Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK No Overheating 1.6.60 1.6.60

Survive the apocalypse and play this zombie survival game. Unleash hellfire into the dead from your gunner seat in the AC 130 Gunship Simulator. In a world where most of the population is dead or turned zombie, a few men trained in zg survival games picked up real weapons to fight the zombie army attack.
May 6, 2020
4.3 and up
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Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK is an activity shooter, a zombie game! Endure the end times and play this activity zombie endurance game. Release damnation into the dead from your weapon transport seat in the AC 130. In this present reality where a large portion of the populace transformed into zombies, a couple of survivors battle the zombie assaults from a tactical tasks base.

There has been a ton of development in this game throughout the long term. It is engaging and habit-forming. The interactivity is fundamental however the occasions and goals keep things new. The designers have been imaginative which has kept this game significant. On occasion it can feel like a compensation to play yet late changes have offset the capacity to do well without fundamentally expecting to lay out boatloads of money.


Develop your protections in your base as the last haven for endurance. Help your ground troops total their goals from your ac 130 gunship. The zg endurance of your crew against the strolling zombies lays on your shoulders. Generally the game is perfect, I truly love the part of being in a tactical vehicle obliterating zombies in the Apocalypse. My main two protests would be the container opening stand by time and the sluggish crushing rate.

A significant chunk of time must pass to get anything beneficial and the container opening time can be exceptionally irritating particularly when you’re simply in the game just to have a good time. Generally speaking the designs are astounding, the game has extraordinary mechanics, and by and large I would download it once more.

Features Of Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK

Prepare your AC 130 gunship with undead successful weapons and update them for additional harm and spread your conflict wings! Shoot zombies from above to protect your military. Plunder valuable assets, gold and different prizes, take them back to base and fabricate your safeguard to repulse zombie attacks in this zg endurance game

– Give air backing to your soldiers from a mounted weapon against the dead swarms of zombies. Plan your central goal prior to conveying your soldiers to accomplish most extreme productivity
– Play Assault, Demolition, Sniper and Scout. Prepare and redesign reasonable weapons.
– Military precise infrared night vision with testing first individual shooter battle situations from your heavy weapons specialist seat.
– Zombies with a few unnerving skills undermine your crew’s wellbeing. Difficult to kill titan zombs will be a test to your shooter capacities and represent a gamble to zg endurance.
– Gather gold and different awards to fabricate better guards in your sanctuary. Overhaul your pinnacle guards, blockades and weapons to shield your military base against attacks from the undead in this zombie shooting match-up.
– Shoot the most zombies in week by week occasions for amazing prizes!



Applied patches

no overheating

What's new

- NEW TROOP WEAPON: FMS-G2 assault rifle
- New 24 hours weapon crate Ad Reward
- Fixed an issue causing the game to load indefinitely after exiting the Shop
- Fixed various display issues with texts in multiple languages
- Fixed a couple of objectives not unlocking properly
- Lowered the rank requirement to unlock the AK-47 assault rifle


Version Size Requirements Date
1.6.69 48M 4.3 and up 06/05/2020
1.5.14 48M 4.3 and up 06/05/2020
1.4.14 49M 4.3 and up 15/08/2019
1.4.8 49M 4.3 and up 18/07/2019