Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

In Carpet Bombing 2, you pilot aeroplanes to destroy enemies from above. This classic fighting game will provide you with a wealth of engaging encounters as you workout and unleash bombs on your enemies. This is an engaging game with many interesting nuances and features that make model aeroplane flight incredibly entertaining. Get the action-packed battles you've been craving on your mobile device right now, and you'll always have something to do when you have a moment of downtime.
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August 30, 2021
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Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK v1.22 (MOD, Unlimited Money) – In Carpet Bombing 2, you pilot airplanes to destroy enemies from above. This classic fighting game will provide you with a wealth of engaging encounters as you work out and unleash bombs on your enemies. 

Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is an engaging game with many interesting nuances and features that make model airplane flight entertaining. Get the action-packed battles you’ve been craving on your mobile device right now, and you’ll always have something to do when you have a moment of downtime. 

What is Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK?

Incredible in its 2D visuals, Carpet Bombing 2 is an aerial combat simulation. Fun battles await you as you pilot a challenger through the game’s many challenges. You may destroy enemies on land, at sea, or in the air. To succeed in challenging assignments, you need to be willing to go to great lengths to achieve your goals. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

Excellent bouts are faithfully recreated in the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK. Earn virtual currency to unlock additional aircraft, remodel existing ones, and complete objectives to increase your chances of victory. The game is a fantastic fusion of classic stream and aircraft gameplay. 

Don’t worry about the little things; all you have to do is join together, look up your enemies in the skies, and destroy them. In Carpet Bombing 2, you take control of a military jet and must maneuver it with agility so that you may land or fly in the direction you choose. 

Several types of enemies to combat

All it takes to make simple adjustments to the aircraft is a finger tap on the on-screen virtual regulator. You explode as bombs fall on the merciless ground. Provide the player with a large number of planes to explore and allow for their frequent updating. 

Before you can rule the world, there are ten distinct types of flying and fighting levels. In Carpet Bombing 2, we saw the return of the massive helicopters and the retro-style Fly Warriors for some bombing action. Flying an aircraft allows you to survey the terrain below, investigate potential threats, launch attacks, and wipe out the opposition. 

There’s a small Cold Strike mission in the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK, and it’s intriguing. You’ll be playing a mythic figure whose role is crucial to the safety of a remote island nation. You control the island’s fate, so do away with the enemy however you see fit. 

Compete in Daily Rescue missions.

You throw all you have at your foes and win. There are three interesting gameplay styles to choose from in this Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK. Choosing the “Fight” option will throw you into the arcade action, bypassing the economic plane’s movement techniques. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

When set to “Fight,” the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is a faithful recreation of a top-tier flight simulator, complete with many missions that include tasks like refueling the executives, basic hitting, ground repairs, takeoff, and landing. If you choose the “perpetual” setting, you’ll establish a link with the enemy and try to exert more influence on the plane than is often thought feasible. 

The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK provides unique weaponry and many options to consider as you go through the various levels. If you play in “Base Safeguard” mode, you’re responsible for keeping your stronghold safe from waves of enemies. If you play Icy Strike in “Crusade” mode, you’ll take on the role of a legendary figure. 

Switch between the game’s Arcade and Simulation modes.

Different game modes will keep you from getting bored as you travel from location to location, trying to avoid attacks from an overwhelming army of airborne troops. Utilize the greatest hardware and ammunition to quickly fulfill allotted missions and crush adversaries rapidly with different combat styles, including the arcade mode that will enable you to advance from one level to another. Or on the other hand, the reproduction mode for the folks who enjoy rushes will fly at a higher quality with more fuel. 

The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s mission mode lets you assume the role of a legendary hero charged with protecting a small island nation against the invasion of a multinational conglomerate. Finally, you may test your skill and speed management in interminable mode. 

Carpet Bombing 2 has all the makings of a top-tier title. There are 15 unique aircraft in the game to repair, pilot, and master. The game’s ten different types of flying and fighting levels provide a wide variety of random encounters. The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK also provides video instructional workouts, making the material easy for players. 

Alterations to the Way the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK Is Played

The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK includes rival lists, allowing you to compare and contrast your results and players. In particular, no in-game advertisements will distract you or dampen the excitement of your active participation. The game supports disconnected play, allowing you to jump in and play anytime, regardless of location. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

The developer is always releasing new updates that add new features and refine existing ones to make the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK more enjoyable. It would help if you also contended with several more formidable adversaries, like fighters, tanks, helicopters, aircraft, and many more. Upgrades and enhancers are available throughout the game. 

You gain power through the stages and perfect your aircraft for full might. The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s difficulty levels and the random guidance add to its replay value. You’ll need to think outside the box to complete these challenges. Find out how to combat the enemy in the ever-changing fight environment by exploring the line in varied fight settings such as the ocean, icy mountains, desert springs, etc. 

You may practice takeoff and landing.

As you progress up the competition list, your score and the scores of many other players will be updated frequently, much like the plethora of weapons that appear and disappear during battle. Attacking enemy aircraft or their portions and bases to loot massive amounts, crashing into enemy aircraft, and completing local area objectives will boost your standing. Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is a sequel to the classic arcade game of the same name. 

While playing as a fantastic military pilot, players are presented with various exciting tasks. It would help if you defended a small island nation from an invading army and rose to the air power delegation’s top position. A wide variety of options in equipment and ammunition, as well as reasonable controls, are at your disposal. You may patrol the border, attack enemy outposts and bases, and even capture enemy aircraft. 

It may collect in-game powerups

Every challenge is different every time because of the randomness of the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK and the ever-changing nature of the events. You may play Carpet Bombing 2 whenever you choose, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t need an internet connection. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

With eye-catching but simple designs, such as aircraft with narrow moving barrels and Exquisite and gigantic explosions in a sketch, 2D shooters provide a unique challenge. Managing your flight’s heading is a breeze with the help of a basic connecting point menu accompanied by music. 

If you’re new to the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK, you may learn the ropes online, and the development team will answer player queries and introduce fun new features often. Feelings may vary depending on whether you’re landing at a seaside airport or slugging it out over various breathtaking vistas. 

Give your airplane a boost.

Do not hesitate to accept this task and use the munitions to wipe out the enemy forces. Find out with whom you need to rank highest to become a master pilot in Carpet Bombing 2’s air battles. Carpet Bombing 2 is a thrilling aerial combat experience and freedom of movement. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

You both become heroes by piloting powerful jets and using them to destroy hostile governments. Through incredible missions, you will grow into a master aviator. People of various ages and backgrounds are familiar with the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK because it is captivating. 

Both Android and iOS devices may get the game. Your primary objective is to fly the aircraft and dump the bombs to complete the operation and get the highest possible score. When facing different types of enemies, you’ll use different weapons. 

It may upgrade the plane to make it even better.

Each aircraft is unique in its capabilities and design. In addition, you’ll need to upgrade your aircraft and armaments to take on challenging missions and powerful enemy commanders. Everything in Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK has been optimized for the touch screen of a smartphone, making it seem like second nature to use the controls. You can easily pilot your aircraft with the touch screen by touching or swiping the screen. 

You can navigate anywhere you want by touching the display. In addition, a joystick control mode is supported, which is quite convenient. Carpet Bombing 2 is classified as a recreational game, yet it has many unexpectedly challenging mechanics. In addition, it uses 2D drawings, so any accuracy problems are due to untrained usage of the skill. 

Thankfully, the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s control system is sensible and flexible, intending to help players quickly adapt to the framework’s profound changes. A single factor, such as survival or success against enemies, does not determine a player’s performance in any given task. Meanwhile, with little support, they can use amazing aviation techniques, like evading the enemy and accurately pursuing their targets. 


Because of the balanced nature of the environment and the attack systems, players will always have the opportunity to earn substantial rewards for their skill in combat. Carpet Bombing 2 is, at its core, a pilot training program. Still, it employs a novel approach by giving players various missions to complete in various strategic aircraft. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

Additionally, it has eye-catching visuals that work in tandem with the intricate but nuanced control structure to make flying a simpler yet more challenging task. The game’s down modes and mission design are also appealing and full of opportunities for players to experience a wide variety of subliminal emotions. 

In this Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK, the player must work together with others to complete a series of challenging and thought-provoking goals, all while enduring a precarious climate and environment. 

When everything is well organized at historical military installations, it creates a sense of familiarity. Given that players must master separate controls for each aircraft type, this also includes intricate safety features. 

Completely new setting with countless permutations

Missions in Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK primarily tests the player’s bombing skills in various environments. All of the planes in the framework are equipped with a wide variety of bomb frameworks, critical weaponry, and other complicated assault components specifically designed for attacking a base. 

carpet bombing 2 mod apk

For example, even though the use of weapons is limited, this only makes the ongoing engagement feel more real. Aside from the armaments, the brand-new planes in Carpet Bombing 2 provide players with new and exciting content to unlock and master. 

Each aircraft has its limits on weapons, maneuverability, and other characteristics in Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK. Rather than focusing on a single unit, each player may make more effort to run into all the other types of planes.

You don’t even need access to the internet!

Fun to use; a nice variety of inexpensive aircraft and helicopters. Moreover, it looks like this has been handled and maintained well, which is a huge plus. I was happy spending a few dollars on in-app purchases. Compared to the older designs, the new ones are a real treat for the eyes. I was looking forward to the continuation of the plot, and the new tasks are good.

Incredible new features have been added, and it seems the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK has evolved to a comparable degree. I have in the air while a chopper dropped me off in the Highlands. It wasn’t very pleasant to have half your health taken away before you could even move.

A directional indicator for enemy aircraft and helicopters would be helpful. If you progress too far in arcade mode, a slug counter and a circle of test systems appear. When descending straight down, a better perspective of the ground below would be fantastic.

Engage the enemy in this fantastic sequel

I have a lot of ideas, but these are the most unique. I came upon Mass Bombardment on Steam, bought a copy of it, and so far, it has been an incredible experience. I used to be obsessed with the original Fly Strike game, and I still find myself wishing for a modern remake.

It’s a great feeling to bomb a bunch of people at once. All of the controls are quite smooth. The artwork isn’t great, but it has a nostalgic feel. The gameplay and aircraft model seem like they were made for each other. Weapons, aircraft protection, speed, and other factors may all be optimized via redesign, making flying even better.

Everyone who likes aircraft and side-on shooters should give it a try. It’s the first Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK game to include a numbered release on PC and the seventh mainline entry overall. To set the record straight, this is an arcade flight game, not a realistic depiction of piloting a competitor.

You can tell the game is good since it has a lot of positive reviews.

The closest analogy I can make (and this isn’t a fluke) is to think of the Top Gun movies as being set in a world based on our own but otherwise fully virtual. The visuals are excellent, and while the aircraft models may appear low resolution at first, there are tips for obtaining higher-quality skins.

All of the results of the weather are stunning. The game is great in terms of music and sound design; the original soundtrack is excellent (which most would consider normal from Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK Battle). 

The single-player mode is entertaining and provides various challenges for players of varying skill levels. At the same time, the missions have a wide variety of objectives and some spectacular (and annoying) gameplay elements.

IRRADICATABLE GROUND, Which Bombs and Fire Can Only destroy.

There are plenty of obstacles in the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK to overcome outside the main goal itself. Multiplayer is—how do we phrase this delicately? Intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, multiplay may be fun, but I believe expertise-based matching is what would take it to the next level.

Entryways may have vast knowledge gaps (from someone who has just started the game to a seasoned pro with 300+ hours of experience). The multiplayer mode has a high skill ceiling and a harsh expectation to learn and adapt, so finding an entrance with players at a similar skill level to your own (or someone who will teach you to develop) is as good as it gets.


  • At the time of writing, the shop page has 21 pieces of downloadable content.
  • It’s important to note that among these 21 are several aircraft packs that are also individually listed (so you may buy individual planes rather than the full pack):
  • The Season Pass has three plane packs containing three planes each, and the Top Gun DLC contains six (but just four) planes.
  • My first topic of discussion is the season pass, which includes not only the three aircraft (the Raven, the Falken, and the Morgan) but also the three DLC missions.
  • Here are the several airplane sets available:


  • The ADFX-01 Morgan (familiar from Expert Battle Zero), the ADF-01 Falken, and the ADF-11F Raven make up the core trio of aircraft I need to address for the season pass.
  • Strong set, especially if you get it with the season pass.
  • The Original Aircraft Pack: I suppose you could call this the “fan service” pack because it includes Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APKCarpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s rendition of some of the most well-known unique aircraft layouts from previous games.
  • They have the ASF-X Shinden II, XFA-27, and CFA-44 Nosferatu.
  • While the CFA, in particular, has been nerfed compared to the AC6 model.
  •  I recommend getting the XFA-27 (it’s one of the most adaptable planes in the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK).
  •  If you like them, the CFA and Shinden (Shinden has a terrible weapons loadout for single-player, so I would agree to avoid it).

Things to consider

  • The F16XL, F15 S/MTD, and FB22 are all part of the Exploratory Aircraft Set.
  • Even if the F15 performs well in multiplayer, I can’t recommend that set.
  • The FB22 is only serviceable, and you don’t need aircraft (ground aggressors) in Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK, especially not the worst ones available in the base game (looking at you, FB16XL).
  • Set of the Most Advanced Planes Ever Made: A more standard bundle with “good” rather than “heavenly” quality across all three dimensions.
  • It is not DLC. It would help if you bought it for the first time.

Put your skills to the test.

In case you were under the impression that this was a serious flight simulator, let me set the record straight: it is, in fact, an arcade flight game. As someone who liked every minute spent playing, it’s tough to be objective and point out the game’s flaws in a review.

The technical side of things: it’s virtually flawless, it works wonderfully and is upgraded, the FPS is opened, and arriving at 200+ fps is completely anticipated with this Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK, and believe me, flying at 144hz, or more feels utterly fantastic,

the game never crashed in the duration of my time spent with it, nor did I ever need to erase its cache, it never secured, and it never secured. It can say nothing negative about the visuals or the effects.

Keep things interesting as you go through the levels.

All sounds—from explosions to aircraft engines to weapon fire—are spot on the game. The music in the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is fantastic, and the English name is also really fitting, which is not often the case when translating a Japanese title. Repeated communication? So, in a nutshell, it’s a tonne of fun. You can do some impressive aerial acrobatics while blowing everything up and zipping all over the place.

You will blow up anything in your path, whether airborne, terrestrial, marine, mobile, or stationary. The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK tries to shake things up by having you fly through a gorge or avoid radar detection. 

Hide in the mists in a harsh region, control the rockets of aircraft, search for targets in a dust storm or a regular downpour storm, etc. However, you’re still going to blow a lot of stuff up, whether to save your friends or get a high score.

Enhance a variety of stats

Even though the plot isn’t perfect and could throw you off at first, thanks to cutscenes that follow your allies and enemies and assume you know a little about previous Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK games, it’s acceptable. You have no speaking parts, much like Gordon Freeman, but the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK makes good use of this by addressing you by a callsign that evolves throughout the tale.

You start as a nobody, a green military pilot, and you’re the best by the end of the game. The game goes out of its way to make you feel like THE Ace. When you fly above and provide air support, the ground soldiers shout and promise to buy beer afterward; your wingmen and wing women praise your skill and react to your presentation on the battlefield, and the enemy reacts.

Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK Interactivity

When I was playing it, I felt better emotionally. The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s central theme pits “man against machine,” with military pilots going up against uncrewed aerial vehicles. My overall impression is that I like it, and that is after having played the game many times. 

However, no game is perfect, and Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is no exception. The multiplayer mode is a deathmatch with no additional narrative elements or co-op missions. And the game is primarily centered on a single-player experience. 

The lack of a hub mode was the game’s most disturbing aspect; most missions lend themselves well to cooperative play, and exploding things with friends is always more fun.

Lots of room to explore

It is not to say that playing the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK solo is a chore, but the game would benefit from adding a hub mode. The single-player campaign is shorter, clocking in at around 11 to 13 hours, so those hoping for a long story might be disappointed.

Despite this, I had a great time playing through it repeatedly, clocking in more than 70 hours total. As was mentioned earlier, the variety of weapons and aircraft helps to keep things fresh as you try out new toys in familiar missions.

Graphics and Sound

I have concluded: It’s an excellent action-adventure fly-and-shoot game that’s easy to get into for newcomers to the genre, and it’s well worth your time and money. However, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it at full price since I wasn’t satisfied enough to justify the $60/€ asking price.

Yes, you should go all out since you will enjoy it so much more once you have it. Plus, it just so happens that you despise that there is a better or even excellent alternative available, with other ace games being available only on consoles and Ubisoft’s HAWX series being discontinued for quite some time.

The DLC is reasonably priced; the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK’s additional three missions and three aircraft are great as they are, but you may wonder whether you need them or if you’re happy with what’s included in the original game.

Visuals and textures

The seventh installment in the Carpet Bombing 2 series, Skies Unknown, is the most anticipated installment to date. Since this is the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK game I remember the most, I can only speculate that you play as some random individual who is asked to help protect a country that sounds suspiciously like the one you’re seeking. 

However, the tale is baffling to the point of insanity; maybe this is because it is my favorite Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK at the institution. It is the most unbelievable bit of foolishness you’ve ever heard. One of the main reasons I like arcade flight games like Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK so much is the nonstop, ridiculous action they provide.

Exploding your opponent and then flying through the explosion is a thrilling experience, but tearing through the sky at breakneck speeds and then doing what is effectively a handbrake go to get the drop on them is just as satisfying.


  • The aircraft’s controls are responsive, and they feel tight.
  • It is important for any flying game but more so in this fast-paced action marathon.
  • I’ve opened and flown in seven different aircraft, and they all have their unique vibe.
  • Compared to the Gripen, the A-10 is much more cumbersome to fly;
  • I recommend against getting the A-10 involved in combat.


  • You may choose from an astounding variety of aircraft and weaponry.
  • Initially, you have access to one (or three if you have the launch edition, albeit does not have combat capabilities), and it may unlock more planes by investing MRP in the Airplane tree.
  • You can earn MRP by completing hard missions and playing in multiplayer battles; if you’re trying to unlock something, you’ll earn more MRP in multiplayer, so it could be worth grinding.

Lighting and shadows

Online gaming is enjoyable. Normally, I never play multiplayer games, but I gave it a go last night and had a blast. You may choose between an eight-player “battle imperial” mode and a “group deathmatch,” in which players are split up into teams and compete against one another.

Both were excellent pranks, but I like the combat regal style since it’s more relaxing and seems more natural in this context. I was concerned that not many people would be playing multiplayer, but most people were too preoccupied with the quest to log in.

A formidable adversary in the form of AI seems to exist. While I haven’t had too much trouble dodging rockets (yet), some of the enemies are quick and need the persistence to defeat them while I’ve been playing Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK on a normal Level. So far, there has been a reasonable distribution of ground enemies, warriors, robots, and aircraft across the missions.


It hasn’t worn me out physically or mentally to fight this beast. Although the tale is odd and confusing, the voice acting is excellent. I thought the voices would be a disaster, but listening to the character’s chatter throughout tasks is fun.

The music and other auditory cues are fantastic as well. So far as we know, no guide has been used twice. Assuming that’s the case, it means twenty different guidelines, which works well. All of the walkthroughs I’ve seen so far, both for single-player and multiplayer, are well thought out and worth your time.

One multiplayer tutorial I tried featured these telescoping rock formations that were fun to avoid. There’s also a free-flight mode, so you can return to your plush stream and act like a tourist there. Each mission has two awesome replays at the end.


The first is a standard replay, where you may see your mission’s progression while shifting the camera’s perspective, speeding it up or slowing it down, and even flipping the presentation if you want to take some good screenshots. It’s a silly addition, but I wish there were more fast-forward and rewind options and the ability to delete unwanted content.

After the task and your focus are tallied, you’ll see a replay with what amounts to neon bolts zipping around a finding. It may not seem very interesting, but the bolts do a great job of showcasing the many movements you pulled off. I’m glad they included these replays, but I probably will only watch them once every mission is over.

Even though I’m just a few missions in, I’ve already returned to the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK to retry the missions with other aircraft and try to improve my score. So far, I haven’t gotten any S’s, but I am working hard to obtain all As (I hope my parents are proud!).


Everything works well. My PC is quite stealthy, yet I have zero issues playing at medium settings at 1080p. The Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK was released with flawed HOTAS compatibility, prompting widespread mockery. Overall, I prefer using a regulator while engaging in arcade-style flying activities rather than using my HOTAS, but it was important to have this feature anyway.

I’m hoping a patch will be released soon so that the results of the surveys will accurately reflect how enjoyable the Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is. It is probably not a laughing issue for most people, but I’m disappointed that the free-flying option doesn’t include takeoff and landing.

Controller Support

One of my favorite HAWX 2 features was the ability to take off and land in free flight while also being able to taxi in certain missions. Without this, the free-flight mode is a lot less exciting. Venture Partners will make use of it.

Another single-player game, such as a wave-based mode where you fight increasingly diverse and difficult adversaries, would have been fun. It is a small plan since nothing else quite like it exists, but it would make the game more enjoyable.


The plot of Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK is ridiculous, but the game’s action more than makes up for it. It’s not perfect by any means, and there are a few issues here and there, but if you’re a fan of arcade flight games, this is a must-have.

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What's new

New quick tutorial in beginning of Arcade mode.
Updated model for Mig-31.
Heavy machine gun boss gets thougher as you progress in the levels.
Little buggy debris disappears in Base defense mode.
B1 and Jas ejection bug fixed.
High mountains levels height lower in the beginning.
Helicopter camera update. Reverse speed decreased.
Gun shooting position fixed for all aircraft.
Leaderboard access available in level select menu.
Other bug fix and game play improvements.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.22 110M 4.4 and up 30/08/2021
1.20 110M 4.4 and up 30/08/2021

  • when you log in to the game, it is enough to look at your money.
  • planes sold for real money in the game are unlocked.

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