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★★★★★ “The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played” – IGN ★★★★★
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The The Bard’s Tale APK was enjoyable enough for me to see it through to the end, and I want to play it again at some point so that I may unlock all of the extra material (including some entertaining songs and artworks) and discover the last two songs. You can easily go to the maximum level in 20–25 hours, and the The Bard’s Tale APK is short enough that you can do so.

What is The Bard’s Tale?

The The Bard’s Tale APK’s main merits are its clever language and amazing voice acting; however, the plot isn’t too bad, and the humour is terrific (yes, I am nearly forty, and I found them hilarious). Combat is a breeze if you’re using a bow and have chosen the easy difficulty setting.

which merely modifies your initial attributes and the number of save slots and shouldn’t interfere with more methodical play. Although the number of available weapons is small, they don’t become obsolete too fast, and the summons provide both fun and practical benefits.

The Bard's Tale APK

It is acceptable to experiment. It’s up to the whim of the administrators to choose the size and quantity of the buffer zones. Fantastic musical creations are very remarkable. Sometimes I perform them right in front of my own eyes. To sum up, I like the The Bard’s Tale APK’s structure, the intensity with which it keeps me engaged, and the laughs it offers.

If you aren’t a high-level, combat-obsessed gamer, you should still give it a go. Try something new every once in a while, even if you are. Despite the passage of three years, I’m giving it another go because, yes, you guessed it, I’m still a fan, you underground bug that lives.

The Story

Despite the passage of three years, I’m giving it another go because, yes, you guessed it, I’m still a fan, you underground bug that lives. My ringtone is still “Goodness, it’s a shame to be you” by the band The Cult. Taking you back to the glory days of gaming from around a decade ago, The Bard’s Tale is a fantastic casual role-playing game.

Your character will likely be seen from above, from a third-person viewpoint. What makes it fun is the fact that both the conversation and the music are really obscene. He is allowed to take sides in a dispute and is not confined to listening in on talks between NPCs.

He can hold his own against the storyteller, and the fact that they appear to dislike each other equally just adds to the entertainment value. The novel takes place in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, so you’ll hear a wide range of Scottish, English, and French accents and pick up plenty of slang from that region.

To be true to form, the Bard must get up a gang to aid in the rescue of a damsel in distress, but he won’t do it for free. I bet that deal gave you a good belly laugh. Along the road, you’ll need to recruit a wide range of creatures, and only then can you determine which are really useful.

unpredictable course of history

After that, you could be thrown into some fascinating situations where you can create significant disturbance. Cliches are used on purpose throughout the The Bard’s Tale APK, but they just contribute to the overall experience. As an added bonus, complications tend to arise along the way. Don’t worry too much about ruining it for them; the offered screen resolutions represent what was commercially available at the time of release.

Everything should seem OK if you choose the maximum resolution available in the same aspect ratio as your screen. Everything looks fantastic on a 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. Twenty years after the original game’s release in 1985, a new version with much improved visuals and audio has been released.

Stack the first game using the menu system and play it for the full vintage feel. By this metric, an RPG-lite game is one that provides a more active experience while still focusing on the story and main characters rather than on treasure, fighting, or the game’s core mechanics. It’s not that the game totally does away with mechanics; rather, it streamlines them so that players coming from a more classic RPG (as opposed to a Japanese RPG) may jump right in.

Original music with vocals

Fantasy role-playing games are parodied or mocked in this film, but the script and performances are so brilliant that you won’t mind (to some degree in the English version). This alone justifies your attendance at the game. Moreover, you won’t believe how firmly established in actuality both the geography and the tales are.

In this The Bard’s Tale APK, the player controls the protagonist, the Bard, and experiences his misfortunes alongside the Storyteller, who sneers at and comments on the Bard’s antics the whole time. There is a clear fourth wall to cross, and the game often gives the idea that what you’re seeing is more of a fiction, or at least a reenactment, than a direct simulation.

The latter, The Bard, is the one who is really living through (or remembering) the narrative, yet I find more of a connection with the former, The Storyteller. As the story’s hero, Bard faces trials and tribulations on his way to saving the princess, but his heart’s desire is not to save the world so much as it is to become rich and have a nice chest of cleavage.

interactive city & rural population

The situation quickly becomes much worse. It might be related to Bard’s next journey. Since watching is your main goal, there is not much to think about. I gave it a good beating, but it seems like a bad plan in the end;

the situation is more of a diversion than a true test, and everything can be cheesed by shooting off-screen enemies with bows, making the most of your dexterity and musicality as a bard to summon a wide variety of allies, and making them stronger through cadence.

The Bard's Tale APK

So, if you want to get the most out of the scenery, take your time. One of the greatest names in the business is one you’ve probably never heard of; after all, does the name Brian Fargo from the game Aftermath seem familiar to you? It’s safe to assume that he’s been instrumental in creating this.

whatever he worked on, and that includes Torture and Wasteland 2, both of which delivered on their excellent Kickstarter promises, without even considering the other outstanding games to which he is inextricably related.

It should put your mind at ease if you were worried about the The Bard’s Tale APK’s writing. Transaction was able to make energy before Kickstarter and their constant improvements, but inXile wasn’t able to do the same.

Achievements and trading cards

But I’m getting off topic; Wikipedia will fill you in if you’re unfamiliar with him. I haven’t tried to do a survey for this The Bard’s Tale APK before since, well, you know. Even without the first three, this is already a significant step forward.

The chart paper maps and 5.25 floppies from my first game are still in existence. After not deleting any of the DVDs from the party I hosted, I now have all three personalities. That I still have them is proof of how much fun those video games were for me.

I could just be a storage nerd if I hear someone messing with the oldies. Having some diagram paper on hand will allow you to create your own maps. Ignore the charlatan’s maps at your peril. You need to print out the Skara Brae information and guidebook and go back to the 1980s.

another classic dungeon crawler

The makers of The Bard’s Tale (2004) understood they had to go above and beyond in order to succeed. The The Bard’s Tale APK is a bit of a cracked fantasy, with a focus on making fun of rather than adding to the already oversaturated fantasy role-playing game market. You play the role of The Bard, a character portrayed by Cary Elwes who values booze, women, and money above survival. He uses his magical abilities for selfish ends.

He hadn’t intended on becoming engaged in an adventure to rescue a hapless damsel and stop the ambitions of an evil sorcerer. Since this makes sense, I expect it will transpire. The story begins here… Crude jokes, snarky remarks, and the odd violation of the fourth wall are the mainstays of the The Bard’s Tale APK. Perhaps you won’t like this, but at least a few of the lines will make you laugh out loud. The dialogue isn’t bad, but it’s also not terrific.

The The Bard’s Tale APK is well-balanced, straightforward, and distinct from its genre in many key respects. Simple hierarchical fighting and the use of summons replace complex tech trees and a large number of talents in The Bard’s Tale.

released in the mid 2000’s

Because of how routine the war has become, it has become one of my top sources of stress. The addition of new summons and the occasional weapon revamp help to keep things fresh, but other parts of the game just appear to exist to pad the length of the The Bard’s Tale APK and increase your experience.

I had a great time playing this The Bard’s Tale APK, which had some creative mental tasks and humorous soundtracks while I explored a novel Scottish fantasy environment. If you’re a fan of the series but prefer the classics, this bundle includes the first three games in the 1980s Bard’s Tale series.

I haven’t played them, but I’ve been told that The Bard’s Tale (2004) is quite different from the other games in the series. I seldom find video games that I like enough to play all the way through several times, but with four games in one, this could hold you over till the release of the recently funded The Bard’s Tale IV.

Battle role-playing games are in scarce supply. Because of it, you may count this as one of them. The The Bard’s Tale APK’s fantastic voice acting, beautiful music, and amusing banter never fail to put a smile on my face.

The story is about a Bard

A group of noobs “ask” you to join them on an epic journey, where you’ll start out poorly equipped, face more difficult foes as you level up, and maybe end up with the lady and a happy ending. Nonetheless, playing the The Bard’s Tale APK indicates that things aren’t that bright and instead look to worsen in this scenario.

You get to witness the good side of being a murderous misanthrope as you cheerfully stab, shoot, and zap your way through a magnificent fantasy setting with a Scottish and Norse theme… The outstanding writing keeps you interested and on your toes even if you lose focus of the tale or attempt to go in a different direction.

Both the sword and the bow are good choices; I beat the game with both. Anyone who appreciates classic role-playing games but yearns for a satirical spin on the genre must look no farther than this The Bard’s Tale APK.

It’s a fantastic way to pass the time, and it works well on both PC and Android. We will never get over the death of Tony Jay, who was outstanding in his voice-acting parts. The voice acting in video games and TV programmes is consistently excellent. If for no other reason than to hear his incredible voice and hilarious dry wit, you should give it a try.

Bard who is recruited on a quest to free a princess

Much appreciation to InXile! You’ve made a veteran roleplayer’s day. In the hilarious role-playing game The Bard’s Tale, you play as The Bard, a guy with an enormous ego and a penchant for making bad decisions in his pursuit of wealth and cleavage.

The lute, and subsequently other instruments, may be used to summon help from nearby townsfolk (this is done by choosing from a menu; no genuine instrument playing is included). A great storyteller makes fun of Shakespeare in a subtle but effective way.

The Bard's Tale APK

It took me 24 hours to finish the main objective and all the side missions, and I had to run through the game three times to earn all the achievements, but the The Bard’s Tale APK is wonderful and entertaining overall.

First of all, I don’t believe little kids would like playing this The Bard’s Tale APK. It can be fun for the elderly to play. It’s important to remember that this isn’t the original “Bard’s Tale,” and it’s not even the 2004 remake. All right, here are the game’s benefits and drawbacks:

There are several different endings

Benefits: The narrator and Shakespeare engage in some humorous back-and-forth. There are a number of required assignments as well as several side quests. Clearly, the jokes are making you roll around on the floor laughing. You may access bonus content like artwork and music by clicking on a secret option in the menu. Now here comes the “Throw Triplet”!

Despite being the first of three games, the warning states that “the games are typically really quick, cooperative, and only allow you to use console on them.” images that are a little on the dated side (it didn’t bother me, but others may not agree). You can only laugh so many times at the same joke.

The original three-piece is fragile and difficult to use. Crushing is to be expected when venturing to the very edge of the playing field. Overall, a fantastic, simple game with humorous interactions between the narrator, the bard, and other NPCs seen around the world. It’s entertaining to watch the The Bard’s Tale APK.

Fights later on may be incredibly unbalanced because of the game’s archaic gameplay, which features a lot of stunlocking (from both you and your adversaries). As though in response to this, there are safe spots around every 5 feet.

There are several songs throughout the The Bard’s Tale APK

In several confrontations, I’ve been able to maintain my strength and damage output by sitting with my back to the wall and repeatedly utilising the parry and counterattack combo. On occasion, I’ve been killed in combat after being charged into a stunlock. This The Bard’s Tale APK makes fun of the typical RPG mission requirements by having the main character joke about how ridiculous climbing an impassable peak is but then having the player do it anyway.

The comedy in “The Bard’s Tale” elevates it above the average RPG. The The Bard’s Tale APK’s main draw is its narrative. It makes fun of the typical tropes of the fantasy genre. This is not a game you want to play as a noble knight, but rather as a drunken bard. The experience itself desires him, despite the fact that he has no need for it. When it comes to gameplay, you may think of it as a more relaxed, casual RPG. minimal, enjoyable, and repeating battles

There is not much to the level’s design. The voice acting and the music were both outstanding. Unfortunately, they increased the number of achievements, and completing them will have minimal impact on the game. But if you simply want to relax, this is a good game to play. As an aside, I should mention that an in-game emulator for the first three “Bard’s Tale” games from the Commodore era has been included. The iconic actor Robert Downey Jr. stars in his own role-playing video game.

graphically lacking by today’s standards

Despite the fact that it has neither the continuing interactions nor the plot of the previous three Bard’s Tale games, it is nonetheless excellent. With so many different summons and pieces of equipment to try out, the game’s gameplay is certain to be engaging all the way to the conclusion.

The The Bard’s Tale APK doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the Bard maintains a laid-back attitude throughout—something I could have done without at first but eventually came to like. Some of the jokes land and others fall flat, but that’s alright at a time when many studios either think they’re too mature to put in any real effort into their games and instead produce grimdark garbage or else mistakenly assume that loading their games full of Ebin 9GAG memes would make them funny.

There are a number of good musical pieces in the game, and each summon is activated by playing a short passage on your instrument. It’s a brilliant concept to have the music evolve as you learn more instruments and more complex versions of your summoning.


The Bard’s Tale’s gameplay immediately reveals that it has little in common with the iconic C64 game of the same name and is instead an active pretending game with significant parallels to Baldur’s Gate: Dull Collusion and Champions of Norrath.

From a bird’s-eye view, you and your bard must cut your way past hordes of enemies to reach the summit, where the beautiful princess is being kept captive by the scoundrel Fionnoach. The The Bard’s Tale APK is easy to play.

The Bard's Tale APK

After choosing your weapons with the easy-to-use ring menus, you slowly attack enemies like wolves or trows, which look like trolls. You can cast a spell like “recovering” or play a tune on your enchanted lute to call up a buddy using the ring menu system. When defeated, foes not only drop silver pieces that may be used to purchase new weapons and armour in towns but also provide experience points.

The legend’s base statistics and skill set are both improved and expanded upon as you go. The Bard’s Tale is an action role-playing game like Diablo, but instead of demons and dark settings, it is set in a mostly happy world where comedy is everywhere, making it a fun distraction.


You’ll meet all kinds of singing goblins and have amusing miscommunications with your own personal bard, who doesn’t need to explore so much as get bedridden as you go through the game. It’s a lot of fun to take on the role of a corrupt villain in a comedic setting, but the game’s mechanics are showing their age.

To anyone who enjoyed classic active RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norrath on consoles, as well as those who like hilarious storylines that don’t take themselves too seriously, I highly recommend this The Bard’s Tale APK. It’s not a game I’d recommend to anybody looking for anything really groundbreaking or innovative in the here and now, nor to those seeking a challenging experience in terms of gameplay.

The three individual Bard’s Tale games were fan favourites on my old C64, so that’s why I bought this collection. Despite having very minor similarities to the original series, I was pleasantly delighted by the updated version. In a hilarious satire of typical sword and sorcery RPGs, The Bard’s Tale displays a keen intellect. Since Carey Elwes voices the Bard’s parts, the writers made sure to give lots of shout-outs to “The Princess Lady of the Hour.”

The The Bard’s Tale APK may not be cutting-edge in terms of gameplay or visuals, but it is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the majority of the bloated, predictable passages in the fantasy gaming genre. like a jewel of great value that was overlooked.


Playing The Bard’s Tale is great fun. There are plenty of corny jokes and catchy tunes. A well-thought-out experience game lies beneath the comical exterior.The pacing is consistent; you never have to wait too long between improvements, and neither are the changes to your library of “songs” too drastic.

I had a sense of familiarity with the “feel” of the game, which brought back fond memories of playing story-driven games full of hidden Easter eggs and other fun challenges. Some of the game’s dialogue positions you as the villain and the narrator (who has a great voice, by the way) as the hero.

The Bard's Tale APK

This hilarious and excellent game is underappreciated, which is why I took the time to write a review for it. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t even in the same league as Diablo. You aren’t going to rush through a bunch of stuff to choose between the faster sword with less power and the more impressive cape that’s a little slower.

You won’t have to make any tough choices like “should I rescue the woman or do I save the town?” The role-playing elements are dull and unimaginative. The search also won’t require a huge time commitment. You will, however, be involved in every aspect of your (brief) endeavor.


The only thing you need to worry about is making progress; it’s funny, weird, and stress-free in every other way. The only things you may expect are things you can prepare in a natural way or things that magically transform into gold. (However, you should still have a peek at what these items are; sometimes the answer is amusing.)

Your old sword will turn to gold, and even brand new ones will be naturally prepared when you consider them all as one. These aren’t dazzling layouts for high-quality multiplayer experiences. However, in this The Bard’s Tale APK, which you play by yourself, they are absolute lifesavers.

Classic Substance was a great game, but I still have no idea how to play it. Even though I would recommend it to both old and new readers, I would caution anybody who doesn’t want to read about or identify with a boorish, unrefined, male protagonist not to bother. Anyway, I can assure you that everyone despises him, including the narrator, and that the “fourth wall” jokes, which may be utterly preposterous at times, made me laugh out loud.

However, the The Bard’s Tale APK’s potentially offensive sense of humour and lighter comedy revolve around the misery and damnation the Bard must endure to “rescue” the “princess.” Again, no spoilers, but it makes me laugh. I doubt I’m even 1% done. This game is very great. Its graphics aren’t awful for the time they were made, and I like the vibe they give.


The “Nonpartisan Closure,” while semi-dim, is somewhat entertaining, and I loved the dance off with the zombies vs. skeleton zombies (a.k.a., the “You Got Served” scene). They aren’t exactly throwbacks, but they evoke a sense of nostalgia all the same. The voice acting is excellent, and the story is fantastic.

Your choices in response can have a big or small impact on the outcome. There are multiple problems, including one that has halted my progress four hours in, which I am exceedingly sad about, but at the same time, I love this The Bard’s Tale APK.

The Bard's Tale APK

Also, hello, every excellent game has flaws; due to them, it is possible to complete The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under thirty minutesove this The Bard’s Tale APK. Also, hello, every excellent game has flaws; due to them, it is possible to complete The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under thirty minutes.

Who doesn’t appreciate errors? I originally played this game way back in the 1990s and loved it. And for someone like me, who plays for the experience and the pretending but has never been a master at battle, the simplicity of the cheat system is mind-blowing; it doesn’t require altering or even using the console.


I’ve decided to start playing some of my library of games from the prime of RPGs, and this is still timelessly awesome. It’s a plus if you think money should be spent and don’t want to worry about getting better or dying; personally, however, I’d play it simply for the pure amusement and joy of the conversation and the plot.

The Bard’s Tale: A Quest for Coin and Cleavage is a strange sequel to the inventive book series Bard’s Tale, which followed a bard on his way to saving the day with an enchanted lute.The third game in the series appears to be a typical top-down 3D pretending game with stats, new weapons, and magic on the surface.

The game’s mechanics are also rather straightforward: fight enemies with weapons, get money, level up, and so on. The Song System is one of the best parts of the game. With the help of magical instruments, the Bard can call forth a wide range of allies who can help them in battle, speed up their recovery, disable traps, lead them to hidden treasures, light up dark corners, and even act as great little bolt meat shields.

Regardless, the game’s plot and music are its greatest strengths. The idea is straightforward: a man is picked to free a princess from captivity by removing the wizard’s spell. The only problem is that this self-proclaimed “legend” is almost certainly the worst a-hole on the planet. If the game’s subtitle is “A Quest for Coin and Cleavage,” then you already know what you’re in for. The only things the bard is interested in are wealth and sexual satisfaction.


The The Bard’s Tale APK’s initial objective is really just an excuse for Bard to hook up with a hot bartender. extremely hospitable, and that’s not even the best part. The Insidious and Pleasant Discourse System allows the player to make choices during the encounter that will make the Bard come out as either a nice guy or the worst jerk ever.

Although the jokes are plentiful, it’s worth noting that your interactions with Devious and Pleasant will influence which objectives you can complete, making some of them more difficult or even impossible to complete.Holy Christ, what a funny picture!

There is just one term to describe the style of writing in The Bard’s Tale: satire. The whole game’s music and writing are spoofs of the fantasy and RPG genres. Examples: the typical “rats in the basement” music that plays on the first objective of every fantasy game.

In The Bard’s Tale, however, the rat reaches the size of a house and can breathe fire. You’ve probably noticed that the “Chosen One” trope is often used in fantasy media, with that character always being the hero. The fact that there are so many destined heroes serves as a recurring joke in this The Bard’s Tale APK.


The combination of a kind spirit and a dire necessity When I round a corner, there seems to be another musical act, and they all seem to be funny and well-done. If you’re still not convinced to buy the The Bard’s Tale APK after reading this far, here’s one more thing I can say to you:

Convey Elwes, Robin of Loxley, and Fear Privateer Roberts himself provide their voices to Shakespeare, while the late Tony Jay provides his for the critical storyteller. They also fight a lot. However, if you’re looking for a fun parlour game from the past, I heartily endorse this gem. In this case, you really must be an anus.

The new game is essentially a reimagining of the classic Bard’s Tale series, continuing The Bard’s adventures as he con artists his way through a fantasy world populated by goblins, fairies, and monsters, stealing their money and occasionally crushing them.During one particularly terrifying encounter, the Bard learns about the bondage of a beautiful princess named Caleigh.

At first, he doesn’t think it’s worth the trouble to come to her rescue, but then he finds out how wealthy and sexually experienced she is. Inspired by visions of financial stability and daily fellatio, The Bard sets out to eliminate the three dishonest Guardians responsible for Caleigh’s imprisonment.


If you thought the narrative seemed completely predictable, that’s wonderful. Actually, that is the whole idea. Story-wise, The Bard’s Tale is a kind of ironic iconoclasm directed at the fantasy RPG crowd, as its goal is to expose and then eliminate every annoyance about obsolete RPG elements that modern players tend to overlook.

Why, when we have a long list of reasons to pursue and slay them, should we fight them to the brink of death just to have them flee in a noninteractive cut scene? For what purpose do wild animals inexplicably drop cash and stuff in the afterlife? For what reason are princesses subsequently wonderful and exposed sorcerors inherently terrible?

Assume, via model, that the Bard wanders through a dark woodland and observes a standoff between a minute, evil-looking troll and a young, adventurous, and fearless-seeming ranch child. The youngster announces that he is the saviour, the legendary hero who will bring balance to the world and set free the notoriously horrible area. The Anointed One is silenced as a bolt is fired through his forehead, killing him instantly.


The creators of The Bard’s Tale, Brian Fargo and Matthew Findley, have a love-hate relationship with the RPG genre and seem to take great pleasure in both praising and criticising its tropes, which you’ll see a lot of in the game. It would seem that they get the same kind of enjoyment out of putting on musical performances. There are roughly six full-on songs in The Bard’s Tale, such as “Lager, Brew, Brew” and “Misfortune Ogun (The Chosen One Song)” and “You Got Served,” a dance-off between zombies and skeletons in the manner of the classic film.

If a video of this sequence from The Bard’s Tale were available on YouTube, I would share it in its entirety to give you a flavour of the book’s wit. The The Bard’s Tale APK’s strongest moments come from the Bard (voiced by Cary “As You Wish” Elwes) and the Storyteller.

This is in addition to the musical pieces and the sarcastic look at RPGs in general (Tony “Megabyte” Jay). The two actors sometimes deliver their lines as if they haven’t considered their specific situation (at one point, Elwes, instead of angrily shouting, “Presently I’M making it happen!” delivers the line as a revelation: “Presently I’m doing. “), but they generally infuse the game with a lot of character.

The humor in this game is awesome.

Summoning monsters and engaging in battles will take up the majority of your time early in the game. After that, you may choose to engage in some light combat and then call upon your monster allies.

From then on, there will be battles and summonings, then a mixture of battles and summonings, and finally, a final portion of battles and summonings. At that point, you’ll enter PvP by calling forth monsters and engaging human opponents.

The Bard's Tale APK

In The Bard’s Tale, the focus is squarely on the action. Most of the game consists of travelling from one location to another, summoning monsters to aid you in combat, and engaging various foes in a variety of skirmishes and even full-on battles.

The resulting game is reminiscent of a mashup of Diablo and Glove due to its hierarchical viewpoint and lack of a stock system.However, it’s not nearly as entertaining as that analogy suggests. For the first four or five hours of The Bard’s Tale, you’ll be laughing your head off as you merrily hack and slash your way through waves of enemies in pursuit of the next massive comedy setpiece or scathing dialogue exchange.

The The Bard’s Tale APK is not too long and not too short.

Still, The Bard’s Tale loses some of its lustre at the six-hour point. As time progresses, the player understands that there is more to the game than just fighting enemies and collecting loot, and the experience starts to seem more like a trial of willpower.

The gamer will always be wondering, “How far am I willing to go merely for interesting cut scenes and exchanges?” But maybe I’m being a little too critical in general. However, the emphasis on fighting in The Bard’s Tale does provide room for a rather sophisticated kind of speech.

The Bard has the option of being “decent” or “snarky” in every given discourse. The game wisely opts not to favour any certain reaction style over another; acting like a gentleman may often get you just as far as a respectable guy, but you’ll probably have more fun if you talk like one.

Can you benefit from buying it? Perhaps. If you’re really into old-school PC RPGs, that expansion alone could be worth the $19.99 price tag since it contains all three of the original Bard’s Tale titles. Otherwise, you may safely ignore it. I like the The Bard’s Tale APK and appreciate its attempt to subvert traditional role-playing game narratives, but there are times when it becomes absolutely tiresome.

The Bard’s Tale

An Account from the Bard The RPG experience game ARPG: A Quest for Coin and Cleavage has an uncommonly lofty viewpoint for its period. If you want to save money, you should get Wasteland. The Chief’s Cut (Computerized Select Release) instead, since it includes this game at no extra cost.

The storyline is OK but nothing special, but that’s beside the point. A parody of the RPG genre rather than a serious game, its comedic elements are what make it stand out. Interactivity is exceptionally simple; quick to attack and slow to defend.The only really decisive choice is which of your summoned pals to use in any given circumstance.

The problem was that I sometimes used the easiest difficulty option (out of simple, typical, and old school) and found it to be too easy. The problem is that you can’t change your “single shot” choice after it has already been made at the game’s earliest reference point.

Playing on “Old School” is probably worth it in my  opinion, since “Typical” is usually too simple and I rarely ever use the Ancient rarity summons. The “Old School” approach also considers perfect reward realisation when the difficulty attainment towards the game’s end returns to more manageable levels.

The fighting mechanics

The visuals are fantastic, going above and beyond what the game requires, but the audio is a letdown. This game really shines in its audio, particularly the voice acting (and back and forth) between the storyteller and the bard. The replay has almost no value.Although there are a few grey areas in the storyline, the story is straightforward.

The Bard's Tale APK

Issues and bugs: The The Bard’s Tale APK is notoriously sluggish due to a well-documented problem (the entire game feels like you are going through a remedy). I think it has to do with the fact that it ignores your graphics card in favour of the CPU on the motherboard. On one occasion, when shutting down, the system became completely unresponsive and had to be reset manually.

combination with the Steam stage, Steam achievements, and Steam card trading for those who are interested. (I understand the accomplishments were introduced at some point in the recent past, which may explain the very low completion percentages.)

As for whether or not cash should be an incentive, that’s up for debate. In any case, if you’re looking to buy it on its own, I’d say it’s overpriced, especially when you consider that the first of the three Bard’s Tale sets is also included.

Why should you play the game?

The recommended option for obtaining this title is to purchase The Wasteland 2: Chief’s Cut (Computerized Luxurious Release), which includes this game at no extra cost. The Bard’s Tale is a fantastic casual role-playing game that makes fun of many of the traditional RPG cliches without ever going over the top with itself. It’s dated now (even the remastered version) and hasn’t aged very well; the third-person perspective, which is used most of the time, isn’t particularly immersive, and neither are the game’s visuals or its controls.

The sexually suggestive dialogue and music lyrics are what make it so endearing. The Bard is the “legend” of the game, although “miscreant slime” is perhaps a more accurate description. The Bard may have many comic exchanges with the NPCs, and he can even engage in some witty back-and-forth with the storyteller, who appears to despise the Bard.


Though the language is easily understandable, I don’t think it’s appropriate for very young children. The social sensitivity unit is sure to find something to criticise. The setting is a fantastical one, but there are also Scottish accents and Irish place names in there, and the French are portrayed in a less than flattering light at one point. Although I have trouble getting into the various renditions of “It’s Misfortune to Be You,” the singing Trow does help me remember the Oompa Loompa’s.

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