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Fantastic game, and well worth the 10 dollars. In Cavern of Lore, players take part in strategic turn-based combat as they make their way through a hierarchical jail. Compared to late releases like Solasta and the Pathfinder games, I like this one much more. It's very amazing. The plot is simple: you wake up in a town shrouded in a mysterious mist and have to figure out what's going on before you can leave.
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Fantastic game, and well worth the 10 dollars. In Cavern of Lore, players take part in strategic turn-based combat as they make their way through a hierarchical jail. Compared to late releases like Solasta and the Pathfinder games, I like this one much more. It’s very amazing. The plot is simple: you wake up in a town shrouded in a mysterious mist and have to figure out what’s going on before you can leave.

Caves of Lore APK

The developer did a good job of leaving you clues to piece together the plot in the way that works best for you without requiring tedious back-and-forth or infodumping walls of text at every turn. You may create your main character and choose up to five more people from a list of nine people you trust. Character creation is absurd, but your information closes off potential. In order to use weapons effectively, you need a group effort, and in order to cast spells, you need knowledge of the target’s psyche.

Caves of Lore is a pixel-art game

There is the option to respec, and the lovely structure later on may do a lot for your detailing by letting you combine prizes from low-quality pieces of equipment into powerful new pieces. I had a terrific time playing a character who had a decent chance of winning because of her magical abilities. In the event that you’re willing to smash, you may produce incredibly overwhelming characters, since there are many approaches to refining your details and talents.

It’s not a very challenging game, however, so you won’t be breaking a sweat constructing it. To me, the best part of the Caves of Lore was the spells, which were a refreshing change from the standard sorcery systems seen in role-playing games. You have spells that spew fire beginning from the earliest stage, spells that create more damage on the off chance that you can bring adversaries into a fissure first, spells that cause more harm on the off chance that it’s raining or over the ground, and that’s what other tiny intricacies are like.

In some ways, it’s similar to the current Larian games, but it’s not so dominant that you absolutely must use it in every single combat. There are a good number of characters, and some of them are great improvements over basic competitors and wizards.Everyone is born with unique superpowers and everyday skills, yet those abilities are very malleable. I used everyone’s strengths to my advantage, but I could already see the possibility of more niche and interesting teams.

A fantasy CRPG

If I were to criticise the Caves of Lore, I would say that the abilities that allow you to shake foes across the battle fields aren’t really useful. To emphasise the importance of these skills, I propose making the battlefields more dynamic by adding obstacles and dangers. As I previously said, the game is simple, and although many are wondering whether it can be made tougher, I think that the numerous foes are at least partly to blame.

Caves of Lore APK

I didn’t give up, but I thought I’d gotten above the problem curve after dealing with everyday challenges, and now the test was over. Maybe the creator predicted that the user should stay away from extra experiences? However, reducing the usual number of enemies seen could prevent the gamer from being overwhelmed too quickly. This is a flawless old pixel-crafted CRPG.Play as your chosen heroes as they go around the main map, completing standard tasks before switching to the fight screen.

You know, the usual stuff: looting, searching for better loot, and hunting down bigger monsters to slay. The moment I’m writing this (late January 2023) it still has a few issues and some shakiness, but nothing that would ruin your day, and the developer has been actively working to fix them. Some gamers may find it confusing since, among other things, it is not very well explained and some of the details and structure are rather hazy.


Several of the fights may need some fine-tuning; you can easily lose a large section of your group in a single hit, and there are a lot of them, which can become tedious. Yet it’s well written and fascinating, and it’s a great bargain for the price. After playing for at least half an hour, I encountered an error and was warned not to save any further. Being stuck on the stock screen and unable to quit the game As that was the last time the game auto-saved, you’ll have to start again from the beginning.

We can safely say that this is not a game that will be released under early access. I shouldn’t be experiencing a glitch immediately and losing my whole save file as a consequence. In essence, the save wasn’t too lengthy, but it was still annoying. The game’s visuals and controls are fine, but this was a major turnoff for me. After all I’ve done, I’ll try making a fresh unlimited save in the hopes that this time I won’t lose everything.

In the event that I can supervise without having game-damaging bugs this time, I’ll update my audit. After a second effort, I didn’t see any game-breaking flaws; however, I did have minor issues, such as stalling out sometimes. Just make sure you save your game at regular intervals, and you should be OK. The Caves of Lore itself is good to buy; it’s all around pretty well produced, and there are a few very great nuances in it.

Beautiful pixel craftsmanship

Currently, it has several issues, but development is working to address them. Caves of Lore is a rare and priceless find. It’s a CRPG; it’s a turn-based tactics game; it’s fun; it’s charming; it’s epic; and it’s crammed with beautiful pixel craftsmanship (characters, creatures, climate, and so on). (Characters, beasts, climate, and so on.) The tale has been intriguing up to this point, and the world-building has piqued my interest.

Caves of Lore APK

The party folks have a great deal of charm, and I’ve gotten a few giggles as they contribute to the dialogue. Mercifully, there’s also a dog present. The game doesn’t hold your hand, allowing you to explore and take on enemies above or below your level. There is a sense of accomplishment in defeating more formidable adversaries in turn-based warfare, which is difficult yet fair. The spells, abilities, and other items add complexity to the fight and keep it interesting throughout.

Subsequent to joining the friction server, I found that this is an independent developer’s intentional venture that he’s been working on for quite a long time, doing all of the pixel craftsmanship, code, frameworks, tale, and so on. It’s a remarkable achievement, and I find it hard to believe how focused he has worked on adding features, correcting issues, and listening to feedback on the disunity server.

Challenging combat

Moreover, there are several significant issues, so I recommend frequent savings. There hasn’t been anything game-ending for me, and when problems do arise, it’s been easy to get back on track. Finally, it’s worth noting that this Caves of Lore evokes feelings of nostalgia since it plays like so many role-playing games from the 1990s.

In any case, it really helps me to recall one in particular, one of my favourites, Exile 3: Demolished Planet. Caves of Lore, like Exile III, has challenging combat, party-based tactics, a rich plot, and a world and structures that reveal themselves the longer you play, but won’t always hold your hand throughout. For this price, if you’re a true fan of CRPGs, TBS games, or RPGs from the 90s, you should give this one a go.

Last but not least, despite the game’s flawlessness, it ends on a shockingly tense note. This aggravates me. In novels, non-endings have become the norm, and in TV and movies, they are increasingly accepted as the norm. I’d prefer not to see it become a trend in the game industry. Serialization works well for weekly television episodes and comic books, but it isn’t appropriate for media with extended gaps between releases.

Character interaction

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but everyone else sure seems to know it. This Caves of Lore caught my interest since it seemed to be Ultima 6, a game I played back in my formative years. As this game is a mobile version, I probably would have passed it up. Games like that have a record of being problematic when they get to Steam, and this was no exception. Luckily, the creator has been diligently trying to repair the game.

Caves of Lore APK

Nothing major happened to me throughout the game; just the occasional mishap. Despite these drawbacks, the game satisfied my need for emotion. In the realm of inquiry, the game truly shines. There is a lot to discover and secrets all across this semi-open environment. In a genuine sense, wherever there were riddles, the canine in my group was continually unearthing fortunes and detecting stashed-away goods.

In fact, you get a dog who serves as an optional companion. You’ll also make a lot of other friends as you go through the game. The pixie, who was a huge help in finding hidden extensions, was my favourite. To add, you and your companions are adjustable; you’re not imprisoned in any class and may respect. I had two casters and four scufflers in my party. It took me around 25 hours to complete the game, and much of that time was spent in the same boring battles typical of older video games.

Each battle need a comparable measure of energy

Overall, the fighting was dull. It was boring on the grounds that I understood I intended to win each battle yet needed to expend a comparable measure of energy accomplishing it each time. Yet, some folks appreciate that type of discipline that we received in the 1980s. It’s definitely not something I miss at all. As I stated, the investigating component of the game provided me with a terrific time, and I’m confident it would do the same for other individuals who join in on the vintage atmosphere.

Playing this Caves of Lore is a lot of fun. Despite the fact that I’ve been playing for a while, there still seems to be a tonne of stuff to explore. Depending on how quickly you progress, there are between 90 and 100 hours of material in this game. It is important to remember that some of the repairmen may take a little while to get used to, but once you do, it is quite enjoyable. Like with any indie game, there are sometimes issues in the game, but the engineer is quite attentive to them and resolves them very quickly.

Using the friction server, bug reporting should be available. Every time I play, I’m blown away by the amount of effort that one independent engineer put into making this game. There is a wealth of knowledge, and all of the staff members are helpful and courteous. Imagine Baldur’s Door in pixel form; in Ultima, you throw a party for six out of nine possible non-player characters.

Locate rucksacks

You have all the stepping up with powers and advantages from there; the sky is the limit, and very much like Ultima, you can locate rucksacks that store goods that you can top out as and when desired. Fights take place on a turn-based system and are crucial to the game, but they may also be rather challenging. There are riddles to uncover, at times dependent upon where the moons are above!

Caves of Lore APK

The plot is fascinating, and there are a few puzzles to solve as you explore the world and look for certain items. Many non-player characters (NPCs) may be spoken to, and much like in Ultima, new topics can be brought up through conversation with certain NPCs. There is a plethora of skirmish weapons, although only a few varied running weapons, akin to bows. There are several spell books (that you may examine!) that include diverse arrangements of sorcery, such as fire, ice, or calling.

Party people don’t pass on in combat since they may be restored by setting up camp, though any party component who is dead near the end of the conflict doesn’t earn any of the experience for that fight. If a party member keeps dying, it’s only natural that he’ll lag behind in the race to level things out. The Caves of Lore incorporates digging for metals, speculative chemistry, and the need to distinguish otherworldly objects; there are also lockpicking techniques, traps, and mystery areas to locate.

Background music and sound effects

This Caves of Lore is about the inquiry. You will be surprised at what you find, whether in cities with shippers, similar to metalworkers, tailors, hotels, and so on, or in underground frameworks where secrets abound. After putting in more than 40 hours, I can confidently say that this is the finest non-mainstream cRPG I’ve played in the last 5 years.

By a lone engineer has been refreshing day to day (sometimes in a while multiple times in a day!), in spite of the fact that we are nearing the end of bugs now, so it’s simply tuning spells and how fast wellness and mana climb. The pixel graphics are excellent, especially the use of shadowing, and the background music and sound effects are breathtaking.

It astounds me that such a meaningful game was created by a single person; the creator inspires nothing but awe. In the event that you enjoy obsolete 90s cRPGs, with no hand-holding or simplifying, where interesting characters proliferate! What exactly are these Caves of Lore? For me, it’s a really straightforward question. Basically, all you need to know about Caves of Lore is that it is a love letter to the (best) classic role-playing games of yesteryear.

Exciting side-quests

In fact, when I decided to purchase it, I was almost certain that I would be disappointed halfway through. This is because it is quite difficult for an independent engineer to comprehend a true role-playing game (RPG), complete with a solid fighting system, an intriguing main objective, and a surprisingly good number of exciting side-quests. Yet, Caves of Sweetheart ended up being better than I had anticipated! Nowadays, we should notice the upsides and downsides of this amazing RPG.

Caves of Lore APK

The Caves of Lore’s creators are geniuses because they have implemented the following features: an enchanting yet straightforward art style; a decent battle framework (especially after you have acquired a few abilities); a captivating investigation stage; an extremely active developer keen on working on his game step by step; and a genuine ongoing source of both pain and joy. No private notes on the guide!?! Are you playing a trick on me? At times, becoming lost may be easy.

A good game with a fresh expertise and magic system and solid gameplay mechanics Because you only work on the skills and spells you employ, and since there is no expertise ceiling, even the nascent spells might be great later on. Plenty of loot and loot + Interesting research + Sublime expertise and spell structure + Wide variety of foes + Outstanding implementation of Beast Lore and Gather Beast Easy and simple to play Amazing engineer support.

High-quality weapons

Until about halfway through the Caves of Lore, the difficulties were perfect.After I had gotten past four party members and a couple high-quality weapons (30–50% damage), the situation had changed. Irregular?) The game ceased to be fun, and it was a drag to combat the big battles until the finale. There’s nothing to buy with the enormous sums of money you get halfway through the game. I only used recipes and mixes when the first testing went well.

NPC teamwork is highly taxing. By any stretch of the imagination, there are no alternatives. Extremely difficult solutions for certain voyages that (moon arrangements, resting, extraordinary spells, and so on). Overall, it was recommended because of the appealing price, and I spent close to 30 hours having pure joy with it. Tips! Because of my experience with “call creatures,” I eventually developed superhuman strength.

Also, I used bat swarms, which were terrifying to almost any foe. In general, believe me when I say that you shouldn’t miss it if you have any appreciation for classic works of art. In all honesty, for this price, you’ll love it. Try not to become complacent with this one. Essentially, it is probably the finest game I have played in quite a while. Gaining talents and capabilities feels better. Each member of the group has clear duties and is upgradeable in terms of equipment and skills.

Combat is fair

These modest quantities of speech give them character and make you care about them to a large degree. Combat is fair and challenges you to be innovative with capabilities while not making you feel like you are obligated to stick to any meta or bound you into playing a certain style. There could be tiny UI messes from time to time, but the developer is carrying out numerous upgrades a day as of now.

Caves of Lore APK

They obviously care about this Caves of Lore, so I would recommend it for you. It took an investment from me to sort things out with this game, but it was an unimaginable experience. The combat is entertaining, the plot is highly gripping, and the interchange is lively and nicely constructed. The insider information and the riddles to settle them are rewarding and involve concentrating on certain sections of the climate, just delivering a sign that the mystery is there and supplying barely enough for the player to figure it out himself.

There are insects. I encountered a few, but they were quite rare, and the majority could be remedied by just saving and restarting the game. Two times I needed to press Alt-F4 without having the choice to save, although the game autosaves quite routinely, so the shortage of progress was minor. By the same token, becoming well acquainted with the F5 Quicksave doesn’t harm. While it’s disappointing that the game isn’t in early access, as I had assumed, the creator is constantly updating it to fix any issues that may arise.

Go anywhere on the globe

All things considered, it’s important to be aware of. So far, the game has been fantastic, and I can’t wait to go into Act 3 and experience even more of it. Not many games have recently given me the opportunity to go anywhere on the globe, which is something I really need to do. With an engaging and original premise, this extraordinary old-school cRPG captures the feeling of top-tier gaming.

The Caves of Lore doesn’t hold your hand, requiring you to communicate with characters using watchwords, observe what they say, investigate, and take note of the environment in order to progress. The three moons in the game have many secrets, and deciphering how they activate certain runes that are dispersed across the landscape is crucial. A strategic turn-based party-based fight, with tonnes of things opening and spells and capacities It’s not too difficult, but there’s enough variety to make you think a little bit instead of just repeating attacks.

There is a fairly wide range of spells to discover, and it is typically interesting to locate and learn new spells, even if some of them are just different forms of damage. Character mobility is a feature; spells are bound to equipment, but having enough uses for them to stick around forever is a feature in and of itself. They furthermore step up and improve through usage and may unlock new spells.

Concentrate on developing skills

As you go through the game, you’ll gain levels rather quickly, allowing you to concentrate on developing skills like lock-picking, music (which provides buffs while setting up camp), emergency care (which heals HP and MP while setting up camp), spot (which enables you to locate mysteries, traps, etc.), and combat techniques like go, one-gave, and dodge. This suggests that there is always something to improve upon after a conflict.

Caves of Lore APK

On the fundamental side, the Caves of Lore offers creating and updating mechanisms, although they are sadly disappointing: speculative chemistry to create mixes, the ability to further enhance weaponry and covering, and a lovely framework. The expense of further developing weapons and defensive layers is prohibitive, so I would typically simply use the silver metal sometimes to reduce the strength needed on a few reinforcing items and on specific weapons so they could damage the undead.

Charming is arbitrary, which limits its usefulness unless you really want to quicksave and quickload till you get something useful. But, is typically unsettled, since a significant piece of the gear drops are standard vendor junk in any case, and the fight isn’t really severe enough that you genuinely require the benefit at any rate. However, the rest of the game makes up for that; it’s just unfortunate that so many ancillary frameworks were developed despite their lack of actual value or need.

Retro Games Inspired Caves of Lore

While the user interface (UI) is an improvement over the 1980s and 1990s games that most likely inspired Caves of Lore, it is still rather clunky. This is to be anticipated since the game is a performance effort. There are a few problematic areas, but they are mostly confined to the user interface and are not, as of yet, game-breaking.

The developer, who is highly responsive to player feedback, has resolved the worst errors rather rapidly. In this respect, I’d classify the game as “early access yet incredibly close to 1.0,” and if that seems too risky, I’d recommend waiting a month or two. If not, however, you have many hours of retro-style fun ahead of you. I’ll recommend it since there has obviously been a lot of love put into it, and I think you’ll like it if you’re into open prison situations.

The writing is impeccable and spotless, and the graphics are totally up my alley. The attention to detail is fantastic, and I really like how the characters’ weapons automatically emerge when they are ready to use them. Without missing a beat, Battle is clever and full of entertaining character powers.

Solidarity console

Nonetheless, consumers should exercise caution because the game is prone to errors.In fact, the genuine Solidarity console log has an insane remark like “I’m sorry there’s been a mishap; I don’t advocate saving your game,” which is shocking for a game that isn’t in early access.

Caves of Lore APK

Recently, I received it for something as simple as accidentally dragging and dropping an ability; looking at the error log revealed that it was “out of record range,” indicating that the code has fundamental mistakes like counting by an incorrect number of items in a list (which is what this mistake demonstrates). Your enjoyment in this game will depend upon your understanding levels for such nonsense, as well as items resembling the below: The user interface is also completely unmanageable and very unintuitive.

Did you notice the suspiciously placed developments button, which is three white lines, near your stock cap safety release? If you didn’t, I’ll have to assume that your canine coworker is being sent to the back of the column for no apparent reason and will start each round with a -3 drive. Overall, the user interface looks to be optimised for mobile use. To access the stock menu, click the image of a person once, and then click them again to shut it (getting away from the keyboard never really closes menus).

Overall Experience

You could strengthen touch-screen joysticks towards the sides of the screen. You gain experience and remember spells by using them. This may sound good in theory, but in practise it means you have to use careful spells like Senior Parchments for no clear reason in every fight to beat your enemies.Bats gathered? Better to squander my spellcasters’ time projecting “safeguard from fire” in order to further enhance it.

There is no key rebinding, and simple things like the ‘I’ key allowing you to access your spells rather than your inventory quickly become grating. Similar to how a dog may dig, each member of the party brings something special to the table. Nevertheless, to use it, you need to drag them to the pioneer opening and then push their expertise button. Do you ever click on them by mistake since it seems more natural to you? I’m sorry you accidentally opened the stock for the millionth time.

The list of characteristics includes several encrypted properties. In any event, there is no indication of how they will react or how to contact them. Some abilities may show combat even if your turn hasn’t ended, but you won’t know this unless you access them from the OUT OF Combat menu and look at their expanded version.


Honestly, I could go substantially further, and the more I type this, the more happy I am that the Caves of Lore has been given in this form. I’m recommending it,” and I’ll observe the way I proceed going forward with it.

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