TerraGenesis MOD APK v (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android

Use real science from NASA to cultivate life on desolate planets. Think you have what it takes to bring a dead planet to life? Can you settle the stars?
Tilting Point
September 23, 2021
6.0 and up
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Package Name TerraGenesis MOD APK v6.26
Developer Tilting Point
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 6.26
Size 159M
Requirements 6.0 and up
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update September 23, 2021
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Average Rating 3.9/5
Page Views 1,045,076
Downloads 267,968
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

With Terragenesis Mod Apk, You Can Explore space and create new worlds in this enthralling idle planet simulator rooted in real-world science. TerraGenesis animated planets dynamically in a changing biosphere that is based on factual information from NASA.

Through idle gaming, you can grow real planets within the solar system of our planet, as well as planets explicitly made to be used in Terragenesis Mod Apk and even other worlds! If the universe is at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re into idle games, astronomy, or games that manage resources, you’ll be awed by Terragenesis! Start downloading and terraforming now!

Join any of the four interstellar Factions, Each with distinct advantages to building interstellar settlements. Create entire worlds by taking one step by creating habitats that are pressurized for your colonists to survive in harsh environments. Terraform your planet to sustain human life by managing the specific resources in each of the worlds such as oxygen levels, air pressure, sea levels, as well as biomass

Melt the ice caps to form oceans that span the entire planet and infuse our planet. Monitor your civilization’s idle progress as well as the state of your world’s present by using this Stats Summary Page.

Learn about astronomy, and learn to settle planets in our solar system. Build civilizations on imaginary planets, like Bacchus, Ragnarok, Pontus, Lethe, and Boreas. Create random worlds using total elevation and surface maps as well as unique starting conditions and much more


Start with 26 species and then add 64 unique genes to make all sorts of incredible organisms that can live in your space. Control your lifeforms so that you can ensure they are thriving in aquatic and terrestrial biospheres

Explore far-off planets in outer space and discover vibrant alien civilizations. Choose between peace or destroying the alien life forms. Perform a myriad of missions, and create your world on your strategy.

Save your civilization, and shield your planet from an asteroid strike. Create a planetary defense system to identify giant asteroids in space, launch missions to eliminate the threat, alter the asteroid’s course, or devise innovative strategies to avoid inevitable fate.

I like the Terragenesis Mod Apk, but there are lots of things that are annoying. 1. It occurred to me three times when meteorites landed and affected the pressure of oxygen or other substances. I was highly attentive to particulars, and I became frustrated when I set the oxygen or pressure on an ideal level, and he failed to do it, and I did nothing. 2. 

Some players seem to be stuck with low currencies. It is a must to plan appropriately to create terraforming on a planet, and you shouldn’t play around with your stuff and hope for the best results. But it can quickly remedy this by investing in tons of mines outposts beginning of the game. 

I’m currently mid-game on this Terragenesis Mod Apk and am accumulating more than 200M in currency due to mining alone. The only drawback is that you’ll need to wait until the research is finished, which is fair.


Everyone interested in space will enjoy however you’ll need patience. My only issue is when I play the “transmission” for revenue boost (1hr) and when I go back to another and where the timing (instead of adding the date) will reset or show an incorrect number in time.

It’s an incredible time-saver and a fantastic learning experience in the process of terraforming whole planets! I recommend you play this Terragenesis Mod Apk if you love space and have plenty of time to spare.

It is truly a one-of-a unique game that you don’t find often. The gameplay is enjoyable and forces you to think. The purchase prices are fair, even, and generous with what they provide. I would say that the waiting times can be frustrating when you must wait for something to be constructed for 4 hours, but aside from that, it’s fantastic.

Terraform planets and plant trees in real life to help save the world that we live So far, so good. No crashes, as other players have said. Ui is a little challenging to grasp, but so far, I’m enjoying the game. 

The concept is fantastic, not just a cash-grab that puts you in competition with online competitors, and you pay to win. Excellent graphics, and the Terragenesis Mod Apk is fun to explore, and I think there’s a scientific basis to what you can do in the game. My only issue is that it requires real-life hours to construct and conduct research. 

Story and Missions

But everyone must realize that you shouldn’t find that everything the Terragenesis Mod Apk offers is just an hour of playing. In the long term, this isn’t as enjoyable. I never thought of giving an app on mobile five stars, yet here it is. Particularly not a free version. I love the game and the micro-management. 

I do not usually be on the game for prolonged lengths of time. It means that the statistics for the planet get confused, and I’m unable not to get them to be as accurate as I would like. Would you like to include the “auto pause” feature that allows you to determine the maximum time you can play while you’re playing offline? It will make the game more accessible.

The challenge of terraforming an entire planet, regardless of gameplay, is an enormous amount of work. One thing I’d alter is in the real world. If rising sea levels destroyed an established city, the town was relocated to a higher sea level if it reduced the sea level mechanically. 

It could salvage the building materials. In addition, facilities constructed on a terraforming planet are built to withstand the bottom of the pressure of oceans.


Pros: It allows you to make mistakes, which is somewhat more enjoyable than other games of this kind. It is customizable in terms of difficulty and goals. The design is pretty. 

Cons: It could use more complex. The events are transparent cash grabs (or you’ll have to farm ridiculous amounts of points) that never feel good.

The Terragenesis Mod Apk is excellent, generally speaking. But there’s one major problem I’m having concerning the game’s stability. My phone is old, and I’m assuming that there will be some imperfections but, believe me when I say that the app goes down upon me at any time between five minutes and thirty seconds. 

It isn’t enjoyable when you have limited-time events. Recently my game crashed at random times that it wouldn’t allow me to play until it deleted all app data, then reset everything.

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We’ve made a bunch of behind-the-scenes enhancements and bug fixes based on the feedback that you provided. Thanks for playing and as always, happy terraforming!


Version Size Requirements Date
6.30 159M 6.0 and up 23/09/2021
6.19 159M 6.0 and up 23/09/2021
6.16 159M 6.0 and up 23/09/2021
6.11 159M 6.0 and up 23/09/2021
5.12 58M 6.0 and up 28/08/2020
5.8 56M 6.0 and up 19/06/2020
6.09 159M 6.0 and up 23/09/2021

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Applied Patches

  1. When you log in to the game, select one of the locked planets, press the " All Access Ticket (50% discount) " button from the window that opens when you press the buy button, the game can be closed, when you open it again, all the planets will be unlocked. The game may freeze, you just have to close it and open it again.
  2. You can increase your money by using gen points in the game.
  3. Your gen points increase as you spend in the game.
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