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The most technically advanced call recorder. Records phone calls and VoIP. Supports call recording for most versions of android devices. If you have already tried to record calls using other applications for recording calls and did not get a satisfactory result, try Call Recorder - Cube ACR, it just works the best.
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Cube Apps IO
November 30, 2020
4.4 and up
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Package Name Call Recorder – Cube
Developer Cube Apps IO
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.4.252
Size 11M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Mar 02, 2024
Date Update November 30, 2020
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Average Rating 4.3/5
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Downloads 511,999
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Supported Platforms Android


In the vast world of mobile apps, Cube ACR by Cube Apps Ltd. stands out as a potent tool for people who like to record phone calls. As more and more contact happens online, it’s become much more important to record and play back important talks. Cube ACR not only meets this need, but it also has many other great features that make it a top pick for call recording apps.

Features of Cube ACRCube

ACR has a lot of tools that make it useful for both casual and expert users. Its main function is to record calls, and it has an easy-to-use interface that makes the process simpler. The app also lets users store recordings in the cloud, so they can view them from anywhere at any time.

Call recording apps are now an important part of our digital lives because they let us record and listen to important talks again. There are many options, but Cube ACR by Cube Apps Ltd. stands out because it has a lot of tools that improve call capturing. Let’s take a close look at the most important features of the Cube ACR.

Automatic call recording

It’s easy to record calls with Cube ACR because it records calls automatically. No longer do users have to start the recording process by hand for every call. Instead, Cube ACR logs all incoming and outgoing calls without the user having to do anything. This makes sure that all important conversations are recorded without the user having to do anything. This function is a game-changer for people who want to record calls quickly and without using their hands.

Cloud Backup and Storage

Accessibility is very important in this digital world, and Cube ACR’s cloud backup and storing features meet this need. In the cloud, users can safely store their recorded talks, making it easy for anyone, on any device, to listen to their chats. With this, users can free up space on their devices without losing important files and also make sure that important files are always saved.

Caller ID feature

Cube ACR does more than just record calls; it also has a built-in caller ID function. This feature not only lets you know when a call is coming in, but it also makes the whole experience better for the user. Being able to see the caller’s details both during and after the call is very helpful and helps users organize and arrange their calls better.

In-App Playback Options

The simple in-app playback choices in Cube ACR make it easy to move through recorded calls. Users can quickly find chats and play them back right in the app. This feature is very helpful for people who need to look over details or get information from previous conversations. It makes managing calls more efficient and organized.

User-Friendly Interface

People of all skill levels can use Cube ACR’s user-friendly design, which is its main selling point. The app’s design is easy to understand, so it’s fun and easy to use from the moment you load it until you stop using it. There is easy navigation, which makes Cube ACR a great choice for people who aren’t very tech-savvy but still need a reliable call recording option.

Safety and privacy

Cube ACR puts the safety of user data first because of privacy issues. Strong security and data protection features built into the app make sure that recorded calls stay private and safe. Cube ACR is also made to follow the law when it comes to recording calls. This gives users peace of mind that their use of the app is legal and in line with privacy rules.

Compatibility and ease of use

Due to its focus on the Android platform, Cube ACR works with a lot of different devices. Its accessibility features make it even more open to everyone, letting people with different levels of tech knowledge use it. Cube ACR wants to make sure that recording calls is steady and effective, no matter what kind of smartphone you’re using—a high-end one or a cheap one.

The Cube ACR app stands out because it has a lot of features that make it useful for a wide range of users. Its cloud backup, caller ID, playing choices, user-friendly interface, privacy features, and compatibility all work together to make the call recording experience complete and smooth. Cube ACR is more than just a tool; it’s a friend that makes it easier to keep track of and go back to important talks. Cube ACR is definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for a solid call recording service with a lot of options.

Compatible with different devices

One of the best things about the Cube ACR is that it works with many different devices. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, Cube ACR works smoothly with a variety of phone models, so users of all systems can enjoy a smooth experience.

Thoughts on the Law and Ethics

People who want to record calls need to know about some legal and moral issues before they start. Cube ACR stresses following local rules and tells users to make sure they have permission to record talks. Cube ACR stands out from other call recording apps because it cares about privacy.

How to Get a Cube ACR and Set It Up

It’s very easy to get started with Cube ACR. For Android users, all they have to do is look for Cube ACR in the Google Play Store and install it. iOS users can get Cube ACR from the App Store. It only takes a few taps to start the download.

Business Use of Cube ACR

The Cube ACR is useful for both individuals and companies. Imagine being able to easily record and play back important business talks. For professionals, Cube ACR is a great tool because it makes it easy to organize and listen to recorded talks.

Options for customization

The app can do more than just record. Cube ACR has customization tools that let users change the settings to improve sound quality and quickly sort and label records. This amount of customization makes sure that users can change the app to meet their needs.

Additions and Help

It’s not like Cube ACR stays the same; it changes over time with regular updates that add new features and make it better. Also, Cube ACR’s customer service is always ready to help users with any questions or issues they may have.

Compared to Other Apps That Record Calls

If you want to fully understand Cube ACR, you need to look at it next to other call-recording apps. Many apps do similar things, but Cube ACR stands out because it has its own features that make it stand out. Its features are a good mix of basic and advanced features.

Reviews from users

A better way to understand how Cube ACR works is to look at what real users have said about it. Positive reviews show that the app works well in a range of situations, from personal to business ones. These reviews give us useful information about how Cube ACR can be used in the real world.

Steps taken for safety

Are you worried about how safe your recorded calls are? Cube ACR protects your talks from people who shouldn’t be able to hear them by using strong security measures, such as encryption. Cube ACR cares a lot about your privacy.

How to Fix Common Problems

Even though Cube ACR is meant to work without any problems, users may still run into the usual problems. This part talks about these issues and gives useful advice to make sure the app works at its best.

Changes in the Future

Cube ACR is about to go through some exciting changes. Teasers for upcoming features and a dedication to community involvement show that Cube ACR wants to stay on the cutting edge of call recording technology.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cube ACR

In our tips and tricks area, you can find shortcuts and secret features. Understand how to get the most out of Cube ACR to improve the quality of your call recordings.

In conclusion

Last but not least, Cube ACR, a product of Cube Apps Ltd., is significant in the world of call recording apps. Its many useful features, dedication to moral and legal issues, and ongoing enhancements make it a solid option for people all over the world. There is something for everyone in Cube ACR, from everyday users to business people.


  1. Is Cube ACR free to use?
    • Cube ACR offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides basic features, while the premium version unlocks additional functionalities.
  2. Does Cube ACR work on all Android and iOS devices?
    • Yes, Cube ACR is compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. Check the app store for specific compatibility details.
  3. How secure are recorded calls on Cube ACR?
    • Cube ACR prioritizes security and uses encryption to protect recorded calls from unauthorized access.
  4. Can I access my recorded calls from multiple devices?
    • With cloud storage options, you can access your recorded calls from multiple devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  5. What makes Cube ACR stand out from other call recording apps?
    • Cube ACR stands out with its user-friendly interface, customization options, and a commitment to legal and ethical considerations.

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What's new

- Italian translation significantly enhanced (special thanks to Massimo);
- Initial presets updated;
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements.


Version Size Requirements Date
2.3.191 11M 4.4 and up 30/11/2020

Applied Patches


★ PRO / Paid features Unlocked
★ Ads methods nullified
★ Ads visibility disabled
★ Unwanted Permissions + Activities removed
★ Unwanted Services + Receivers and Providers removed
★ Ads Activities + Services and Providers removed
★ Google / Location Maps work
★ .source attributes of the corresponding java files removed
★ All Debug code removed
➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
➡ Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

If your device is running on Android 9 and up, or if your goal is to record VoIP calls (and only if your device allows it), you will need to install Cube ACR Helper on your device in order to ensure that your Cube ACR app is working properly.

Install and set up Cube ACR Helper on your Android device:

● Install Cube ACR Helper;

● Launch Cube ACR Helper, 'Go to App Connector, 'More downloaded services', 'Cube ACR App Connector' and switch Accessibility to ‘On’.

NOTE: If your device is running on Android 13 you need allow ‘Restricted settings’:
Open your device Settings → Apps → Cube ACR Helper. Tap the ‘ ⋮ ’ menu on the top panel. Tap ‘Allow restricted settings’, then tap ‘OK’.


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