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Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen!
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July 10, 2018
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Super Fancy Pants Adventure APK v1.2.1 (MOD, Full Version Game) – Super Fancy Pants Adventure. Those of us who were kids playing games on Kongregate or Newgrounds and the Fancy Pants games need no introduction. The series was a standard in the early rounds with flash, and introducing a new game is a beautiful rush of nostalgia.

Although I am a massive fan of the show, I’m forced to admit that I’m a bit dissatisfied by its length Super Fancy Pants Adventure. Although the basic mechanics are more effective than ever, there’s far too little to offer. Super Fancy Pants Adventure is an exciting free-running adventure that features smooth, fluid platforming and a sleek fountain pen!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure APK Features

  • > Many levels! – 56 brand-new level of platforming parkour
  • > Collections! More than 20 hats and pants to collect in brand-new challenges
  • Incredible hand-drawn style – Animations frame-by-frame of worlds, foes, and even your friends
  • > Action-Packed-Attacks! Make use of your mighty ink pen to thwart new dangers!
  • > New Moves! Control the Fancy Pants guy with brand-new moves and combos
  • Secret Challenge Stages All over the world are hidden doors leading to extremely challenging bonus stages that award amazing prizes
  • > 60fps gameplay. smooth running for a slick platformer
  • > Controller Support


  • If you hit with the down-button, Fancy Pants starts rocking out.
  • The platforming experience is as enjoyable as ever. It’s a pleasure to play. Fancy Pants games do an excellent job of building and keeping momentum. It isn’t always easy in certain situations, especially when jumping over uneven surfaces. However, when you can master the technique, the game flows smoothly. It’s like you could feel the wind rushing across your scalp as Fancy Pants runs through the stage.
  • Movement feels great. For those who haven’t played any Fancy Pants game before, the game’s movement is likely Fancy Pants’ strongest suit. The sliding, running walls, wall jumping, etc., feel incredibly fluid and responsive. I particularly enjoyed sliding the pen.
  • Combat is a lot more smooth compared to previous Fancy Pants titles, especially after unlocking certain special moves. However, it’s a pity that you can’t slide into inklings, as sliding is among my favorite techniques. It would be great to have an ink storage bar that IT could improve – I’ve had the feeling that my ink was depleted quickly. It was an enjoyable feature that attacking a few tiny ink dots refills the ink.
  • It was nice to see some of the original Fancy Pants NPCs – it is a great way to bring back the nostalgia. For instance, I enjoyed watching the pirates back, and their dancing moves are perfect. However, I was a bit puzzled that you can’t meet them once more after you’ve saved your characters from ink.
  • Challenges were my favorite part of the game. I was able to see that the standard platforming was not too challenging, which is why I loved the added difficulty that comes with the challenges. I also enjoyed the minimalist appearance in the rooms for challenges because it increases the player’s focus on the platforming. Of course, it’s nice to be awarded different hats and pants – it isn’t a Fancy Pants game without fancy pants.


  • I believe that the checkpoints could benefit from some improvement. There are occasions when dropping off the map could take me back a long way, and in other instances, I’d appear a bit further forward on a platform I’d never yet entered.
  • It’s not clear what platforms will move and which not. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of jumping off a platform that was moving too quickly since I didn’t think it was going to move. Perhaps changing the color of the platform could solve this problem?
  • I enjoyed the final boss as well as the battle as well as the terrain. But, I didn’t appreciate that the backdrop was dark as it was difficult to spot the boss as jumping. I think this is something that it can easily prevent.
  • Amazingly short, especially considering the price. I’m talking about the fact that I could complete the game in around 2.5 hours (mind that I took the time to look for the various challenges). However, I was confronted with an unsatisfying “to be continued.” I’m hoping that this will mean that Borne Games plans to add additional content to this game instead of creating a completely new one.
  • It isn’t easy to lose your life. I feel that the primary health bar and the damage done by enemies to you is way too much. I just died to the last boss, who takes around 1/5 of your health per blow.
  • Astonishingly low amount of enemy variety compared to similar Fancy Pants games, especially towards the final stages in the course. Most of the time, you will encounter small blobs of different sizes of ink.
  • The dashing and shooting mechanisms are introduced but later forgotten about. There are a few situations in which you have to utilize the ink gun and the dashing. I would have loved it more it included it in the platforming in the final sections.


I love this game. It’s kinetic, and the speed of your movements is crucial. Also, it’s not too long, which I like. However, you can succeed at the pace you want, which will give you additional time. Also, it has World 1 Remix embedded inside that gives you more games to enjoy. I’m amazed by the fact that Brad created and coded this game entirely by himself! Bravo, Brad.

I’m looking forward to whatever you write the next time! Excellent action run and jump with technical problems with consistency and readability. The first time I played it, about 1 hour.

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