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You, the conductor, are responsible for safely delivering each train to its destination. Stations are where you'll find the tourists. The options at each stop are varied. There are various types of travelers. The passenger of color has to get delivered to a nearby station of the same hue. Does it seem like it could be easier? Congestion on the roads and collisions between trains on the tracks will make it difficult for you to complete this mission. Trains come in various lengths and speeds, and tunnels and trenches might obscure your view.
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December 14, 2021
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Conduct THIS MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – You, the conductor, are responsible for safely delivering each train to its destination. Stations are where you’ll find the tourists. The options at each stop are varied. There are various types of travelers.

The passenger of color has to get delivered to a nearby station of the same hue. Does it seem like it could be easier? Congestion on the roads and collisions between trains on the tracks will make it difficult for you to complete this mission. Trains come in various lengths and speeds, and tunnels and trenches might obscure your view.

What is Conduct THIS MOD APK?

I’ve put in a lot of time with this game and am ready to share my insights with you, the buyer. Conduct THIS MOD APK’s full-time system game places a premium on precise timing and meticulous planning. North play, an improvement group of just four or five people, disseminated and produced the product. 

The Conduct THIS MOD APK’s first release was made available for iOS and Android devices. Whatever the case, the PC version is now available through Steam. One of my old friends had played it on his phone and recommended it to me, so I decided to look. 

Plus, we’re right here. In this Conduct THIS MOD APK, you (the player) have the power to command trains and tracks, and though no one can say why, you have the title of “conductor” despite you being a divine being. First and foremost, this is a highly entertaining and addictive game, although it may sometimes be a real challenge. 

It’ may drive trains through stunning 3D environments.

It’s also got a lot of material; at the time of writing this review, I’d put in more than four hours and made it through the first three overworlds out of 24. Also, I have yet to get into custom-level making. It’s right; you read that correctly; you can make your levels in this Conduct THIS MOD APK. 

However, there are specific designs you’ll need to acquire, such as “longer rails,” but there’s no need to panic since you have access to an infinite supply of basic designs. These designs are unlocked by cracking boxes, for which you sometimes get paid for playing the main game. 

As I write this review, there is currently no way to purchase these chests; therefore, they are entirely unnecessary. The developers may eventually decide to change the current system so that you can either acquire trunks or remove them, with the latter being the preferred option. 

You must use your wits to beat the clock

The custom level development also allows for deep customization and subtleties to get added to your custom levels; eventually, my detail fixations may get realized, and it resembles the horizons of metropolitan communities once more. There are numerous other trains and skins available in Conduct THIS MOD APK, for which you get occasionally charged. You may modify the train type you need to employ at nearly any moment. 


It’s a little dissatisfying, and maybe additional paint jobs or “custom graffiti” may improve that. At least, it’s still something to talk about in the game. I recommend this Conduct THIS MOD APK, an excellent test with many tomfooleries and stuff for you to use. And all for only ten dollars! 

The train-themed puzzle game Conduct THIS MOD APK As a conductor, it is your job to ensure the smooth passage of trains at all times. Travelers need your help getting to and from the stations safely without getting drunk or blown up. You may also use the level checker to assess the numerous tracks shared by others or create your own.

Conversational exchange:

There must be no train collisions; therefore, keep an eye on everything on the schedule. You can bring a speeding train to a screeching halt with the simple touch of a finger, providing you notice in time that it is about to collide.

It may resume train service with a single click of a button. To change the train’s direction, switch the rails. It is critical for getting the colored train to the properly shaded station. You’re getting coordinated to make things more difficult even while this is happening.

If all the time levels get used up, the story is over, and you have to start again. You’ll get a higher rating if you can beat a level quickly. Out of a possible three stars, you stand out. For a gold medal, you must get three stars on every track. A bronze and silver medal will get awarded if you get two stars on any of the trails at that level.

You’ll take control of trains.

As you collect stars, you’ll get access to more levels and playable music. There is a specific score requirement for each stage that it must meet. Each class has an average of four to five playable paths. When you complete a level, you’ll unlock a new train that you may take to the next challenge.


The interaction is simple yet may be somewhat confusing at times. Only given a little arrow to follow, you must react lightning-fast in critical situations. Because the pointer was so tiny, I sometimes failed to hit the train’s button, and an accident ensued.

Squeezing the train does not cause it to stop immediately. In the moment’s confusion, you may push the train and, when it doesn’t immediately stop, press it again to make it stop, only to find that it has already stopped and that your second press has started moving again. In most cases, this results in an accident and some strong language.

Make trains switch tracks.

It’s amazing how frequently you make the same blunders. Expecting something makes it easy to forget about the constant strain. The track layouts are brilliant, and they’ve to get intensified to create as much mayhem as possible.

The Conduct THIS MOD APK gradually ramps up in difficulty with each new set of levels. As more trains get introduced and tracks acquire more significance, the margin for error decreases. Commutes are now completely ruined by traffic on the streets. It would help if you halted the trains so the cars and trucks may pass while keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic.

Trains may unexpectedly disappear into tunnels and reappear elsewhere, and stations are placed in inconvenient locations, necessitating that trains cross the tracks to reach their destinations. Men are stereotyped as incapable of doing certain activities, and this remark got made here.

Keep them from colliding.

The level manager is a fantastic new addition to the Conduct THIS MOD APK. You’ll unlock more trees, stones, and buildings as you go through the game and earn stars to employ in your ideas. In addition to opening trains and using them in the game, you can purchase several track types. When satisfied with your stage’s design, you may share it with other players online for feedback and critique.


You may also experiment with the works of others by downloading them. The total number of songs uploaded and downloaded gets tracked and compared to the numbers from other artists on an online leaderboard. Preparation accounts for 45%, timing for another 45%, and exceptionally excellent karma for the remaining 10%; yet, you may sometimes need all of it.

But that’s how trains are supposed to operate. Maybe I need to improve at this puzzle game with the strange name, but a great game will have a lot of material, much of which will make the player wonder how skilled they are.

device for conducting explosive tests

If there’s one thing this Conduct THIS MOD APK teaches you quickly and unexpectedly, colliding trains cause a mini-nuclear war right on the spot. That’s how much of my time gets spent on Conduct THIS MOD APK, and it was a common subject of conversation.

That’s the first and (probably) most challenging task you’ll have to do, and it won’t get any easier later on. Your secondary mission is to transport passengers from one stop to the next. There are various sorts of tourists, and each level may have many visitors and their designated drop-off points or fewer if the guide has more specifics.

Unlock more trains

In many cases, the most contentious situations arise at intersections between various kinds of railroads and streets. The essential items you may directly affect are whether your passenger trains are stopped or moving, as well as the state of the track switches that change the direction of the trains.

It seems to be a hands-off experience, but it requires careful management of the following two options. Your ability to multitask and keep track of what many trains are doing at once will be tested as you try to get your passengers where they need to go while avoiding obstacles like freight trains, cars, and collisions with your trains.

Complicatedness mated to simplicity.

In its early stages, Conduct THIS MOD APK seems like a straightforward Conduct THIS MOD APK. The game’s portable roots mean it can only have a few intricate controls, and the PC version certainly doesn’t bring anything new.


It adds (or retains) many levels, each of which may present a new and challenging set of rails and train architecture. It may put off someone looking for a Conduct THIS MOD APK that seems so relaxing to be easygoing, but those who can answer the call will enjoy themselves immensely.

On the other hand, Conduct THIS MOD APK seems most at home when played in little bursts, which likely contributed to its success on portable. On PC, where meetings tend to go longer and include far more responsibility, doing so for more than thirty minutes at a time might feel like a lot.

stunning and intriguing locations

Nothing is stopping me from recommending the Conduct THIS MOD APK, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for something more interactive or less frustratingly challenging. In any case, Conduct THIS MOD APK offers everything needed to pique the attention of a dedicated and fun-loving audience and keep the gears moving.


However, considering the Conduct THIS MOD APK’s length, the initial investment seems excessive. Before deciding to buy, be sure there is at least a little discount. You may expect a good selection of levels but only a little more, and in my experience, games in the $10 indie market should provide more than just the same old thing.

Even while the Conduct THIS MOD APK’s realistic presentation piqued my interest, it didn’t prepare it for how challenging it would be; beyond the first three worlds, the difficulty steadily rises, except for a few levels in “exceptional” universes.

Collect more trophies as you play.

Given that some of the levels are plot-focused, it’s a shame that the Conduct THIS MOD APK gives you so little time to interact with the different scenarios. However, as it is a portable version, the game was designed for touch screens, and this becomes a problem at many stages since using a mouse becomes more laborious and prone to mistakes.

The Conduct THIS MOD APK design doesn’t help, either, as you often have to make a route switch when a train is just above the bolt you need to click; ideally, the bolt button would be more prominent or located track itself.

In addition, I didn’t like that most levels are too long and that the RNG can screw you over; if the stories were shorter or the Conduct THIS MOD APK didn’t have any RNG at all, I would have enjoyed it much more. As it is, I managed to even out every level except the space one (the most extended level in the game), and I didn’t give a hoot about my score.

Avoid it if you’re looking for a relaxing, realistic simulation, but give it some thought if you like chaos. If you want the game, you can get a tonne of stuff for cheap since it has a lovely level manager. I enjoyed this Conduct THIS MOD APK when it was released for portable devices before it was available for the PC.

You only touch to operate the trains and the switches.

They get Predicated on the fact that what was once just a tiny number of universes expanded into an enormous one. Plus, the layouts are fantastic. The option to create your own levels adds a whole new layer of fun to the Conduct THIS MOD APK, despite the fact that there are currently no channels.

Creators can upload levels before they get even completed, but there needs to be a way to filter out incomplete groups; most of the ones I played either required to be completed or contained no trains. In addition, I revisited three layers he had transported throughout various stages of metamorphosis.

It is time to investigate this area and take it to the next level. You are familiar with games of this kind. However, the wild-eyed alter the railroad switches so that the trains do not affect the Conduct THIS MOD APK. I like this one. I can’t even guess what may be said to make it seem so nice.

Gain access to previously locked thematic areas

It could be the way the tracks have changed and become so attractive. Rail crossings, tunnels that force trains to reverse course, and other constantly evolving conditions. It, combined with the fact that you get to pick your trains and gets expected to move passengers from one location to another.

(for example, if your train is yellow and headed towards a yellow station, any yellow passengers at stations it passes en route will also board everything), It makes this the best Conduct THIS MOD APKof its kind I’ve played so far. (I haven’t played that many, but from what I have experienced, this is up there with the best.)

The difficulty, though, came as a complete surprise to me. Or, at least, if you’re a spoiled brat with low expectations. As predicted, the difficulty curve would suddenly spike after a few manageable levels. As I am still very early in the Conduct THIS MOD APK, I will be entirely forthright in saying that some of the stories are, on the whole, too difficult for me, but. I don’t hate the game because of this flaw.

Unlock real-world trains

There’s a test for me to take. (And if I stop and permit myself to continue without obtaining three stars, I may be able to do it.) You’re right if you think this is your kind of game. Take it if you want to! I like playing it because it combines simplicity with a certain depth.

There are a few aspects of the game, though, that I disapprove of the Conduct THIS MOD APK. There’s a spot where two bolts cross over one another, and because of this, I’ve had several mishaps since I needed help to tap the correct bolt.

Second, it would be helpful if there were a Quality of Life (QoL) change that displayed the train’s layout in a tunnel (it shows a diagram if you float your mouse over the train, but always). 

Cleverly designed puzzles that will test your skills to the max

Since I just spent a few dollars on the Conduct THIS MOD APK, I won’t complain too much. It forces you to think in novel ways, and as you master each level, you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment every time you execute a flawless track swap. A few of my friends will be getting this on my recommendation. I have it for PC, portable, and Switch, among other platforms. The PC version is my second favorite after the console versions.

It all comes down to a matter of control. Your regulator (d-cushion, ABXY) is how you operate the switches and trains on the Switch. There’s no chance of clicking on the wrong object by accident, and it’s simple to connect with the Conduct THIS MOD APK this way.

If a train passes over a particular switch, you may confidently flip it with the regulator before the next train arrives. It is more of an issue on both the mobile and desktop versions. Even if you manage to press the switch bolt or the switch signal, your whole run might get derailed if you accidentally click a moving train.

Accomplish areas for trophies

You’ll need breathing room to move your thumb or mouse while dealing with trains, even if a donation could take care more quickly (on PC). The rationale is that the Switch version got meant to be a “social game.” 

So the presence of regulator inputs is necessary to prevent random players from simultaneously touching the screen. At the very least, when doing it alone, this data structure provides a far superior performance.

One may argue that the PC and portable versions offer a more “testing” experience. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this is more frustrating than anything else when you have your method down pat yet cannot click a switch without accidentally pressing a train. Unfortunately, there is no regulator support to make it work well with a Steam Deck and replicate Switch-style input.

Talk to your pals about the most spectacular crashes.

Finally, the Conduct THIS MOD APK games are enjoyable, so I’ll recommend them if this is the only one you’re considering buying. Still, I’d recommend playing them on Switch rather than any other platform. The best analogy I can provide is that it’s like trying to trim a tree while being pelted by a bunch of balls with a pruning tool. It looks like you’re shuffling three colored balls, but then halfway through the Conduct THIS MOD APK, the balls switch colors.

The puzzles are ingenious and brutal.

The levels themselves are generally balanced and well thought out (I’ll get back to that in a second), and the controls are forgiving enough that you can point the finger squarely at yourself if you bomb. 

The crafting style is generally a bit narrow, but the music is a nice touch that keeps the Conduct THIS MOD APK interesting. The ability to prioritize which levels to unlock makes it easier to move on from a particularly challenging section of the game when you reach a point where you realize you can’t beat it.

A breath of fresh air and a dash of uniqueness

I like the variety of trains available (including some well-crafted fiction). There are a few things I need to mention. Although they may look fantastic on paper, there are a handful of levels that end up being a little ridiculous and not enjoyable. If you’re playing the Lunar levels, you will know where the trains will go once you’ve played them a few times since most of the stories lack complete tracks (caused by the cratered terrain).

Graphics and Sound

Sure, after a few tries, you figure out where each train gets headed, but because success ultimately comes down to skill, a good Conduct THIS MOD APK strategy will let you win on your best attempt. Second, the racial composition of the passengers at each stop is entirely random.


The problem is that certain levels were missing just one passenger, which may be the difference between getting three stars and not getting them, regardless of how well you schedule the trains. When there are four trains, you have around three seconds to clear each one, and if they need to go yellow, you have under two.


The final degree of antiquity is difficult because you need more time to observe where the train goes next before deciding whether or not to course it. This stage is more of a presumption of variety than actual planning of where each train should travel to maximize time.


Despite my reservations, I wholeheartedly recommend this Conduct THIS MOD APK; yes, there are a few things I could do without, but these significant issues affect only a tiny percentage of the game’s many stages. I have already (very nearly) completed the game twice, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

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What's new

A brand new Diorama game mode, where you can get away from action and explosions for a while and spend your hard earned coins to inhabit a vast railroad diorama with buildings and decorations.
- Deliver passengers to earn tickets, and upgrade stations.
- Spend tickets and coins to unlock decorations and new areas.
- Passengers spawn in real time. Come back occasionally to empty the stations.


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