friends. The gameplay is like an Associate in Nursing older PS3 game a devotee had wherever you may Twin Stick, and you had a Punch, Kick, and Energy button setup.

And there have been random weapons that might spawn. I might just like the ability to travel into a coaching space with every weapon to find out how they play, and a few varieties of Health Meter would be nice but not needed.

stickman falling mod apk

Maps: 9/10: The maps area unit is nice and fun to play. However, I would like to see some variety of Map Creator coupled to the Steam Workshop Mods system. this could facilitate to stay the sport alive, not like alternative similar and still fun Indie titles like Screencheat, wherever the sport is nice. However, the tiny map pool killed the game’s potential to strictly many hours, then moving on with my life.

Overall: 9/10: folks would possibly say that I’m being harsh on a novel Indie title. However, these units have valid criticisms, and I do solely have many minutes into the sport at the time of this review. However, I will be able to definitely be wrenching up the hours because the weeks elapse, and I would like one thing to place my frustrations into! I extremely suggest this Stickman Falling MOD APK as a fun game.

Variety Of  Vechiles Ready For Use

Controllers area unit needed, and I suggest learning how to use the dual Stickman Falling MOD APK style! Miss the nice recent online flash games? Were you a devotee of stick death (green vs blue)? Did you miss the straightforward, however well-done effects that flash accustomed provides? Stick Fight: the sport can bring you back to the late ’90s or early ’00s, wherever everything was a celebration.

Stickman Falling MOD APK gameplay is straightforward and effective in its delivery.  What you see is virtually what you’ll get, an Associate in Nursing action-packed game which can force you to manoeuvre. The target of Stickman Falling MOD APK is to be the last survivor on the map.

To eliminate enemy players, opposing players should push enemies to the sting of the map or consume their HP. HP is depleted by receiving disturbance blows or “bullets” from weapons. Choices concerning weapon drops, map choice and HP quantity will all be changed simply, quickly and efficiently through the in-game menu.

How To Play

The movement of the character’s area unit is quite fluid, and it looks like their body position will play an enormous role in delivering harm (especially if you’ve got no gun)! The body physics does move consequently, and hands and feet can get caught on edges if you progress carelessly.

The guns area unit is numerous and available in all shapes and sizes. The regular weapons area unit, from swords, pistols, and machine guns to rocket launchers. However, the devs superimposed a small amount of spice on the combo. Imagine an armament or a firearm that shoots out snakes that chase you down.

Currently, imagine an enormous flame thrower burning up components of the map. The variability of guns with the choice to jump/dodge/melee adds some additional depth to the gameplay. The maps were creatively and well done. I positively like that some maps can provide you with an open area to figure with, whereas alternative maps can force you to use no matter land you’ve left to remain alive!


Some maps can embrace explosive materials, land deformation capabilities and explosive materials containing snakes. The graphics/visuals area unit is simple. They are not, however, not excluded from the sport. If something, it permits the players to focus on the gameplay and luxuriate in the variety of the maps.

The maps do follow an issue. However, the area unit is terribly completely different from stage to stage.  Maps may also be randomized or specifically picked by theme (just shut in, you get uninterested in barrels with snakes processing up).

I like that they did the body physics movement as players will {try to|attempt to|try Associate in Nursingd} raise an arm/gun over the cowl to the fireside. The sounds and music area unit is okay. I feel this domain may are done a touch bit higher. Once players got hit or collided with objects, there ought to be a bit of additional stress and immersion with the sounds/effects.

Graphics and Sound

They did do an honest job for the Hallowe’en-themed levels. They called for not solely the gameplay but the music and sounds once one player turns into a pumpkin. Don’t fret. Simply because you switch into a pumpkin doesn’t suggest your game is over… it simply suggests that you’ll be able to fly and use a spread of attacks regular players cannot use!


Overall, Stickman Falling MOD APK is a fairly smart game if you’ve got some smart friends to play with. You ought to grasp that SINGLE PLAYER isn’t Associate in Nursing OPTION! Either play native or go browsing… no soup for you if you wish to play by yourself. This is often wherever adding AI into the sport would be nice. However, no such feature exists (yet, hopefully). The game is certainly worthwhile on sale.

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