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Tangle Master 3D (MOD, Unlimited Coins) - Sort the ropes aligned correctly and unwind all on time! Recall you likewise have restricted moves to finish the level, so center around its material science and attempt not to stall!
Rollic Games
July 12, 2020
4.4 and up
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Package Name Tangle Master 3D MOD
Developer Rollic Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 40.5.0
Size 38M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Apr 16, 2024
Date Update July 12, 2020
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Supported Platforms Android

Tangle Master 3D MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – “Here is that, the best brain-urging game of all time! Join 100M+ players dominating knots and bunches! It is a troublesome, entertaining neural structure puzzle with easy-to-play controls.

Type the ropes aligned properly and unwind all on time!

Recall that you, to boot, have restricted moves to complete the extent; therefore, focus on its natural philosophy and try not to stall out! – well, you’ll, but do not stress. We’ve heaps of promoters to assist you on the way :) Do you like brain games and enigmas? Here is the best 3D brain urging game of all time! Be part of 100M+ players dominating knots and bunches!

It’s a troublesome, entertaining mind puzzle with easy-to-play controls. Merely type the ropes aligned properly and unwind cords on time! Think you likewise have restricted moves to complete the extent; therefore, focus on matching varieties, type ropes and loosen the strings.

Tangle professional 3D resembles a spread puzzle. You would like to type and match reminder ropes and pins. On the off likelihood that you stall out, we’ve heaps of supporters to assist you on the way :) You’ll be able to cut the rope or detonate the locks.

Highlights Of Tangle Master 3D MOD APK 

  • Two ropes are simple! Trouble your neural structure, unwind and partake in the game :)
  • Three ropes cause you to be a game professional, a 3D Knot Expert! No bunches will keep you down!
  • Four ropes “quadruple” your opportune times! Wow, you’re a virtuoso!

Is it true that you simply area unit ready for the associate degree professional test? Come back and partake in this puzzle game! Several individual levels tweaked parts and exceptional finish-of-the-week competitions! I’ve had the opportunity to Even out 150, open every one of the things, and beat every one of the difficulties, yet proceeding with levels appears dull from that point.

Tease your brain

What number of groups are there, coincidentally? Add more highlights, and I’ll consider playing this again. This Tangle Master 3D MOD APK has a weird setup. As I’m on level 360, It’s still elementary beat levels. The activity with the ropes as they unravel is perfect for watching.

I like having the option to gather different button, rope and pole plans. We collect gold coins for no excellent explanation since there is no spot in the game to spend them. You can’t buy various methods to keep the game intriguing. Ultimately I’ve seen that there are levels that are rehashed.

Two ropes is a piece of cake

The actual game Tangle Master 3D MOD APK is respectable. Contingent upon the kind of telephone you have, it might slack as a result of the illustrations. It likewise works everything out such that you can settle the riddle in a couple of moves. I indeed partook in this game since it was a casual encounter.

I preferred having fun where I didn’t need to stress over a particular measure of moves. I just went in after the most up-to-date update and disdain that it presently anticipates that each level should be finished inside a specific number of moves.


Assuming a setting (an on/off switch) so that individuals who partake in the additional test of a move count can turn it on and any of us who utilise this as a no-pressure game can have it off, I will change my survey. It’s tomfoolery and can somewhat fiend, particularly if you’re abnormal and need something thoughtless to squirm with a ton.

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- Sound effects
- Bug-fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
38.6.0 38M 4.4 and up 12/07/2020
9.6.1 38M 4.4 and up 12/07/2020
9.0.0 38M 4.4 and up 12/07/2020

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