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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
Innersloth LLC
November 11, 2021
170.8 MB
6.0 and up
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Package Name Among Us MOD APK
Developer Innersloth LLC
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2022.8.24
Size 170.8 MB
Requirements 6.0 and up
Last Update Dec 09, 2023
Date Update November 11, 2021
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Average Rating 3.6/5
Page Views 45,496,660
Downloads 12,637,961
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Supported Platforms Android

Among Us MOD APK (MOD, Full Game Unlocked) – Among Us amazed me. I didn’t have a clue about this game existed until one of my companions encouraged me to get it and I’m happy I did. Among Us is a secret job derivation game where up to 10 players are setting up their boat. You can either be haphazardly be a crewmate or a sham. Crewmates are given a rundown of errands, which can either be speedy or long, that they ought to do.


While they’re voyaging by and large around the guide, keeping their eyes open is key as they can stroll past a dead body, even stroll in on the faker doing sham just activities, and ensuring that emergency are dealt with. In the event that you find a dead body, you’ll get the choice to report it and be shipped off the conversation table so you can hand-off where you found it, who perhaps was nearby or left, and hear what the others need to say comparable to vindications.

You can likewise cast a ballot who you think the sham is and on the off chance that the larger part concurs, they’ll get launched out. However, you can stir things up around town meeting button on the off chance that you have some delicious data. In the event that you end up being killed, or wrongly casted a ballot off, you can in any case tackle your errands. Dead crewmates incomplete errands actually include in everybody’s joined consummation bar.


There are likewise regions where you can freely screen everybody with security cams, a heart screen, or locators that freely recognize the number of individuals that are in a room or the limits they passed. Yea, I disdain the public entryways. I’m too modest to even think about attempting to make companions and play this game with them, quit playing this game because at whatever point.

I attempted to join a hall it was either full even though the game said 7/10 individuals were in that anteroom, or it just wouldn’t allow me to enter the match, at whatever point I could join a hall however when the game began the vast majority left and I needed to find another campaign, I just surrendered and uninstalled it, there are many better games out there in any case. In the meantime, frauds need to mix in.

Story And Missions

They’re given a rundown of phony errands so they can go to the station and imagine they’re making it happen, yet you will not really get the screen. Obviously, you want to ensure that no one notification that the common fruition bar isn’t moving while you’re not kidding”. In the event that you trust you and a crewmate are distant from everyone else, and ideally nobody will come close to the corner, you can kill them and widdle down the incinerate’s numbers (expecting the cooldown is finished).

You can likewise attack the crewmates by locking entryways and causing emergency that will kill the crewmates in the event that they don’t manage it or hamper them like bringing down their perceivability. You can likewise hop into vents to rapidly escape a region and behave like you thoroughly weren’t there or stow away and unexpectedly leap out when a poor solitary sole strolls along. Ideally, nobody strolls in on you or keep everybody’s doubts off you and on another person.


I really got this game in the late spring deal for a dollar, some time before it exploded the damnation. However, I figured I had no companions to play it with so I never looked at it as of not long ago sadge. I at long last offered it a chance due to how large it is currently and goodness, I can see the reason why it is doing so well. It is modest and truly open, I think there is likewise crossplay with the free variant on portable.

The interactivity is perfect and simple to get the hang of, with assortment too since there are three distinct guides and serveral settings you can join or set to. You function as the need might arise to finish responsibilities while attempting to get by from the sham killing you. The sham, where it be one, a few are the ones who attempt to mix in and guilefully attempt to take out the team. Dead bodies and crisis gatherings are accounted for and held where you talk about and can cast a ballot individuals off contingent upon how the conversation goes, attempting to support your team while outing the sham.

Graphics and Sound

The game is fun on the two sides however I really do rest on being the sham, as does the vast majority I expect as a lot of times while getting going a match, two or three individuals truly do will generally leave since they are not the fraud, so maybe something to check individuals from leaving would be great.

There is obviously parts of trust and double dealing as you stunt and untruth your way all through the game, killing individuals at specific spot or certain times, denouncing others and thinking of plausible excuses. I in all actuality do likewise adore the plan of them and the amination of them going around is really charming.

A lot of customisations are accessible too with a ton free ensembles accessible and paid yet at the same time beautiful modest to snatch, which is perfect to show further help to the designers. I’ve just so far played without help from anyone else, joining entryways online without voce comms and am having loads of tomfoolery playing the game, previously setting up 20 hours in the beyond couple of days.


On occasion there are rough and bigoted individuals and a ton of times there are a few decent individuals you meet en route too. Particularly when you stay in a similar hall together and play a few rounds. At some point, a portion of my mates will ultimately get the game and playing with comms will be a lot of tomfoolery. Most certainly worth looking at regardless of whether you have companions to play with as there is, essentially for the present, a colossal playerbase to play with and in a split second track down games.


For the crewmates to win, they either need to find and remove all fakers or have everybody complete their errands. While fakers can win by killing the vast majority of the crewmates (assuming the quantity of shams equivalent incinerates, the frauds win) or trust that the crewmates absolutely disregard the emergency.

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2023.6.13 349.1 Mb 6.0 and up 11/11/2021
2022.12.14 170.8 MB 6.0 and up 11/11/2021
2021.11.9.2 122M 6.0 and up 11/11/2021
2021.3.9a 102M 4.4 and up 11/03/2021
2020.11.17 76M 4.4 and up 24/11/2020
2020.10.22 75M 4.4 and up 03/11/2020
2020.9.9 70M 4.4 and up 14/09/2020

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