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[Simple Calculator with many digits]
This is simple calculator, but we do not limit the number of digit.
12 digit ? 14 digit ? 16 digit ? 18 digit ? No, Unlimited (the decimal is up to 9999 digit).

It is a calculator that can calculate many digits, both large numbers and small numbers.

[Calculation history function]
The formula and results are saved each time you press the equal button so you can check it later from the history list screen.

You can copy values by holding down the value display part of the calculator.
You can also copy expressions and answers by tapping items on the calculation history screen.

[Colorful Theme]
You can choose the appearance color of the calculator from six colors, Orange, Pink, DarkGray, Blue, Light blue and Black.

[Customize decimal point calculation]
You can change how many decimal places to calculate, truncate or round off, etc. by setting.

[Memory function]
This simple calculator has a memory function. You can clear the memory including the long press of the CA button on the calculator.

[Other calculation function]
%(Percent), log, square root, factorial, exponentiation calculation function is also supported by this calculator.

[About the number of digit]
We do not intentionally limit the number of large digit. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to calculate it as far as the given memory area allows. However, if I continue to calculate large digits, I will not know at all what will happen.

Those who love to try out the limits of the calculator are self-responsible. I am not responsible.

No disturbing advertisement will be displayed at the end of the application.