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I need to say that this Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation has potential. I have been playing it for the most recent few days. Moreover, it has been truly pleasant and exciting to do calls, the truck's detail, and all the stuff inside them, and I need to add on the LFB mod.
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Aerosoft GmbH
Aug 22, 2022
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Package Name Emergency Call The Fire
Developer Aerosoft GmbH
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.1.1101
Size Varies with device
Requirements 5.1
Last Update Feb 22, 2024
Date Update Aug 22, 2022
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Average Rating 4.1/5
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I need to say that this Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation has potential. I have been playing it for the most recent few days. Moreover, it has been truly pleasant and exciting to do calls, the truck’s detail, and all the stuff inside them, and I need to add on the LFB mod. I certainly say it is made for multiplayer having a group with you while you are doing it with single players, still, have fun with the overplay and telling the AI. Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation is certainly not a terrible game.


It is a recreation of a Fire division in Germany, which manages fires. You get going in a huge Central command with a training region. You can stroll around other staff. Look at the areas and so on. Then, you get a menu to spring up in an emergency. You can pick any situation on the FireTruck. At the point when you do, everyone then runs for the Fire motor. There are many approaches, and it is not difficult to get lost, so it is really smart to follow one of the AI Firemen to the motors. He knows where to go.

The game Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation works in the third AND first individual; since I am a first individual addict, I truly value this. I get in the truck, sit, and the entryways open. The alarms start, and you are away. The Ai will drive you to the scene, which is great. You can also see different trucks coming out and alarms booming, which is cool to follow. You begin in the station, get a task, and need to track down your relegated vehicle as a driver or traveler, enter the vehicle, then drive or ride to the fire.

Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation Story

When you arrive, your main goal pioneer will give you preparation, and you go from that point. Basically, you have o secure a water source from an underground hydrant, join the hose to that and supply the motor, then, at that point, maneuver the hose off the motor into the fire. Then, at that point, you can trade firefighters and either take on an alternate obligation or take the assault spout and go to work. After the fire is out, you must tidy up! Smart idea. However, in actuality, it should be finished.

The Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation could utilize somewhat really cleaning, yet it is entirely playable and charming. I could not want more than to have a portion of the sound in English or possibly English captions. A few additional encompassing sounds. I have presumed that this game can improve as long as the engineers keep on making enhancements. The AI will go through a daily schedule when you get to the occurrence. It is entirely great. If you are new, you can, realistically, stand and watch while everybody does their thing. They will open the entryways, draw out all the gear and get set up.

Extinguish Fire

You will get a notification in the right corner guiding you when it is your turn. The thing you want will illuminate so you can see where it is. Moreover, at the end of the day, I got a piece lost at times, yet the team will wait while you get yourself straightened out. However, the fire does not! At last, you snatch the hose and get it into position, and afterward, another person, The Water Aggressor lead, will get it and manage the fire.

Presently you can have his spot by choosing a firefighter until you are in his place, yet for another beginning, I like to watch everything. The fire is extinguished, and you set back all the units and head home. The AI generally does excellent work in an exceptionally specialized and precise manner. Back at base, you stick around until another work springs up, and you get another mission. From what I have seen, it shifts from a skirt on fire to a house on fire, even deceptions.

Save People From Crashed Vehicles

There are day/night cycles and rain. Vehicles wander about thus individuals. Illustrations are extremely useful. They are not extreme forefront but rather finish the work to address trees, vehicles, and structures. Remember to set up the graphic settings. I do not suggest expanding the back view to reflect the distance setting, which causes a truly irritating falter. Fire trucks look great, as do the firefighter’s close up. Sounds are great for the trucks and their alarms.

You get a fundamental caution and tangy when the person talks in German during an emergency. There is a segment where you can see the fire specialist and how it spreads in a room and, surprisingly, a modding area to change the skins. I downloaded and introduced a West Midland mod. I live in the East Midlands. However, this should do! In any case, pretty much the equivalent. Unfortunately, I was unable to change the alarm sounds.

Rescue Animals

A couple of things I want more in the game are more instructional exercise choices. Also, How to involve various trucks in various conditions and gear in various positions, like an instructional exercise on how to do an RTC and afterward. How to do an elevated structure by utilizing the crane, things like that. Additionally, you can decide what vehicles you need to convey and give it a pretend plan so the official will advise certain journeys to go out for certain positions.

I have had two fire trucks in addition to a crane to come to a one-story building fire, and you can do it essentially with one truck, and it gives you a choice if we want back up so you can call it later  In any case, as I, in all actuality, do realize, it is a seriously new game; however, just been out for a year it has, it is a fair portion of bugs and crashes. However, that does not destroy my experience of having a great time. Up to this point encountered caution from vehicles stuck in the back station.

Protect Forests From Fire

I cannot switch them off. What needs me to return to the main menu and begin up again is multiplayer. My accomplice cannot see certain positions. If there is a structure on fire or the other hand, on the off chance that there are lights on vehicles, he needs to restart his game to join back to see. The different journeys from various trucks’ pathfinding will get stirred up and need to control and fix them physically. I have played the Emergency series previously, and I generally like practical reproductions about police/fire/rescue vehicle groups, as they are our legends.

We generally need to be like them when we are kids. I purchased this Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation following a while of reasoning, and I did not lament; I waited for more. Fire motors are lovely sensible hardware likewise; however, the actual game is exhausting, and missions cannot happen after stacking a save game. I need to restart the entire game to get missions by any means. There are no people on foot, and the city looks vacant like in the video clip “Phantom Town” from The Specials (which is an excellent tune!).

Story And Missions

Fire: I have seen a ton of better and flawlessly vivified and attracted fires that seem to be reality. Firefighting is cooperation, although sometimes, the AI does not work. Designers should add greater energy for missions, such as saving lives, cops as they keep walkers far removed, blasts, shouting, panicking, and evacuating people. These components would give extraordinary lift. Likewise, it would be smart if not the entire fire station could go to the scene during a caution, yet it would be founded on calling in fortifications on the off chance that they are required.

They ought to do an instructional exercise or show us better how and what we need to do. Essentially, nothing remains to be finished between missions stroll in the fire station, no collaboration with objects, I cannot converse with associates, I could envision training, character development. Firemen are speechless, just like a dispatcher. The possible voice in the game is disturbing is on the fire station.No radio voice, just text conversations.


Radio discourse/orders would add extraordinary lift to generally speaking feeling. The fire group does not converse with one another, not so much as a hello or somewhat. They ought to interpret the contemporary voices in English too. This Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation is the most sensible and reasonable firefighter reenactment available to the general population. That being said, it needs a fine piece of work to make it genuinely sparkle.

I will get to the point now, assuming you are keen on fire/emergency administrations (particularly from Germany) and love reproduction games. You ought to get it, particularly discounted! That being said, there are a ton of bugs, for example, the AI stalling out during an errand, making missions unfit to finish without a restart. for example, AI failing to collect the hose and simply waiting around, undertakings failing to refresh, not getting any new errands and so forth.

Graphics and Sound

One of the most frustrating angles is that the game (beyond the firefighting perspective) is dead in its present status. There is restricted regular citizen traffic, no walkers in the city, and no spectators watching the fire. The devs have invested a ton of energy making a world consistent with detail, the station and it are carefully demonstrated to encompass regions.

At certain times the Emergency Call The Fire Fighting Simulation looks and feels pretty genuine. However, the unfilled inclination world hauled you right out of it. Regardless of that, if the devs continue working on the game and standing by listening to the local area, I can see Notruf 112 turning into an extraordinary item and maybe the best firefighter sim available to date. If it is not too much trouble, keep doing awesome leave this game!


  • + Practical vehicles and gear that you can utilize
  • + Great fire material science that continues to be improved with each update
  • + Great mission assortment – dumpster fire, caution call, car accidents/vehicle fires.
  • + Randomized mission areas with enterable structures
  • + Fluctuated jobs and undertakings (for example, order vehicles, big water hauler.)
  • + Sensible feel (getting the callout and answering the scene feels astounding on occasion)
  • + nice designs for a round of its sort


  • – The world feels void in its present status
  • – AI should be incomprehensibly moved along
  • – Numerous significant sounds (for example, the motors and hose) need revising
  • – Saving framework should be improved
  • – Absence of surrounding sounds
  • – Opening the menu does not stop the game


Emergency Call, The Fire Fighting Simulation, is astounding. I most certainly appreciate it, except the clock is irritating. It causes me to feel surged and does not give you sufficient opportunity to arrive at the scene. I collide with one vehicle, sufficient to cause me to lose time when I cannot arrive at the scene in time.

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