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Blaze Backless is a leader in the world of customizing Android, which is always changing. This cutting-edge Dark Icon Pack changes the way things look with its stunning colors, which are both trendy and modern. Each icon in this pack was carefully made to look like a work of art. They all work well with a wide range of themes, from dark ones to lighter ones.
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May 7, 2022
Nov 12, 2023
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Package Name Blaze Backless Icon Pack
Developer Creativepixels
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.1.4
Size Varies with device
Requirements 5.0
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update Nov 12, 2023
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Supported Platforms Android


Blaze Backless is a leader in the world of customizing Android, which is always changing. This cutting-edge Dark Icon Pack changes the way things look with its stunning colors, which are both trendy and modern. Each icon in this pack was carefully made to look like a work of art. They all work well with a wide range of themes, from dark ones to lighter ones.

The Very Best in Sleek and Modern Style

Blaze Backless is the way of the future for customizing Android. This icon pack was made to work perfectly with Android app launchers and make the user experience smooth and beautiful to look at. Immerse yourself in the complexity of over 5800 high-quality icons. This collection keeps growing with each update.

How to Figure Out the Quality Quotient

Careful craftsmanship for ease of use and creativity

The Blaze Backless Icon Pack stands out because it tries to be simple without sacrificing creativity. The pack comes with perfect masks for icons that don’t have a theme, with a wide range of patterns, even simple ones. This dark icon pack gives you the tools to truly customize your Android device, making it fit your own style. It comes with seven carefully designed wallpapers.

Cutting-Edge Icon Designs: Where New Ideas Meet Fashion

With Blaze Backless, you can stay ahead in the game of making icons. Enjoy the latest in style trends that have been specially made and optimized for Android smartphones. There are a lot of trendy icons in this pack that are both stylish and useful. The pack has an easy-to-use layout. These modern icons will make your home screen look better, and you can get premium benefits like the ability to request icons and regular changes.

A Look into the Interesting World

Your mobile experience, made better

Did you know that most people check their phones between 59 and 159 times a day? Blaze Backless turns every opening into a visual show, making sure you have a great time every time you use your device.

Features that change how you can customize Android

The Blaze Backless Icon Pack is a game-changer when it comes to customizing your Android device. It changes the very nature of customizing your Android device. Let’s look at the features that make Blaze Backless the best choice for people who want to customize their look in a way that is both smooth and visually appealing.

1. A Large Collection of Icons

Blaze Backless has an amazing collection of over 5800 modern icons, and they plan to keep adding to it. This wide range makes it possible for users to find the right picture for every app on their device, which helps create a clean and consistent look.

2. Design that is creative and has bright gradients

Blaze Backless’s design theory is based on being creative and bright. The buttons have bright colors and gradients that make the display of your device more interesting to look at. Every icon in this pack is a proof of the high level of skill that went into making it.

3. Dark wallpapers made by hand

Blaze Backless has seven custom-made dark backgrounds to go with the dark theme of the icons. These pictures aren’t just a background; they’re an important part of customizing your phone, so users can make their home screen look beautiful and relaxing.

4. It works with dozens of launchers.

It’s important to be flexible, and Blaze Backless works with a lot of different Android apps. Whether you like the stock launcher or a third-party one, this icon pack works with both without any problems, giving you a uniform and better experience no matter which launcher you use.

5. Adding a dynamic calendar

Blaze Backless makes it easy to stay prepared. The dynamic calendar interface makes sure that the current date shows up on the calendar app icon, which gives your home screen more functionality and style. It’s a small but important feature that makes the whole experience better for the customer.

6. Auto-masking of icons for apps with no theme

Blaze Backless uses auto-icon blocking to make sure that even apps that don’t have a theme look good. This feature keeps the look of your app drawer consistent by automatically hiding icons that don’t match the theme.

7. A lot of different icons

Blaze Backless knows that customization is all about expressing yourself, so it gives users a lot of different icons to pick from. You can change the way your device looks to fit your own style by choosing from different icons for apps that are enabled.

8. Icon: Ask for Help

Blaze Backless cares about what users say and how they want to customize the app. By adding support for icon requests, users can help shape the future of the icon pack and make sure that their favorite apps get the attention they deserve.

9. Wallpapers in the cloud

Through cloud-based storage, you can access a library of images that is always growing. Blaze Backless lets you download new pictures to keep the look of your device fresh. This gives users a dynamic and changing way to customize their experience.

10. Material dash that looks good

The user interface is a very important part of customizing, and Blaze Backless’s Material Dashboard does a great job of that. A simple and attractive menu makes it easy to find your way around settings and choices, improving the overall user experience.

11. Change the icons for the app drawer, folders, and system apps.

Blaze Backless lets you do more than just show app logos. You can change the look of your app drawer, groups, and even the system app buttons to make sure that your whole Android device’s interface looks good.

12. Updates often

In the ever-changing world of Android, you need to keep getting better to stay current. Blaze Backless stays ahead of the curve with regular changes. These changes not only add new icons, but they also improve features that were already there. This keeps the icon pack up-to-date with the latest trends and what users want.

13. Works with the newest versions of Android

Blaze Backless changes along with Android. You can rest easy knowing that this icon pack will still work with the newest versions of Android. This will make sure that your customizations are smooth and will work in the future.

Icons with themes for well-known apps

Blaze Backless goes the extra mile by customizing the icons for well-known apps like Reddit, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. This care for detail makes sure that the apps you use every day look good and fit together well.


Blaze Backless is more than just an icon pack; it’s a complete answer for Android users who want the best customizing options. Blaze Backless is an example of the future of customizing Android because it has a lot of features, was carefully designed, and will be updated regularly. With the Blaze Backless Icon Pack, you can improve the look of your device, make it more flexible, and change the way you customize Android.

Blaze Backless is more than just an icon pack in the end; it’s a statement and a change in how Android can be customized. This dark icon pack is a gem that will make your device look better, keep you in style, and welcome the future of personalization.

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