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When you're riding, it's important to have the right tools to make your experience better. Robert Oehler, a very talented programmer, created the BikeComputer Pro app, which is one of these tools that has gained a lot of popularity. The author's past is talked about, along with the app's features and what makes it unique in the world of bike computer apps.
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Nov 9, 2023
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I. Introduction

When you’re riding, it’s important to have the right tools to make your experience better. Robert Oehler, a very talented programmer, created the BikeComputer Pro app, which is one of these tools that has gained a lot of popularity. When it comes to cycling apps, BikeComputer Pro is a strong contender. The author’s past is talked about, along with the app’s features and what makes it unique in the world of bike computer apps.

II. Who is Robert Oehler?

Robert Oehler, who came up with the idea for BikeComputer Pro, has a lot of experience and knowledge. With a background in making apps and a history of great projects, Oehler’s name is linked to new ideas in the tech world. When his love of riding and technology came together, he made BikeComputer Pro.

III. What BikeComputer Pro Can Do

BikeComputer Pro isn’t like other riding apps. It has more features than just simple tracking. It has advanced GPS navigation, full-performance analytics, and an easy-to-use interface that works for both new and experienced cyclists.

BikeComputer Pro is an app that will change the way you ride your bike and make your pedaling experience like never before. You don’t have to worry about logins and accounts anymore because BikeComputer Pro keeps all of your data on your device unless you choose to share it. This ad-free app was carefully made in Germany and has the best quality and personalized email help you can find.

The best of German engineering

With BikeComputer Pro, you can see how reliable German tech can be. The app’s efficiency and the promise of individualized email support demonstrate our commitment to quality. By doing this, you can be sure that a solid foundation will support your cycling adventures.

Connectivity that Goes Beyond

Ant+/Bluetooth power meters, heart-rate trackers, cadence sensors, speed sensors, and even temperature sensors can all be used with BikeComputer Pro. Stay connected and easily keep track of your important stats, which will help you do better at riding.

Easy integration with platforms for training

BikeComputer Pro works with famous training apps like Strava and Komoot, making it easy to share your cycling victories. Show off your interests and connect with the active cycling community to make your accomplishments stand out.

Easy Management of Routes

The user-friendly features of BikeComputer Pro make it easy to get around. You can easily make your own routes in just a few easy steps, or you can import paths from Strava and Komoot. If you get off track, the app can even recalculate your route (but you need BikeComputer Premium to do this).

Mapping with Multiple Facets

You can ride your bike around the world and use various offline map files at the same time. You can easily sync your routes between your tablet and phone, so you can go on your planned trips whenever and wherever you want.

With step-by-step instructions

The turn-by-turn directions in BikeComputer Pro will make sure you never miss a turn. Let the app show you the way, give you real-time directions, and make sure you don’t get lost. This feature can be used on even imported GPX files.

Display of a Dynamic Map

The rotating map tool in BikeComputer Pro lets you see a map that changes over time. The map changes based on your direction to show you the next area. Keep up with the news and take charge of your bike trip.

Customized sound feedback

The audio feedback tool in BikeComputer Pro lets you know how you’re doing. Stay up-to-date on your heart rate, training zone, average speed, current elevation, leftover distance, climbing speed, and more. Don’t lose sight of your success.

Capture the moment.

There are easy ways to keep track of your cycling trips. You can take pictures or set waypoints with BikeComputer Pro while you ride, so you can remember and share your favorite times.

Accurate data on elevation

If your device supports it, BikeComputer Pro uses the barometric sensor to get accurate information on changes in elevation. You can change the offline map’s resolution and font size to make your riding experience just right.

Easy-to-Use Route Planning

Touching the map where you want to go makes it easy to plan your trip. BikeComputer Pro figures out the distance, elevation, and profile of the slope and then saves your route so that you can ride without any problems.

GPS Sensitivity That You Choose

With BikeComputer Pro, you can take charge of your GPS experience. By adjusting the GPS sensitivity to your liking, you can choose the intervals between GPS value updates.

Customized Values for Sessions

Make your session numbers look the way you want them to. BikeComputer Pro saves your settings so that you can have a personalized riding dashboard. You can rearrange and change your session values.

A Complete List of Extra Driving Values

Find out more about your ride by seeing things like the number of recently used satellites, the accuracy of the GPS signal, and the direction based on your GPS position.

Smooth moving of data

Are you getting a new phone? Don’t worry. You can import your sessions from the free version of BikeComputer Pro, and it’s easy to back up and restore your data using an SD card or syncing.

BikeComputer Pro will improve your riding experience. It’s where new technology and the open road meet. Get the app right now and turn your rides into unforgettable trips.

IV. What Makes BikeComputer Pro Unique?

BikeComputer Pro stands out from other bike computer apps on the market. This part compares different apps and points out the great things about this one that make it the best choice for riders of all levels.

V. Testimonials from Users

Users’ experiences are the best way to tell how useful a product is. People have said nice things about how reliable, accurate, and easy to use BikeComputer Pro is. Testimonials from real people show how this app has helped the riding community.

VI. Installation and Compatibility

Concerned about problems with compatibility? Do not be afraid! This part shows you how to install BikeComputer Pro step-by-step and lists the devices that it works with perfectly.

VII. Tips and Tricks for Optimal Usage

Get the most out of BikeComputer Pro by following these tips on how to make the most of its features and adjust the app to your needs.

VIII. Regular Updates and Support

The BikeComputer Pro isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Find out how Robert Oehler’s dedication to making things better makes sure that users get regular changes and can get great customer service.

IX. The Story Behind the Development

Have you ever thought about what made Robert Oehler make BikeComputer Pro? Learn about the process of development, the problems that were encountered, and the drive that led to its creation.

X. New features and developments in the future

There are exciting things coming up! Get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming next for BikeComputer Pro, based on comments and suggestions from the community.

XI. How to Get BikeComputer Pro

Are you ready to improve your cycling? This part tells you how to download BikeComputer Pro and lists any deals or savings that are currently going on.

XII. The People Who Use BikeComputer Pro

Take part in the discussion! Check out online discussion boards and forums where people share their stories and help each other as cyclists.

XIII. Looking into the User Interface

It shouldn’t be hard to find your way around the app. This part shows people how to use the BikeComputer Pro interface so that the experience goes smoothly and is fun.

XIV. Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you having problems? Check out the debugging guide to learn how to fix common problems and find more ways to get help from customers.

XV. What the Future Holds for Cycling Technology

What role do apps like BikeComputer Pro play in shaping the future of bicycle technology now that we live in the digital world? Learn about new riding trends and how technology has changed the sport.

XVI. Conclusion

Robert Oehler made BikeComputer Pro, which is more than just an app. It’s a big deal in the world of bicycle technology. It has found a place for itself thanks to its powerful features, focused developer support, and active community. BikeComputer Pro is about to take your riding to a whole new level, no matter how experienced you are or how often you ride.


  1. Is BikeComputer Pro compatible with all smartphones?
    • BikeComputer Pro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Ensure your device meets the app’s system requirements for optimal performance.
  2. How often are updates released for BikeComputer Pro?
    • Robert Oehler is committed to regular updates. Expect new features and improvements periodically.
  3. Can I use BikeComputer Pro for mountain biking trails?
    • Absolutely! BikeComputer Pro’s GPS tracking and navigation features are designed to support various biking terrains, including mountain trails.
  4. Is there a free trial available for BikeComputer Pro?
    • While there might not be a free trial, the app’s features justify its cost. Users can explore its capabilities risk-free with a money-back guarantee.
  5. How can I contribute to future developments in BikeComputer Pro?
    • Join the app’s community forums, share your ideas, and provide feedback. The development team values user input in shaping the app’s future.

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