Atom RPG MOD APK v1.20.6 (MOD, Characters Unlocked) free on android 1.20.6

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In 1986 the world war between the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc ended in mutual nuclear bombings. Both superpowers went down in flames. The impact of the fallout almost ended civilization as we know it. You are one of the survivors of the apocalypse.
November 2, 2021
4.4 and up
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In 1986, the world conflict in the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc culminated in nuclear bombings. Both superpowers fell in fires. The destruction almost brought about the end of civilization as we are aware of it. You are among the few survivors of the apocalypse. Your task is to explore the wild and wonderful postnuclear landscape that is The Soviet Wasteland.

To find your way to the sun in the new age. To explore retro-style bunkers, delve into an urban area rife with stalkers fighting terrifying mutants, and uncover a dark conspiracy that aims to eliminate everything that remains of life on Earth.

Atom RPG MOD APK Features

  • A robust character creation tool that helps you create your ideal wasteland hero to portray
  • An unbiased offline single-player game system for roleplaying. Each stat combination offers an experience that is unique to cRPG, with memorable dialogues, and innovative methods to tackle specific challenges;
  • Dozens of different skills, including lockpicking, gambling and lockpicking;
  • There are hours of gaming in all kinds of places. Begin to meet the other survivors in a brand new settlement constructed from the remains of the past. Journey into the wilds in search of the
  • bandits and mutants that are lurking. Find out the hidden secrets that lie within an ancient military bunker. You can also relax, fishing in the beautiful pond.
  • Turn-based combat that was inspired by classic RPG’s of the nineties. Develop your strategy, and devise the strategy you need to prevail;
  • Random encounters with inhabitants in the Soviet Wasteland and their comrades. They are both friendly and dangerous. Sometimes, all simultaneously.
  • Many deep, multiple-choice dialogues resemble honest conversations with the distinct NPCs from the game.
  • Enjoy the game the way you’d like!- Nonlinear gameplay! This game has a myriad of quests that come featuring alternative options.



What's new

Technical Support: You can contact the developers at [email protected]

- Fixed DLC items bug;
- Fixed money mechanics in barter menu;
- Removed duplicated craft recipes.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.21.0 26M 4.4 and up 02/11/2021
1.20.3 25M 4.4 and up 22/12/2020