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Device Info HW is a hardware and software information app for Android devices.
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July 31, 2020
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A lot of people are interested in the Android app Device Info HW+ because it gives users a lot of information about their devices. Andrey Efremov created this app, which does more than just display the essential specs. It has a lot of features that tech fans and regular users will enjoy.

Device Info HW + Overview

When it comes to Android apps, Device Info HW+ stands out as a trustworthy way to learn about all of your device’s hardware and software parts. This app has everything you need, from basic info like the type of your device and the version of Android it runs on to more complex info like sensor data and network settings.

Development by Andrey Efremov

Andrey Efremov is the developer behind Device Info HW+. He is an experienced professional who is known for making apps that focus on the user. The way the app looks and works shows that he really wants to give correct and easy-to-find information about devices. Because of Efremov’s experience, users get accurate information that is still easy to use.

Features of the app

The app has a huge number of great features. Users can look at specific information about the CPU, the battery, and even the sensors in real time. Having a system activity monitor adds another level of usefulness, letting users see how their device is running right now.

Hardware Exploration Made Easy

Device Info HW is great at finding different parts of your smartphone and giving you a lot of information about its hardware. The app carefully goes over the LCD, touchscreen, cameras, sensors, memory, flash, audio, NFC, charger, Wi-Fi, and battery parts, giving users a full picture of what their device can do.

Interface that is easy to use

It is easy to find your way around Device Info HW because it is designed in a new, quick way. Users will enjoy the app more when it supports dark and black themes, which they can get in the PRO version or during the free trial time. The navigation panel makes it easy for users to switch between tabs, and many of the things that can be clicked on lead to other tabs or menus.

Unraveling Device Components

Let’s look at the main parts that Device Info HW looks at:

1. Insights on LCD

The app gives you a lot of details about the LCD, like what model it is. For some newer Android devices, root access may be needed to find the problem. A color check can also be done in the LCD test.

2. Exploring the Touchscreen

The touchscreen type is shown by Device Info HW, and a multi-touch test is available to see how many fingers can be used.

3. Camera Details

Through the API, users can learn about both hardware (model, seller, resolution) and software. If the model of the camera can’t be found, a list of compatible cameras is usually easy to find.

4. More on SoC (System on Chip)

Get detailed information about the System on Chip, such as the CPU’s model, cores, clusters, family, ABI, governor, and frequency, as well as the GPU’s model, manufacturer, OpenGL, frequency, and list of extensions. There is even a straight link to the CPU monitor in the app.

5. A Look at the System

Find out everything about your firmware build, which gives you a full picture of your device’s software.

6. Drives and memory

Find out more about the type of LPDDR memory and, for some products, the frequency at which it works. Look into the flash information, such as the chip and vendor (e.g., eMMC or UFS). There is a tab that shows how much memory and storage are being used.

7. Batteries: Quick Tips

Device Info HW gives basic information about the battery as well as extra information for certain devices, like the speed at which it charges and discharges, the power profile, the kernel profile, and the model.

8. Checking the temperature

You can get temperature information from thermal monitors, which will keep you up to date on how hot your device is.

9. Access to Sensors

Check to see if basic sensors are available and try them to make sure they work properly.

10. Drivers and applications

Find and get details about installed apps, even system apps, quickly. Also, look into drivers for any other chips that your device uses.

11. Partitions and Power Management

Look over a list of sections and their sizes, and look into the Power Management IC (PMIC) to learn how the voltages are sent to different parts.

12. Connectivity Overview

Find out about your device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, as well as the features it supports and the USB devices that are connected through OTG.

13. Extra Options for Tech Enthusiasts

Device Info HW has extra features for people who like scientific information. For example, it can show the chip’s I2C address, open the engineering menu for MTK and Xiaomi, and give a list of CPU codenames for Qualcomm, MTK, and HiSilicon.

Devices Database for Comparison

Device Info HW has more than just information about individual devices; it also has a huge library where people can look up and compare drivers that are similar. The page has this feature, and users can also upload details about their devices there.

Pro Version: Making Your Experience Better

If you want more tools, upgrade to the PRO version:

  1. Theme Options: You can choose a light, dark, or black style, depending on your taste.
  2. Report Making: You can make detailed reports about your device in HTML or PDF format that are easy to email to other people.
  3. Text Copying: Long-pressing text on information pages makes it easy to copy it.
  4. Battery Tab Redesign: The battery tab has a new look, and it now has a charge/discharge chart.
  5. Device List: This feature lets you see a list of I2C and SPI devices, which is useful for devices that have a lot of chips that aren’t labeled.

Fitting Together

Device Info HW+ is made to work with many different Android phones and tablets. No matter what kind of phone you’re using—a high-end model or a cheap one—the app works perfectly and gives you the same correct information every time.

How it Works

Because the app is small, it won’t use up too many of your device’s resources. Device Info HW+ has a lot of features, but it still works very well. Users can get a lot of information without slowing down or losing response.

How Important is Device Information?

To get the most out of your gadget, you need to know its specifications. With Device Info HW+, users can learn more about their devices and make smarter choices about which apps will work with them, how to tweak the system, and how to control their devices overall.

How to do it

This is how easy it is to start using Device Info HW+. Once the app is installed, it instantly gathers important data. Then, users can click on the different tabs to see more information about the hardware, software, and performance data of their device.

Good things for users

The app is useful for more than just piqued tech fans’ interests. Device Info HW+ gives you useful information that you can use to fix problems, make your device run faster, and make sure it works with the newest apps and changes.

Additions and Help

Andrey Efremov keeps Device Info HW+ up to date and makes sure it works with new versions of Android. He also adds features based on what users say. This promise to keep supporting the app makes it last longer and be more useful.

Review by Users

Most of the feedback from users is good, with many praising how accurate and complete the data presentation is. The reviews make clear how Device Info HW+ helps users choose their gadgets by giving them more information.

Steps taken for safety

Privacy and safety are very important, especially when it comes to details about devices. Device Info HW+ addresses these worries by putting in place strong security measures that make sure user data is treated safely and responsibly.

Other Options

Device Info HW+ is great at giving users detailed information about their devices, but users may also want to check out CPU-Z and AIDA64. Both of these apps can be good choices for different people because they do similar things.

In conclusion

Device Info HW+ turns out to be an essential app for Android users who want to learn everything they can about their phones. With its easy-to-use design, powerful features, and the promise of Andrey Efremov’s development, this app stands out among other device information apps.


  1. Is Device Info HW+ compatible with all Android devices? Yes, Device Info HW+ is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Android devices, ensuring consistent performance across various models.
  2. How often does Andrey Efremov update the app? Andrey Efremov actively maintains and updates Device Info HW+, ensuring compatibility with new Android versions and addressing user feedback.
  3. Are there security measures in place for protecting user data? Yes, Device Info HW+ implements robust security measures to ensure the responsible and secure handling of user data.
  4. Can I use Device Info HW+ for troubleshooting device issues? Absolutely. Device Info HW+ provides detailed information that can be valuable for troubleshooting device issues and optimizing performance.

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What's new

- Updated detection components and cpu support
- Added copy text to clipboard by long press (PRO)
- Added turkish translation

- Integrated Sensor Test
- Improved report design (PRO)


Version Size Requirements Date
4.28.1 2.0M 4.0.3 and up 31/07/2020
4.25.0 1.7M 4.0.3 and up 14/11/2019

  • No root or Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded required;
  • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
  • Languages: Full Multi Languages;
  • CPUs: universal architecture;
  • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;

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