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September 14, 2021
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Actraiser Renaissance is a game that combines 2D gameplay (Realm Acts) and a simulation of city-building (Realm Management). in the ultimate fight between good and evil. It featured the music that shook the gaming world when it was first released and composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro. Help humanity prospers by playing with the Lord of Light and their faithful Angel in the world plagued by evil.

NEW FEATURES Of Actraiser Renaissance

  • Remastered 2D graphics play the game in stunning HD
  • Fifteen brand new tracks of music and remixed original tracks composed created by Actraiser composer Yuzo Koshiro!
  • Recent stories, expanded game modes for action and management of the realm, additional action scenes, a brand-new world, and powerful new bosses!
  • Automatic save and levels of difficulty


Realm Acts Use strategic casting of powerful fire or magical ice effects in these 2D action scenes. Humans return to claim the realm once you’ve conquered these levels, allowing you to start cultivating your settlements.

The ability to add new features that were not present in the original game is now available, along with the capability to avoid. The players can also attack using upward and downward movements for the most dynamic experience. You’ll require every new technique you can find to beat stronger bosses in the current activity levels.

Realm Management:

Help the world prosper by establishing your settlements and providing guidance. Utilize your magical abilities to summon lightning and cause earthquakes to eliminate obstacles such as trees or boulders that hinder your preferred development. 

You can play as you are the Lord Of Light’s Angel and utilize your powerful bow and arrows to drive away from the evil beasts who prey on your population. Guard your homes against attacks by enemies in battles that are real-time and strategic.

The location of your forts and the timing of your miracles are essential to winning these battles. Explore new stories of humankind’s struggle to overcome their weaknesses and shortcomings as they grow to accept each other and become stronger.

Explore the vast world of the future and build your settlements longer than ever before! In total, these new stories are more than double the amount of story that is on the page in its original.


Are you tired of defending and educating your villager? The first Actraiser music composer Yuzo Koshiro has modified all of the original tracks and has added 15 additional tracks. Players can enjoy the original soundtrack and switch between the altered versions as they play the game. 

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