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This carx drift racing 2 mod apk is among the best apps on google play. This game made me realize the drifting system in real life. You can play it every day to better understand the game. It isn’t accessible to controls the pilot. You can beat the players if you are looking to become a fantastic pilot. It’s not a problem if you are the leader in drift. And it’s excellent to are the one who chases. I finally found a drift game I can unwind in and have fun, the best material science, solid designs and tracks and now cross stage (PC, Xbox, PS4, Android).


I can put on my drift playlist and leave a path of smoke around the track with companions and not need to battle the vehicle and sit and break faith. I played this game for some time on portable, and when I heard it was coming to PC, I needed to get it and had misgivings at first, yet the devs made patches for physical science and controllability, designs and sounds. I suggest this game for all rookies for drifting and, surprisingly, veteran drifters if you need to unwind and get a few entryways.

This CarX Drift Racing 2 has incredible customization and the ability to plan for the paint corner and, surprisingly, better mods from the studio to apply and make the game even better. The CarX Drift Racing 2 drifts are practically exact. It can redo the vehicle in the vehicle and change everything to my taste. The game CarX Drift Racing 2 is well Developed Game for android. It provides you with a ton of tips toward the start, and by changing the guiding point, you can assist the novice with drifting at what point.

Driving Real Sports Cars

The CarX Drift Racing 2 contains exceptionally decent components. It is pleasant to drive on the tracks. The soundtrack is ideally suited for corners as it supports adrenaline levels. However, regardless of whether we like the music, we can put it on ourselves as the game isn’t very machine concentrated, and practically any program runs behind it (on the off chance that your PC isn’t similar to a potato). It’s multiplayer viable and even regulator cordial. If you would instead not go with gigantic choke and points, you can securely administer things with a controller!

It is by a wide margin the best drifting game I have ever played. I initially played this game on my telephone when it originally emerged and chose to get it on steam on discharge. I generally appear to return to it and play it over and over. The game’s mechanics are excellent, and it’s likewise a significantly loosening game. It’s lovely they added cross-stage so you can play with companions on PS4.

Improved Performance Tuning

There is a decent choice of vehicles and customization. Likewise, you can discover some cool stuff on Steam Studio. I would 100 per cent prescribe this game to anybody who prefers drifting. The CarX Drift Racing 2 can now and again be highly exhausting. Yet, when it isn’t exhausting, time elapses madly quick. You can play for what feels like 10 minutes, and 6 hours will have passed. Game mechanics are somewhat trash, not exceptionally reasonable.

It’s essentially simply one more entertaining solidarity game that is so broken it is engaging on occasion. It’s got its appeal. Indeed, many surveys discuss the terrible bigoted talk loaded up with bots, and many individuals don’t appear to realize that there is a setting that flips it off. The CarX Drift Racing 2 isn’t practical in any way. It’s essentially a fun, nearly arcade-style drifting game to sit back, So don’t get it anticipating that it should be great like assert Corsa.

Realistic Experience

Additionally, the devs don’t honestly care about anything. They have not added any new guides in like four months. On occasion, there will be a couple of bug-fix refreshes. Assuming we are fortunate, they will add 1 or 2 new vehicles. However, for the most part, it’s pointless bug fix refreshes that make more issues and new futile elements that no one needs.

I have been playing this CarX Drift Racing 2 since the absolute first demo emerged on versatile with simply the R34. It’s a similar astounding game and sim, yet for PC, perfect port. The truth that it is still early access implies much more things are coming. I prescribe this CarX Drift Racing 2 to anybody searching for a genuinely no helps drifting experience.

How To Play

Don’t let the designs fool you. It is a bad-to-the-bone simulator. One of the things that shocked me the most was the reality they nailed the FFB entirely on the first try, at least with (Logitech G27). This CarX Drift Racing 2 is a bunch of fun.

In the brief period I have played this variant, I’ve had loads of tomfoolery drifting on the web and local. I likewise end up having a, to some degree, close connection to the engineers. And one thing I have seen over the long haul is they pay attention to the fans. And believe me, they won’t just add something to the game. I am confident they will likewise pay attention to people’s demands.


  • The CarX Drift Racing 2 runs great on terrible frameworks like mine.
  • It has excellent customization, which continues to get better with the body units they add on the new updates
  • It has astounding physical science and supports a wide range of haggles
  • Great people group and agreeable individuals on the servers
  • Big assortment of vehicles to drive. The majority of them are locked on android rendition and require exceptional coins to open, which you, as a rule, get with genuine cash, so that is a decent element that you can purchase every one of the vehicles with in-game cash
  • Realistic vehicle tuning. You can tune everything on the vehicle, from tire strain to suspension shifts, which can assist with setting your vehicle similarly as you like


  • Although there are a lot of tracks, some of them are not great for drifting (when the game practices drifting), and they are not played on the web
  • The CarX Drift Racing 2 doesn’t get refreshed often
  • The DLCs are somewhat costly. As I would see it 4$ for a DLC with three vehicles in it is slightly overrated, and that is the explanation I don’t have any of them

Online Multiplayer Mode

CarX Drift Racing On the web is, as its name infers, a racing game that spotlights drifting. However, it has online in the title. It has a single-player part to it too. The determination inside the game is fulfilling, with the single-player mode having a few different game modes from drifts, time assaults and couple modes with others, and various vehicles to acquire and change as you play and progress. With the steam studio, there are many vehicles and mods to add to the game.

The multiplayer segment is also perfect, with various servers of NA, EU and Asia, and rooms you can set up or get together with players of up to 16 racers. The accessibility of cross-stage and secret phrase security are welcome options to make it more available to play with companions and others who have the game on various stages. Another fascinating element the game has is a worldwide talk.

Matchmaking and Gameplay

However, on occasion, the language is not a great fit for everybody, as I have encountered while opening the game and simply perusing individuals reviling each other out. I am not confident if I should view it severely; however, you can obstruct/boycott individuals in the visit, and more often than not, it is sufficiently manageable. The ongoing interaction is both pleasant and fulfilling with the many tracks to play as you procure inside by drifting, and the driving obviously with it being a driving game.

Playing both the modes in single-player and multiplayer games makes the two sections enjoyable. Driving and controlling the vehicles, it inclines more towards reenactment instead of arcade since its vibe is more sensible. So those that are more intrigued by reenactment-type games might appreciate it more, yet it is agreeable, in any case. The player base is very dynamic, which is significant with the web-based segment as a focal point of the game, so you can undoubtedly track down individuals to play within the game.

Story And Missions

The game’s visuals and designs are astonishing, with the actual vehicles and the different tracks. It is particularly so in the better quality design setting, making the illustrations more definite and crisper. While racing, the UI is all-around good with how things are spread out without being too cluttered. The points shown while drifting and envisioned gear strength are new and cool augmentations I haven’t seen previously.

It is likewise joined well by the sound with the clamours from the vehicles and pleasant tunes to pay attention to while playing. The CarX Drift Racing 2 is very much estimated and fair with the quality and content. There is a lot to do, and it is very engaging. Generally speaking, CarX Drift Racing On the web is an exciting racing game for people who are into vehicle games and racing games with loads of enjoyment to be had. I’ve generally adored the craft of drifting and vehicle culture.

Graphics and Sound

The CarX Drift Racing 2 has terrific physical science (remember that this is an arcade game), so it’s not difficult to control the vehicles once you become acclimated to it. The game offers a lot of vehicle customization. For instance, in the FD (Hawk RZ), you can pick the body kit and eliminate the cap. I feel like the game planners are watch heads, too.

When you stop the lid, you can change the motor to a regular cylinder motor or pick The All-powerful Doritos in a Pringles Can Rotational Cherishing Jesus Motor.  Furthermore, you can include a second intercooler for the oil (I think) on guard. My number one vehicle in the game is the FD, primarily because I’m a Dorito motor cherishing fan-kid.

CarX Drift Racing 2 Interactivity

However, the vast majority don’t like the FD because, at high RPM, it generally turns out a lot. Yet, this carries me to my next point. Every individual vehicle is unique. For instance, the E46 M3 (DTM E46) is indeed subdued, and you can drive it gradually and won’t quit sliding, yet it’s challenging to make up for lost time with quick drifters.

In the meantime, the Supra (I failed to remember the in-game name) resembles a boat. I genuinely don’t suggest the supra. It’s a misuse of cash; it sucks. For the Level 5 vehicles, I recommend the R35 (I likewise failed to remember the name). Again, the people group in the game is quite possibly of the best local area I’ve found in a game at any point. Out of 12hrs of play-time, I’ve just met one harmful person (he was additionally kicked from the server after ten months of joining, haha). I likewise met decent individuals from this game, so grateful for that, CarX Technologies.


The CarX Drift Racing 2 is excellent. The designs are simply astounding. Furthermore, drifting is additionally advantageous. In any case, I could do without the cash procuring framework. It is difficult. Moreover, I expected an open world since the game cost around two GB. One of your game card roads is genuinely phenomenal.

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What's new

In this update:
- New cars: Equator D, Rattlesnake, and Kitsune;
- Advanced Wellington model;
- New body kits for the Spark ZR, Asura M1, Wanderer L30, and Wellington;
- Stylish new animal vinyls and the long-awaited ITASHA style;
- For the first time, swaps for Cargo and Betsy;
- Expanded ability to purchase multiple sets of tires;
- Improved processing when skipping checkpoints;
- Improved game logic to reduce network traffic;
- Localization into Hindi;
- Overall optimization and bug fixes.


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1.22.0 67M 5.0 and up -
1.21.1 67M 5.0 and up -
1.19.0 67M 5.0 and up -
1.18.1 67M 5.0 and up -
1.18.0 67M 5.0 and up -
1.17.0 67M 5.0 and up -

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Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path:Android → obb

Applied Patches

  • after you see your car and your character, turn off your internet connection, otherwise you will not be able to drive the vehicles you have chosen.

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