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Do you have the skills to lead a clan of sneaky but fluffy kitties to paradise, where infinite fish is already waiting? Cats Empire is the unique mix of strategy and simulation games, where you aim at taking over Whiskertown in PvP mode! Cat vs cat and clan vs. clan! Will you create a mighty clan of furry cats that will take you to the peak of the leaderboard?
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Do you have the right stuff to lead a tribe of subtle yet soft kitties to heaven, where endless fish is now pausing? Felines Empire is the special blend of technique and recreation games, where you target taking over Whiskertown in PvP mode! Feline versus feline and group versus faction! Will you make a powerful faction of shaggy felines that will take you to the pinnacle of the list of competitors? Assault different groups to take their fish and spirits, then head back to your clan. Recuperate your kitties and partake in some taken fish. Overhaul your plushy hunters to work on their singular abilities, gather and art things to support your clan’s power and soon you will be managing everything in the substantial wilderness!

Individualize the abilities of each plushy feline. A few felines you will need to prepare as subtle fish-taking machines. Others you will mod into courageous assailants who will bring back spirits to develop your clan. You could cross-breed your kitties to make a faction of strong super felines with the methodology and abilities you want to succeed. Procedure is the situation when you are mauling your direction to the highest point of the list of competitors!

You should be a guile feline officer to keep your furballs battling fit. Prepare yourself for a few testing supervisor battles, open new regions to investigate, and find new families to plunder! There is generally another tribe on the block, so you should safeguard what’s yours to guarantee your place as lord at the highest point of Cats Empire APK!

Sharp blend of Match-3 and Puzzle games: With the right strategies you will endure the fight inside the metropolitan wilderness. However, simply the most astute fish criminals will get by! Snatch your versatile and care for your plushy feline clan. Do you have the better reflexes and abilities required than lead your fish hoodlums through the riddle ridden patios of strange Whiskertown?

Give your clan individuals individual abilities, crossbreed them and raise your own plushy hunters! In any case, alert: If you wear not care enough, you will lose them for eternity. You may areas of strength for be you have companions. Tracked down your own plushy feline realm and structure a perilous multitude of cat felines. Plunder your neighbors and become the manager of Whiskertown’s lawns.

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How To Install Apk + OBB (Android/OBB)
  1. Download Files From Links Provided.
  2. Make Back Up Your Existing Save Game Progress ( If Needed )
  3. Uninstall Old Version of Game
  4. Install Mod Apk Provided
  5. Extract OBB Data file to Android/OBB
  6. If there is No OBB Folder Create it
  7. Play & Enjoy
How To Install Apk + DATA (Android/DATA)
  1. Download Files From Links Provided.
  2. Make Back Up Your Existing Save Game Progress ( If Needed )
  3. Uninstall Old Version of Game
  4. Install Mod Apk Provided
  5. Extract Data file to Android/Data
  6. Play & Enjoy

What's new

The new update is all about football! Carry the golden trophy as new statue to your playing field, enjoy the sporty decoration, collect rarities and promote peace in Cats Empire! Well okay… the part about peace was just a joke! Play now!