An action game is a video game that emphasizes physical challenges, such as quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Fighting games, beat them ups, first-person shooters, and even performance-based games are all subgenres of the genre. Action games can also include multi-player online battle arenas and currently-playing system games.

Typically, the player takes control of a fictitious character who acts as a hero or a symbol in an action game. The player is tasked with guiding their character through a level where they must collect items, avoid hazards, and combat enemies using the character’s unique skills and a variety of weapons and instruments.

Typically, the last boss of a level or set of stories is a boss character with tremendous evil power and difficulty that the player must conquer to progress in the game.

The health and number of lives of the player character deplete as they take damage from enemies, and the game ends when the player has no more lives left.