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Tasty Planet's game resembles a hierarchical view, twin-stick shooter, except you can't shoot anything. You play a firm mass of super-nanites in an exceptionally charming rendition of the "dim goo speculative finish-of-world situation" (allude to Wikipedia's article on 'Dark Goo' for more data).
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Requirements 4.1
Last Update May 31, 2023
Date Update Aug 31, 2022
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Tasty Planet’s game resembles a hierarchical view, twin-stick shooter, except you can’t shoot anything. You play a firm mass of super-nanites in an exceptionally charming rendition of the Grey goo speculative finish-of-world situation. Rather than shooting stuff, you race your dim mass around, attempting to find whatever is right now more modest than you. Finding more modest property causes you to consume it. 


Consuming stuff gradually builds your size (however, it doesn’t diminish your speed) until you become colossal and quick. At the point when you arrive at a specific most extreme size, each level closures and you continue to the following until you get to the last level where you start at a height more modest than a bacterium; however will ultimately be sufficiently enormous to consume the universe (Actually no, not only the system, the UNIVERSE). 

This Tasty Planet is straightforward, modest, and genuinely fun when taken in little dosages. Tasty Planet gets dreary rapidly, so it’s best played nonchalantly occasionally. Who doesn’t cherish being a definitive buyer? You control the Grey Goo world safeguard, who prefers just eating all in sight. I loved being the Grey Goo, eating what resembles “Know all,” then moving forward to glass tubes, batteries, mice, and felines. 

The story starts when the goo eats a time machine.

Then, at that point, in a flash, you’re eating a time machine and making a trip to other tasty universes. I never envisioned having the possible chance to go to the universe of the dinosaur, not to mention eating down on a T-Rex. Tasty Planet is a speedy-paced, fun minimal round of eating everything in sight since you’re more significant than it. I cherished how the designs extended to uncover the bigger world and new, more enormous feasts that it anticipated. 

Tasty Planet is a game for the time compelled, those needing a little shot in the arm, and those who love to overrun a smorgasbord and eat everything in sight. It’s not difficult to learn and extreme to dominate, as the further you dig into the game, the more complex the difficulties become. All that fills in as planned, and the game has been Steamified with accomplishments and exchanging cards for the gatherers.

Features Of Tasty Planet

  • Bunches of levels to play for just six bucks.
  • Genuinely unmistakable sounds, yet each sound has a practical significance, and the audio effects themselves don’t get incredibly tedious.
  • Responsive, however odd, deliberately floaty controls with an apparent absence of erosion while making turns. 
  • There is an expectation to learn and adapt, and the game Tasty Planet controls are much preferable to utilizing the console over the mouse. 
  • Strangely, the genuinely short expectation to absorb information for the commands added to the fun instead of degrading it.
  • The Tasty Planet never views itself pretentiously and has an unexpectedly beautiful, adorable style notwithstanding its terrible, whole-world destroying topic and elements also charming steam accomplishments. 
  • Even though your mass breezes up consuming EVERYTHING in the UNIVERSE, the game reliably has a lovely, senseless, and wicked tone.
  • No mistakes. The game Runs well.
  • The consummation gives an incredible feeling of achievement and doesn’t leave you with any assumption that any continuation (or whatever else) will exist at any point.
  • Exhausting, excessively loosened up music which was perfect at making me need to nod off for unknown reasons.
  • Extremely straightforward illustrations. Now and again, it tends to be challenging to see precisely what very thing it is you are probably consuming. 
  • The tones might have been more splendid, and the conditions ought to have been intriguing.

You’ll Go To Six Different Time Periods

Gets extremely tedious rapidly. Individuals who have played Popcap Game’s Taking care of Furor games will quickly perceive the general style of interactivity presented here. Besides, in Tasty Planet, this interactivity has been refined to its generally essential center components. There are no enhancers. Consume stuff as quickly as could be expected. If you go super quick, you can open extra missions where you are. 

Could you wait for it? Consume more stuff as fast as conceivable however the main game has such countless levels that I’m uncertain why anybody would need to open extra classes. Tasty Planet truly is best when played discontinuously for brief timeframes. The game is short-lighted, thinking of you as moving about with the mouse, and there have been no extraordinary capacities or enhancers. Be that as it may, the game Tasty Planet looks great, sounds decent, and is pleasant. 

Eat Everything Along The Way

A few levels are set up like labyrinths or have hunters that decrease your size when you don’t stay away from them. Each group has a bronze/silver/gold time rating yet allows you to push ahead no matter your time which is ideal for more youthful children. I intend to evaluate the center next time my nephews come by. It could view the $6 sticker price as steep, but without a shop that expects pay-to-advance strategies like a lot of this sort, it is more like a one-time expense to play without working in detours. 

Well, Tasty Planet is an intriguing minimal game. At the cost, it’s not terrible. I had two or three hours of fun in return. More like about an hour to 90 minutes of tomfoolery, and afterward eagerly going through the levels to perceive how the completion is, trusting it’d be what I needed in any case. I required that toward the start. However, I needed to go through Many levels to get it. No doubt it was enjoyable toward the beginning. 

Control Grey Goo

I found it amusing that the felines had individual names, the limited quantity of exchange was attractive on occasion, the music was enchanting, and it was somewhat fun finding out about the different authentic things. Presently I realize that the Wakizashi is between the Tanto and Katana. Eventually, in any case, it felt loosened up, the dreary interactivity extended on for a long while, and it seemed like the little jokes were getting less and farther. 

The end took care of a little. However, I’d have favored it if I didn’t need to go through that many levels to get the last group I was anticipating. It’s just been 2 or 3 hours’ worth of ongoing interaction, yet I’m so burnt out on its tedium that I completed around 3 of the extra levels, and I have NOOOO interest in crushing my manner to getting more awards to play more. 

How To Play

On the off chance that you have a couple of dollars, pounds, Euros, yen, or what makes them lie around, and you appreciate games like the fish one where you go from tiny to massive by eating different animals/objects, then at that point, this one will satiate you for some time. Indeed, it’s as simple as that. I found one reward level with the drawings made in candy was very significant. Almost everyone has a similar last name in the credits, so it is a family endeavor. 

Gracious, no doubt, and I wanted to see the Mounties, which look very Canadian. Then, at that point, there are maple leaves in a significant number of the levels. You’d think they’d be Aussie with a name like Dingo Games. Ok, I just found it. They’re from Vancouver, English Columbia, which is obviously in Canada. That makes sense of it. Extremely cool. I didn’t realize I was playing a Canadian-made game. I’d presumably cancel it a tear on the off chance it was $10 or more. 

Generally Speaking

I think 5 Canadian dollars is more this game’s speed than $8, yet 3 bucks aren’t precisely something that would merit getting in a spat over. Previously, I didn’t lament purchasing the game, yet presently, I believe I’m thrilled I did; it upholds a Canadian game engineer. Keep at it, eh? Tasty Planet is an excellent and compelling game. It’s an essential “eat everything” game that you see all over the place; however it follows the “katamari” game style, which is why I love this game. 


It had its insane minutes, yet they were not too difficult to even think about moving beyond (other than the cow level), and it just took ~4 hours to beat the single-player mode on the off chance that you don’t endeavor to get gold on everything. Surrounding, I would give it a 5/5 for music, significant ongoing interaction, and tomfoolery characters, otherwise known as the scientists. 


The Main issue I see with the Tasty Planet is the downright offensive play on words toward the end with the most significant article in the game. I won’t part with everything except it caused me to wince recollecting the film that it depended on, and I’m confident that everybody that understands what I’m referring to will concur with this. Excellent game, and I will profoundly recommend it. 🙂



What's new

-Works better on new devices with rounded corners and camera cutouts
-64 bit support