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Stumble Guys MOD APK is a completely exhilarating retelling of the old-style “Stumbleton” story that each family over the planet grew up. Potentially the best computer game transformation of a famous comic ever, Stumble exceeds all expectations with all and every component.

The Story:

Mr Stumble has committed various crimes and was discovered medication dealing. Also, close to his senseless companions, it is his objective to take off from the FBI and CIA. This elective story sometimes beats the amazing traditional comic “Stumbleton”, which it adjusted.

Stumble Guys MOD APK

The plot keeps on unfurling in a manner that presumably can change the speciality of game-making and narrating itself. Potentially the best bit ever is contained in this game – something that you ought to encounter yourself. How the story is conveyed in a manner that permits the crowd to decipher the story without help from anyone else is brilliant.


Potentially the best part of the game, I was wrecked to figure out that there were numerous customizations for my characters and a few acts out that the players could utilize. I was vigorously amazed at the sheer amount of skins.


Amazingly great. Easy to comprehend. Amazingly unique. I wouldn’t modify anything about it. This game was extraordinary fun with loved ones, with the multiplayer usefulness where we as a whole played in the “stagger falls” map.


The Stumble Guys MOD APK is made for the “genuinely unique” among us. Assuming that you can’t deal with crazy significance or seriously profound scenes, this game isn’t made for you. I hear even a moment of the Stumble Guys MOD APK OST. I separate into tears. Any individual in a 50-meter sweep will all begin crying and presumably cause minor flooding.


This Stumble Guys MOD APK is 100 per cent free. Stunning. The worth of this game is inconceivable. Amazed this doesn’t have a connected AAA game cost. Heart-grasping, blood-siphoning activity thumps you off your feet and down into its dark blue void in Kitka Games’ greatly pursued discharge, Stumble Guys MOD APK.

The angry, colourful, and quick-moving interactivity will have you as eager and anxious as ever all through its span as you bounce, slide, and insult your direction to the closures of each level, scarcely scratching your direction into the following occasion.

It is not a round of groups and long thought procedure; it’s a no-nonsense and serious involvement with which all it outfits you with are your well-deserved gamer abilities and reflexes, also the eccentric boops and bops of its perfectly made soundtrack.

Features Of Stumble Guys MOD APK

Be careful with yourself and your environmental factors as you contend in this enormously multiplayer serious esport activity pretending videogame, for when you Stumble. You will undoubtedly Tumble. Stumble Guys MOD APK was an unexpected hit back in 2020. Stumble Guys MOD APK is a 60-bean fight royale game show for those unacquainted. Instead of the typical fight royale charge of shooting your foes into a horrendous mash.

Stumble Guys MOD APK

Stumble Guys MOD APK is a platformer in which you contend in a few distinct rounds of minigames to take the crown toward the finish of the show. Consider it the computer game likeness Takeshi’s Castle (from which a few rounds in Stumble Guys MOD APK are taken straightforwardly), a show that any Americans might be aware of by its immensely mediocre Craig Charles-less form, MXC.

Stumble Guys MOD APK matchmaking is parted into shows; you have the ‘Fundamental show’ wherein you and 59 different beans contend solo to win a subtle crown, which is additionally in a pivot. You likewise have the choice to contend as a component of a two or four-man crew to win shards (of which 60 make up a full crown).

How to play

There’s likewise a choice of turning show types which range from being basically as basic as crews with three players to particular shows like Jump Around, which gives both of you straight adjusts of ‘Bounce Club’ (trailed by its finals variation ‘Hop Showdown’).

The game’s rounds fall into various classes. Making up the larger part are races, in which you should move your bean through slippery courses with just the top level of players fitting the bill for the following round. Then there’s Survival, in which — as the name suggests — you should get by as far as possible, either until a clock runs out or a select number of players are wiped out.

Chase centres around goals, such as having a tail when the clock runs out or investing a specific measure of energy inside a specific zone, and Logic, which comprises two or three natural product-based memory games. Balancing these classes are Team and Finals, which are variations of different classifications zeroed in on cooperation or being the last bean standing.

Graphics and Sound

So what’s happening with the Switch form? Besides the undeniable expansion of handheld and docked modes, not much. Every one of the six times of content is incorporated off the bat, as well as a pristine seventh season unexpectedly named ‘Season One, with everyone having a particular topic like Jungle, Future, or Medieval.

As the Switch discharge harmonizes with the allowed to-play send-off, highlights that are new to the game, for example, an exceptional fight pass, are incorporated. Running at 720p/30fps in handheld mode and 1080p/30fps in docked mode, Stumble Guys MOD APK’ ongoing interaction stays unaffected by the transition to Switch.

While we’ve encountered no recognizable casing drops during our experience with it, the menus and end-of-round screens appear to be somewhat laggier than expected (while this could, in all likelihood, be ascribed to server issues, it was absent when we look at different variants of the game).


The enormous catch, in any case, is that every player in the match has all the earmarks of being delivered at around 50% of the edge rate in both handhelds and docked modes. While this meaningfully affects ongoing interaction, it looks unimaginably rough and stands out in contrast to everything else in the generally smooth change to Switch.

The Switch discharge gets to play and get movement using an Epic Games account, meaning the entirety of your advancement, acts out, and ensembles (indeed, even the Playstation character ones) will extend to Switch.

Suppose you claimed a duplicate of the game beforehand on Playstation or PC. In that case, you’re given the heritage pack, which incorporates elite outfits, nameplates, and free admittance to the main season’s superior fight pass.

Quite important, in any case, is that there is no assurance that Switch proprietors will want to get to heritage content like the Sonic and Doom hybrid outfits — except if they’re pivoted into the shop by and by.

How To Play

Be that as it may, because of the exceptional fight pass and premium money ‘Show-Bucks’ presentation alongside it, Mediatonic has rolled out certain improvements to the past in-game cash. Praise — the game’s primary cash — will, as of now, not be given out after each game and can now be procured through difficulties and just enjoyed on things with a typical unique case.

Also, Crowns — which were recently procured from winning shows and had the option to be spent on unique outfits — are presently not spendable, with their main use currently being the crown rank framework. Your record’s all excess crowns will be traded for Kudos.

Stumble Guys MOD APK

For veterans of the game, this is disheartening considering Crowns used to feel like a major prize permitting you to get the best ensembles. Stumble Guys MOD APK’s turbulent tomfoolery is as yet extraordinary these years after.

The allowed-to-play Switch discharge is the same, expecting you can overlook your rivals’ rough casing rate. While there are a few frustrating components connected to cross-movement, those, at last, won’t make any difference if this is your most memorable time entering the Blunderdome.


A few snapshots of slack and edge rate eccentricities to the side, the Switch rendition offers a strong method for playing on the off chance that you’re searching for some barmy 60-bean engaging, and the boundary to section has never been lower.

I streamed it for about an hour and played it for 90-ish minutes up until this point, and wanting to play it once more and I just let it out isn’t has cleaned as Stumble Guys MOD APK, and it irritated me to no end if you press the leap button two times that you slide and that it didn’t have a snatch capability.

This Stumble Guys MOD APK came from a versatile application and has been ported to pc. I surmise that makes sense of the twofold tap. The leap button will make you slide. In any case, who realizes it very well later might be cleaned up to a great extent as I see likely in it to develop as a computer game.


Curious to check whether that will occur or not. Alongside additional guides. Generally speaking, despite a couple of ‘defects’, I’m not distraught at it by any means, and I really like the game. It’s a fair piece less expensive than Stumble Guys MOD APK, making it a decent option for individuals with a lower spending plan. It’s tomfoolery and habit-forming.

You can gather skins, set up a party room with a code, do competitions and so on. This Stumble Guys MOD APK is a jumble at the end of the day. A tomfoolery experience with companions will kill two or three hours of your day.


  • A lot of remunerations to open, for example, a free twist of a wheel that can give you character skins and in-game cash only for signing in every day.
  • The fight pass likewise empowers you to rapidly open a ton of character skins.
  • In contrast with Stumble Guys MOD APK, where it seems like an everlasting struggle to open minor things, this causes playing to feel fulfilling
  • Matchmaking is lightning quick, and you will play many games in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination
  • Levels have a decent stream, and some are truly imaginative. You can see which ones are straightforwardly propelled by Stumble Guys MOD APK and which were unique.
  • That one tedious circling soundtrack isn’t genuinely awful. I can block it out when I need to, yet I view it as somewhat innocuous and just kept at a low volume behind the scenes serves its purpose. It would be good to have a few new tunes but switch things up a bit.


  • The quick matchmaking becomes an issue whenever you’ve placed in a couple of hours because the guide choice is tiny (feels like around 5-6 guides). Stumble Guys MOD APK has far additional guides, and the somewhat longer matchmaking time implies you don’t encounter similar weaknesses with copy levels as fast
  • Absence of game modes, when contrasted with Stumble Guys MOD APK, can make monotonous play old rapidly
  • Some server issues and bugs are in the game. One normal bug I have encountered is the blunder message toward the finish of matches that outcomes in your XP and crown (assuming you won) are not to be counted for that run.
  • It can get irritating quickly when you are attempting to open things and can’t advance as you’re not procuring any XP for wins. I uninstalled the game and confirmed records; thus far, it is stayed working.
  • The acknowledgement that assuming you purchase the battle pass and get to the furthest limit of it, you open a punching act out that empowers you to knock rivals off the guide.
  • Stumble Guys MOD APK is a glaring compensation to-win advantage taken cover behind a paywall that is baffling to see, particularly as in the early runs of this game, you come to like the way that you can’t be snatched by rivals as you can in Stumble Guys MOD APK as it is about how wonderful your run is in the level that sees who dominates the competition.
  • I could do without this element and wish they would eliminate it or make it for everybody in the game to even the odds.

The In-between stuff:

  • Going into matches solo is bound to see you play against genuine human players. It appears because, with a pre-made crew, you observe the opposition between your crew’s individuals. At the same time, the remainder of the entryway, in a real sense, staggers about the guide in an ungraceful endeavour to come to the completion.
  • I don’t know whether this is because they populate the halls of pre-made with bots. Or that this being a portable child’s game means we are simply humiliating kids who still can’t seem to dominate the talent we dried-up more seasoned gamers have!


It can dunk a tomfoolery game rapidly, wins are more straightforward to drop by than in Stumble Guys MOD APK, and matchmaking takes no time. Skins are simpler to open, the download is minuscule and playing with companions can be a snicker, so for all it’s terrible, it’s a general decent encounter and gets a suggestion from me!

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Applied patches


What's new

- New skins
- New footsteps & emotes
- Bug fixes & small improvements


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