Traffix MOD APK v7.1 (MOD, Full Version Game) free on android


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Traffix is a minimalist traffic management game where you need to manage the traffic flow by turning on/off the traffic lights.
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June 9, 2021
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Traffix MOD APK v7.1 (MOD, Full Version Game) free on android

traffix mod apk is a minimalist traffic management game where you need to manage the traffic flow by turning on/off the traffic lights.

You must control the traffic light to keep the drivers safe and maintain peace. Start fighting chaos all over the world in this traffic simulation experience.

You know, it’s the rush hour of traffic. What could be enjoyable doing it? The challenge of doing the impossible is always entertaining. I’m discovering a distinct rhythm to every city’s traffic. It’s there, and once you find out it, the impossible becomes feasible. Keep in mind that you don’t need to do anything to gain dopamine and endorphins. 

This traffix mod apk is great for entertaining and makes me feel a part of the work of a traffic officer. I love the scenarios where a car is unable to make it across safely, and then there are moments where I want to throw my cellphone across the floor as I’ve caused an accident as a result of the slight delay. It is a great game to play.

I loved it—a very simple and difficult game. I’ve completed all levels, except for three levels where I cannot get three stars, and I can’t even get into chaos mode. I want to thank the creators for bringing the idea to life and making it simpler and more challenging. I enjoyed the game’s ability to play with color blindness. One suggestion is to create a dark theme mode to ensure that we could play in the dark with less stress since it’s got the background of 80% white.

Features Of Traffix MOD APK

It’s a well-made game, with a straightforward goal, easy controls, and a very difficult overall. It’s all about attention management but also a bit of timing. The graphics are perfect for serving the purpose, but they’re not too attractive or distracting. It’s sometimes easy to find the rhythm of solving an issue. However, at other times, it’s difficult to master your eye movements and fingers. 

The latest update: Internet is not required to play anymore. A great game to relax, and a big thank you to the game’s creator for making it work. What is the reason I have to connect? Why is that? It’s fun to play when you can play. But, I’m not sure why I have to join a web server while playing. Do not download this game if you plan to play in the air. 

I could play for hours on this traffix mod apk and not become bored. However, there’s a problem that, sometimes, when you press an indicator to allow only one car to pass, the vehicle in front can also go through, meaning you’ll have two cars coming through, which could lead to accidents.

It takes a little or an hour to master the traffix mod apk and is ideal for travel and bus stops. It takes about 30 seconds to master and only a little brainpower to play wherever. A suggestion is to put the “go back to level select” button on the “normal/chaos” selection screen. I’m sure I can normally hit and then pause. However, it’s not necessary. I’m still in the early stages of the traffix mod apk, but I’m not making use of this feature as much, and I’m rather annoyed that I’m not able to double-tap to let two cars go (without taping a third).

How To Play Traffix mod apk

Wow, what a great exercise for stress, especially when you are stuck on a particular level, which makes you wonder what you can’t control about your other lanes.  Completed the game within 2hours(would like to see more content) Bug: If you click on the signal to allow one car to pass exactly as the car behind the vehicle I let through slows down, and the car behind it is following, allowing two cars to move through. (Caused me to be involved in several accidents) Also, the night mode is more pleasant for the eyes.

Tap the traffic light on the right time to change its color and manage the highway. It works just like a normal traffic light with green, yellow and red colors. You will find cars, a bus or a van in almost every city. There are cities featuring a truck, a train, and even a plane. Your job? Make sure they don’t crash. Calming: Traffix will not force you to think too hard. Each new city will amaze your senses and help you to relax.

The visual features of Traffix are very simple and minimalist, but some cities can turn very tricky! The slightest distraction can cause a big crash. Everybody hates traffic. Even when it is minimalist, like on Traffix. Now there is a way to control chaos and spread some peace to the streets. On Traffix you are the highway manager. Each city will deliver a different dose of stress and chaos. By tapping the traffic lights at the right time, you can control the flow and avoid raging drivers.

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Fixed minor bugs.


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