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Drift Mania 2 delivers the ultimate drift car racing experience with its highly addictive and authentic gameplay and high definition graphics.
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Maple Media
Jul 8, 2022
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Package Name Drift Mania 2 MOD
Developer Maple Media
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.36.0.RC
Size Varies with device
Requirements 4.4
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update Jul 8, 2022
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Average Rating 4.2/5
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Drift Mania 2 MOD APK is one of the best drifting games on the market. The main piece of a vehicle round of any kind is the controls. I will concede that the rules in Drift Mania 2 are very close while the actual driving feels all too tricky, yet as you could get, it’s anything but no joking matter in a game where your main objective is to slide gorgeously. Drift Mania 2 likewise flaunts an extraordinary Japanified moderate tasteful, honoring one of the starting points of the drifting motorsport.


It isn’t all roses, yet we should not hold back from popping the hood and seeing what we got. Free Meander mode fills in as the Story Mode and will effectively acquaint you with the controls and various difficulties and occasions. After turning out a couple of times and learning the craft of counter-guiding. You will start to get a handle on the game because there is no hand-holding. Vanquishing a world test or fixing the worldwide high score for any track feels like an extraordinary achievement.

Drift Mania 2 has 23 channels to appreciate; 10 circuit Drift tracks, nine open-world Driftkhana courses, and four one-way Mountain Drift tracks, so you can find the occasion that suits you best. While the world’s difficulties and occasions have as much assortment as can be anticipated, I find that it isn’t exactly enough. Drift around this, drift between that. It isn’t until the last stage that things begin getting genuinely fascinating. I’m saying I needed to bounce on a couple of additional rooftops.

Realistic Drifting Experience With Drift Mania 2

Vehicle customization is limited to 6 body types, which all have a somewhat unique feel. You can pick a variety and a decal, yet nothing past that. I would genuinely like an opportunity to tweak my motor and shocks. Stripped-down customization and absence of continuous harm are colossal botched open doors. I partook in my experience with Drift Mania 2, with its relaxed dance music soundtrack, tame looks, and severe level of authority.

The absence of customization and content damages replayability, yet the trouble bend and worldwide scoreboards imply it has a lot to offer. It can finish in the story mode in close to 2 hours, and if that is all you’re purchasing this game for, $12 may be a piece overrated. It is somewhat of a tired old act. However, it does that stunt incredibly well. If you’re in the mindset for a score-assault drifting game, check Drift Mania 2 out.

Online Multiplayer Mode

However, it very well may merit sitting tight for a deal. Huge thanks to Funselektor Labs for the audit duplicate! We at IGB desire to see all the more soon. Alright, most notably, the game is excellent. I’ve been utilizing the haggle stuff, and it feels decent. Presently I need to give some criticism. Ideally, devs see it. The Drift Mania 2 misses the mark on the waypoint framework. It sucks opening the guide multiple times to check whether I go the correct way.

The second issue is that console players cant couple with wheel players. I tried this with a companion for like 10 hours, and we figured out that on console, when u-turn, with guiding help on or off, it doesn’t matter. The wheels move likes hotcakes. So when the vehicle goes sideways and you need to address something, the wheels go totally to the opposite side, delaying the car. That implies a console player can’t compensate for lost time to a wheel player.

Matchmaking and Gameplay

I utilized a 200hp vehicle with max psi, so I slide and don’t gain speed, and my companion used 700 hp vehicle with the least psi to get more hold. He still couldn’t get up to speed even though I was going wide and he was going within. Either make the console players not lose speed when the wheels turn like hotcakes, or I don’t know. On the off chance that that doesn’t sort out, console and wheel players cant pair—next, id like to address how there is no criticism/support page on their site.

Paying 25 euros for an early access game and not having a fundamental waypoint framework or an input/support page is a reg banner for me. Another issue I found is that tuning no affects the vehicle, and redesigns have a considerable impact. Just tuning I found works are the motor tuning, and you need to bring down it totally to see a difference in speed. Likewise, while adjusting the numbers go down just a low sum, why is max camber 8, for instance?


The game needs to get more top to bottom with the tuning, and I also desire to see more fix stations and more drift tracks around the guide because there are a few unfilled sections. I realize it will add its initial access, so happier. Additionally, wheel support feels somewhat meh. I needed to tie each key for my wheel to work, so if it’s not too much trouble, add an attachment and play highlight.

Additionally, you cant remap bolt keys that move the menu, so presently, I want to utilize console rather than wheel bolts every time I open the menu. This Drift Mania 2  certainly can be one of the top drift games. When every one of the bugs straightens out, I can see this comparable to Vehicle X Drifting. The Drift Mania 2 needs better regulator support, without a doubt, and much more to do. It is genuinely amusing to cruise all over and drift on the planet.


It feels invigorated, dissimilar to other drift games, but there are no exercises right now. Additionally, I want somebody in the vehicle who would carry a dash of authenticity to the game. The car being unfilled is only frightening to me, and it feels unusual. I purchased the game at the very first moment, and it, as of now, is enjoyable. I anticipate perceiving how this game advances and properly recompenses in the drifting game world.

You begin in a moderate world, sitting in the notorious Toyota Trueno AE86. Your fate? Drift. A short instructional exercise follows, presumably bringing about you colliding with walls a great deal, yet that is fine, as nothing else got expected to figure out how this functions! The game then, at that point, discharges you into a free-wandering climate with a couple of missions you need to do to open more stages.

Graphics and Sound

You can also choose steps, vehicles, and tracks once in Free-wander mode, a piece like in NFS, or other dashing titles. The stages get seriously intriguing and testing/longer as you get to know the controls. They likewise come in a few configurations: Lap-based drift tracks, Driftkhana, a high score time-assault inside a field, or mountain run tracks. The objective is dependably something very similar, drift nimbly, score focuses, connect with items, for example, posts to drift past or boxes to break, add that up to the last score and stay away from hitting walls or losing your combo.

It sounds more straightforward than it is; trust me, the Japanese-themed tracks and names will kick into your check from the get-go. Vehicle dealing is the key. Every vehicle has its specific manner of care, so finding what suits you most will be the best approach. On top of that, drifting’s the arrangement, so going quick won’t generally be the way to progress by the same token. Manual or programmed moving?

Visuals and textures

How high ought to be the turning responsiveness? Indeed, this multitude of elements will assist you with advancing your driving style, making it conceivable to arrive at the drift ruler. Allow me to attempt to portray how I feel about this game. Let me faint over it. Let me drool all around my console. This Drift Mania 2  feels fantastic. Indeed, it’s anything but an ideal match as there ought to/could still be some happy added like perhaps a straightforward guide planning device (with studio support?).

This game looks exceptionally detailed, the surface is white, and every one of your tires leaves skidmarks to perceive how easily every one of your four wheels cleared a corner. Essential things are hued red. I’m not getting to the point, but rather, the “Drift Mania 2” sensation is simply perfect. This game allows you to control a vehicle sliding around a menu-like open guide with goals and regions to open. There are unique tracks for each game mode that it can place—the climate balanced with an electronic soundtrack, inconspicuous tire screeching, and rich vehicle sounds.

Lighting and shadows

I like to drive the vehicle of my family, in actuality, and I got insight with hustling games like “Live For Speed,” “SHIFT 2 Released,” or “BeamNG.drive.” So before I attempted this game, I previously made them drift insight (utilizing a controlling wheel), which in all likelihood, assisted me with getting into this game rapidly. If you don’t know whether you like the game mechanics, you can check for a demo on indieDB. However, it is by a wide margin not generally so created as the last game.


  • – Smooth Game Motor
  • – Trouble Settings are Right on target
  • – Controls on Each Troublesomely Setting are Perfect
  • – Music is Perfect (Particularly C41; sorry, Nyte, your music is as yet perfect, haha)
  • – Colors are Perfect
  • – Online Lists of competitors
  • – Genuinely wide choice of Guides
  • – Driftkhana, Drift Tracks, and Mtn Drift settings are marvelous to look over
  • – Game is Refreshed at a Decent Speed
  • – Game, All in all, was Custom-made for a Wide crowd
  • – Extensive variety of Customizable Illustrations Settings to Accommodate your Exhibition Needs
  • – Various vehicles fit various individuals; however, they aren’t excessively unequal as far as full capabilities.
  • – Free-Wander.
  • – Under 500 MB (presently)
  • – Exceptionally Fair and Compensating Point framework that pushes you to invest more effort


  • – Non-adaptable Controls (Steam Regulator’s Reinventing Losses this Con)
  • – No-multiplayer yet (because of reasons)

How to Play

Drift Mania 2 is one of the most mind-blowing and vehicle-related games, on the off chance that not precisely excellent. The Drift Mania 2 is unbelievably basic at face esteem, which loans to the game tastefully and exactly perfect. Its 10,000-foot view and detailed visuals work fantastic together. You get a broad perspective on your material, permitting you to cut great drifts and plan where to go to make the best line.

The vehicles to browse (counting a BMW, an AE-86, and a Supra, all made as conventional vehicles with gestures to their genuine partners) are mind-blowing. Again-this is because of its effortlessness, and the straightforwardness was very objective and driven by the plan. At the point when you take a gander at your vehicle, it gives similar sentiments you had with your Hotwheels as a youngster.


They all control as individuals anticipate that they should (The AE-86 is so even it’s all I use, very much like the genuine Toyota is perceived to be). They proceed as your device to explore the perfect drift. Simultaneously they are the tip of your paintbrush that denotes the material spread out before you-painting the world in dark ink as you weave. Circular segment, your strategy for getting around your fire-up pinging and tires squealing as you yank the E-Brake and swing back the alternate way is right on the money.

That is the excellence of this game. It gets Drift culture better compared to some other computer games before it. Also, It doesn’t insult you with mainstream society, symbols, or brands. It drains the inclination and way of Drifting, which is all there is. The proper primary reference past the actual vehicles is the Torii that speck the scene, which are the passages to the following part in free-meander. Moreover, the Japanese rings play as you advance toward a higher level. (Recollect their utilization in this?


I genuinely like this vehicle game since you can investigate vast tracks by and by mode, and genuinely incredible music is accessible to me. This game beats Asphalt 9 Legends inside and out! It’s the very best vehicle game I have at any point introduced. I simply need to say, “Extraordinary Work!”

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