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The house of your dreams is a dream no more!
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Package Name Dream House Days MOD
Developer Kairosoft
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.3.2
Size 30.7 MB
Requirements 4.4
Last Update Dec 03, 2023
Date Update 24-Aug-2022
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Average Rating 4.6/5
Page Views 1,105,261
Downloads 240,274
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Supported Platforms Android

Dream House Days MOD APK is one of Kairosoft’s previous games and one that was ported as a “freemium” variant on versatile application stores. Dream House Days MOD APK is an immediate port of the universal dock, with very little added. The most significant changes are with the ticket framework. On the telephone, tickets are the IAP that could likewise be acquired from watching advertisements.


In this variant, tickets are earned latently with 15 minutes of gameplay, NOT in menus in the game, so whatever would stop the in-game schedule or can be purchased from a shipper after Year One. Purchasing from the shipper utilizes the principal cash of the game. However, it must purchase tickets one time each year. It isn’t the most horrendously terrible framework on the planet, yet it makes tickets essentially impractical early game when game assets are low and eases back to be acquired.


Mid to late game isn’t significantly improved, as the expense of anything you’re attempting to purchase with tickets gets higher as you buy that thing. I want to say that it is entirely conceivable and too simple to delicate lock yourself regarding movement during the game. At the point when the player extends their apartment complex, they have the decision between a couple of little lofts or one central condo. Extension prompts are given to the player in light of the current populace of their apartment complex.

Features Of Dream House Days MOD APK

However, no substantial number has been found. Since the brief depends on the public, if one picks the single loft time after the early game, they can not meet the following populace to actuate the next check. Hence they can not grow again in the save. The Dream House Days MOD APK has been fixed to play well on PC since its delivery on Steam, and it feels adequately okay to play, yet most other Kairosoft games I feel loan themselves to telephone gaming substantially more than they do on the work area.

Story And Missions

Dream House Days MOD APK is one of the main exemptions. The free variant on versatile application stores has advertisements and in-application buys, which I feel the $8 rendition on Steam is predominant. This Dream House Days MOD APK is only a port to the PC. There’s genuinely not much change to it other than you can utilize your mouse rather than versatile, where you press the keypad to collaborate things with the in-game cursor. (You can find the in-game cursor by hauling your screen, by the way).

How To Play

This Dream House Days MOD APK can be unfamiliar for different players that have never cooperated with Kairosoft’s down. There’s a manual on the settings which you can peruse, or you can attempt to figure everything out without help from anyone else because this game won’t hand-hold you. For the interactivity, it’s like each other sim; you are inactive. Then again, the quick forward is locked until you beat the game. (a few games have quick ahead, and a few don’t.) You don’t simply run a condo in this Dream House Days MOD APK.

Graphics and Sound

You also help these occupants in their day-to-day routines, whether work, connections, or marriage. It’s profound regardless of being this cutesy artistry. As the Dream House Days MOD APKadvances, you can extend your region for additional occupants to live. At that game, you’re attempting to boost benefits and exploration more furnishings and gather combos to build the details of your loft, which is essentially the entire interactivity circle.

Visuals and textures

Albeit, whenever you’ve beaten the game, there’s no point other than attempting different procedures. Yet, by the day’s end, you’re trying to amplify the benefit of your condo and become a specialist among occupants’ issues in their lives in seek-after land better paying position so you can get twofold their lease. Free enterprise child. However, that will not be simple as it tends to be a bet if they would be able/can’t find lucrative compensation work.

Character models

Yet, that won’t stop you as you can recommend your occupants with a wide range of buffs that you can expand their details. You can get it from the closest slinger, who generally opens 24h. Comprehend that they will not be modest. You can purchase an uncommon work pass that costs tickets.


Remember that these inhabitants can become older as well. You can purchase a look of youth to drag out there enduring as opposed to partaking in their close to end of lives. Challenge different players how well you control your occupants and get the most elevated score conceivable without cheating. Your in-game information ascertains how well you’re doing after the last of the month.

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