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Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2 is here, and it's better than ever! In a large tropical habitat teeming with food and predators at every turn, immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic recreation of a tiger's existence. Discover the most expansive environment we've ever made and go hunting to satisfy your tiger's hunger and thirst.
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Package Name Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2
Developer Gluten Free Games LLC
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 3.0
Size Varies with device
Requirements 4.4
Last Update Dec 04, 2023
Date Update 19-Feb-2023
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Average Rating 3.2/5
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Downloads 325
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Supported Platforms Android

Play as the Great Tiger in a Detailed Jungle Environment

Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2 is here, and it’s better than ever! In a large tropical habitat teeming with food and predators at every turn, immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic recreation of a tiger’s existence. Discover the most expansive environment we’ve ever made and go hunting to satisfy your tiger’s hunger and thirst.

Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2 MOD APK

Hyper-Realistic Simulation

Never before has the forest been so alive! In the most realistic animal simulator to date, explore a landscape rich in plant and animal life and engage in intense hunting.

New alert system

Your tiger’s hunts will be more covert and expert thanks to the new alert system. Avoid attracting the attention of surrounding animals as you move silently through the jungle and respond promptly to any efforts to flee.

New combat system

Your battles will now include a new degree of expertise thanks to the omnidirectional dodge system. To prevent being hurt, react fast to your opponents’ strikes.

New Relationship Structure

Develop deeper ties with your tigers with the new relationship and personality system. Your pack values bravery and kindness, which may change lives. Tigers that work well together might obtain an advantage when hunting.

Growing Family

Have up to 10 tigers in your pack! Find tiger packs that are willing to accept you by passing their tasks. Play as your new tiger to help them level up and get along better with the rest of the family.

Tigers, both young and old

Raise tiger cubs in this new era of tiger cubs to become teenagers and adult members of your pack.

New Customizations

More customization choices let you fine-tune your tiger’s appearance. Change your tiger’s stature and ear size to reflect his or her unique personality.

New boss battles

Enjoy epic boss battles against enormous jungle rulers with brand new mechanics.

Boost Your Stats and Skills

To unlock stat boosts and special abilities, level up your tiger and gain experience. Tigers will gain specific powers like healing, tracking, and fighting prowess as they develop their skills.

New Den Crafting

Build animal traps and watering holes to provide a steady supply of yummy treats for your pack, and gather resources to enhance and decorate your dens.

Huge Open-World Jungle

Every blade of grass and tree in the world has been manually placed, creating a more realistic and meaningful environment for you to explore.

Realistic Seasonal Changes and Weather

Feel the winds of change as the seasons and weather shift.

Amazing, detailed creatures

Experience the brand-new animals of the jungle, with enhanced intelligence and animations and species-specific action trees that will transport you to our most complex world to date.

Better Next-Generation Graphics

Enjoy AAA PC-class visuals in a mobile simulator, with models and textures that have been painstakingly tuned to achieve an unmatched level of visual fidelity.

Optional Blood Effects

With parental permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism.

Gluten-Free Promise

Enjoy the complete game without interruptions or extra costs.

Try your luck as a wild tiger in our updated simulation by downloading Ultimate Tiger Simulator 2. Check out our other animal simulators if you like life as a tiger. Give us a holler and let us know what you’d want to see in the next installment of the series! For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



What's new

+ Improved Texture Resolutions
+ Fixed mate behaviors and movement
+ Fixed crash when breeding
+ Raise the max level to 200
+ Removed breeding restrictions
+ Improved mate panel to auto-fill available mates
+ Fixed issue with bosses growing infinitely stronger
+ MANY bug fixes
+ Upgraded compatibility with newer Android APIs

Applied Patches

when you reach the 5th level in the game, you can distribute all your points as you want, your skill points will always increase, not decrease.